Proceedings of the Twelfth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents


The G.K. Batchelor Lecture
The influence of laboratory experiments on the development of geophysical fluid dynamics, JS Turner

Wakes I
Characteristics of the aerodynamic forces acting on a circular cylinder in the critical Reynolds number regime, T Adachi, S Kobayashi, M Satoh & K Ishibashi
Near-wake vorticity dynamics in bluff body flows, HM Blackburn & RD Henderson
Investigation of unsteady flow on the base of a blunt trailing edge aerofoil, K Vassilopoulos & SL Gai
Effects of surface roughness on a circular cylinder in supercritical turbulent flow, JCK Cheung & WH Melbourne
The Kelvin-Helmholtz instability of the separated shear layer from a cylinder, M Khor, J Sheridan, K Hourigan & M Welsh
Characterisation of the instability in the near-wake of a circular cylinder, M Khor, J Sheridan, K Hourigan & M Welsh

Convection in Cavities
Unsteady low aspect ratio cavity convection driven by differential fluxes on the horizontal boundaries, JJ Sturman & GN Ivey
Experimental investigation of the steady-state convection flow in a side-heated square cavity, W Schöpf
Fluid flow in an enclosure with colliding boundary layers, R Kulkarni & P Cooper
Unsteady natural convection adjacent to a semin-infinite vertical plate. An experimental study, TJ Graham
Two-dimensional linear stability analysis of the boundary layer in a differentially heated cavity, AMH Brooker
Multi-cell flow in differentially heated slots, PW Cleary 

Effect of blade spacing on the relation between inlet angle and incidence loss in a centrifugal compressor inducer, T Mashimo & T Ono
Derivation of axial compressor stage characteristics from the overall performance map, M Abdel-Fattah & PC Frith
Rotating stall in mixed-flow turbomachines, A Yadoiwa, N Ito, S Akaike, A Whitfield & T Sakai
Simulation of aerodynamic loss for trailing-edge coolant ejection in gas turbine blades, M Aminossadati & DJ Mee
Vorticity in the wake of a small horizontal axis wind turbine, PR Ebert & DH Wood
Development of a new membrane airfoil and its application to the wells turbine, T Sugimoto & S Kumagai

Laminar and Transitional Flows
Intermittency detection from surface film arrays on aerofoils in unsteady flow, WJ Solomon & GJ Walker
Numerical simulation of spatially-evolving boundary layer, CJ Bulbeck, MS Chong & J Soria
Spatial and temporal characteristics of boundary layers controlled with the Lorentz force, DM Nosenchuck, GL Brown, HC Culver, TI Eng & IS Huang
Stability of ‘quasilinearization’ for the rotating porous disk with uniform suction of blowing, A Desseaux
A study of the roll-up of a vortex sheet at the head of a rectangular piston, JJ Allen, TB Nickels & MS Chong
Performance characteristics of misaligned hydrodynamic journal bearings, AK Tieu & ZL Qiu

Keynote Paper 2
Application of control theory to turbulence, P Moin & T Bewley

Jets I
Dynamic oscillation of a quasi-planar jet, J Mi, GJ Nathan & RE Luxton
Some comments on the structure of the turbulent coflowing jet, TB Nickels & AE Perry
Investigations of a circular jet with swirl, C Grubb & S Rajagopalan
Hot-wire studies of plane jet impingement, C V Tu, DH Wood & JD Hooper
Precession in axisymmetric confined jets, SJ Hill, GJ Nathan & RE Luxton

Experimental Facilities
The design the performance of a twisted flow windtunnel for testing yacht sails, RGJ Flay
Comparative performance of various contraction profiles, S Ramaseshan & MA Ramaswamy
Reduction of free stream turbulence in the test section of a cryogenic wind tunnel, G Romberg
Development of a horizontal planar motion mechanism for determining hydrodynamic characteristics of underwater vehicles, BJ Anderson, GF Campanella & GJ Walker
A wind tunnel strain gauge balance calibration system, SSW Lam & BD Fairlie

Buoyant Flows I
Flow in faults and fractures, OM Phillips
Melting and dissolving driven by vigorous compositional convection, RC Kerr
The lateral advance speed of thermohaline intrusions, BR Ruddick
Particle flux through sediment fingers, CF Chen
The salt finger experiments of W Stanley Jevons, Sydney, 1857, RW Schmitt 

Turbulent flow in irregular channels, CJ Apelt & X Qi
Evaluation of depth-integrated turbulence models for unidirectional open-channel flows, C Beffa & D Goring
Dynamic pressure on check-dam due to debris flow collision, P Scotton & F Trivellato
Analytic solutions for solute transport in hillside seepage, WW Read & GE Sneddon 

