Christine Rizkallah

Senior Lecturer

School of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne

Email: first name (dot) last name (at)
Office: Office 2307, Level 2, Melbourne Connect
Address: 700 Swanston Street,
Carlton, VIC 3053,

My research ambition is to create techniques and tools that ease the use of interactive theorem provers for verifying code from various domains by focusing on one domain at a time. In particular, I am interested in developing domain-specific languages with sophisticated type-systems and with verified or certifying compilers to reduce the effort required for formally verifying code that fall in the respective domains. So far, most of my work focused on using interactive theorem proving to establish new results or to formalize and verify existing results from the following research areas: algorithms, programming languages, security, systems, logic, and social choice theory.

My current work involves using programming language and verified compilation techniques to reduce the effort required for producing efficient secure verified systems.


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