Keynote Paper 3
NMR imaging in rheology, PT Callaghan

Turbulent Boundary Layers I
Similarity laws and attached eddy shapes in turbulent boundary layers, AE Perry, AK Mesbah Uddin & I Marusic
Reynolds stress models for a turbulent boundary layer, L Djenidi & RA Antonia
A wall-wake model for turbulent boundary layers with pressure gradients, I Marusic & AE Perry
Effect of concentrated wall suction on the structure of a turbulent boundary layer, Y Zhu & RA Antonia
Nonlinear saturation of stationary crossflow vortices in a three-dimensional boundary layer, MS Reibert, WS Saric & KL Chapman
Some aspects of three-dimensional turbulent separation, RL Simpson

Wakes II
The mechanism controlling vortex shedding from rectangular bluff-bodies, R Mills, J Sheridan, K Hourigan & MC Welsh
Effects of boundary layer transition on vortex shedding from thick plates with faired leading edge and square trailing edge, MK Bull, I Li & JM Pickles
Three-dimensional vortex structures in bluff body wakes, J Wu, J Sheridan, MC Welsh & K Hourigan
Flow regimes and base pressures on tandem arrays of plates of rectangular cross-section, AM Blazewicz, MK Bull & JM Pickles
Modification of the flow-induced vibration of a flexible circular cylinder over the lock-in range by a neighbouring cylinder of a larger diameter, AP To & KM Lam
Three-dimensional mode development in a low Reynolds number flow over a cylinder, M Thompson, K Hourigan & J Sheridan

Naval Hydrodynamics
Seakeeping investigation of wave piercing and swath vessels using a time domain step theory, DS Holloway & MR David
A desingularized boundary integral method for fully nonlinear water wave problems, RF Beck & SM Scorpio
Wave pattern prediction of monohulls and catamarans in a shallow-water canal by linearised theory, M Insel & LJ Doctors
The influence of a proboscidean bow on ship motions, LJ Doctors
A simplified theory for the tacking of a sailboat, RW Bilger
Performance of water jet propulsion systems with boundary layer ingestion, JL Roberts & GJ Walker

Rotating Flows
Flow regimes in the sliced-cylinder model of ocean circulation, RW Griffiths
Experiments on turbulence and dispersion in a rotating, stratified fluid, PF Linden, SB Dalziel, MJ Drayton & BM Boubnov
Boundary-layer separation in two-layer flow past a cylinder in a rotating frame, MA Page & P Blanchonette
Effect of rate of increase of the inner cylinder speed on selection of the final wavelength in Taylor vortex flow, J Rigopoulos, M Thompson & J Sheridan
Mixing in the wavy vortex regime of Taylor-Couette flow, MJ Rudman
The torsionally driven cavity: A test case for comparison between experiment and prediction, LJW Graham, MC Thompson & K Hourigan

Keynote Paper 4
Film cooling for gas turbine blades, IS Gartshore, D Licu & ME Salcudean

Keynote Paper 5
Experiments with unsteady two-phase flows, Y Hardalupas, AMKP Taylor & JH Whitelaw

Jets II
Secondary jet injection at the throat of an axisymmetric nozzle – Deduction of a vortex skeleton, SS Vidakovic & RE Luxton
Application of a colour sensitive dye to the measurement of concentration in a turbulent jet, AF Corriveau & WD Baines
A recirculation zone in a precessing jet detected with 3-dimensional LDA, GM Schneider, GJ Nathan, RE Luxton, D Froud & N Syred
The wake vortex system of a jet in a cross-flow, MJ Rudman
The vortical structure of jets in crossflow, BR Morton
The axisymmetric equations for a buoyant jet in a cross flow, S Gaskin, DA Papps & IR Wood 

Stratified Flows
The three-dimensional mean velocity for stratified turbulent flows: The temporal-residual-mean velocity, TJ McDougall
Topographic effects on convection in a rotating, stratified fluid, MJ Coates & GN Ivey
Mixing efficiencies in thermally stratified turbulent flows, CJ Lemckert, A Etemad-Shahidi & J Imberger
A surge-wave scaling for the purging of density stabilized ponds, SW Armfield, W Debler & T Asaeda
The isolated propagating flow: A hybrid between a solitary wave and a density-driven flow, R Manasseh, C-Y Ching & HJS Fernando
Modelling the Korteweg-De Vries equation for the description of non-linear internal wave transformation in the ocean, P Holloway, E Pelinovsky, T Talipova & B Barnes 

Velocity Measurement
Correcting measurements from a cup anemometer and wind vane, PR Ebert, DH Wood & SF Graebe
A study of the Taylor hypothesis using wavelet analysis, P-Å Krogstad, JH Kaspersen & S Rimestad
A two component LDA and its application to narrow channel flow, AK Tieu, EB Li & MR MacKenzie
Accuracy of out-of-plane component vorticity measurement using in-plane velocity vector field measurements, J Soria & A Fouras
Joint imaging of velocity and flame front movement in a turbulent premixed flame, PAM Kalt, SH Stårner & RW Bilger
The application of PIV to the precessing jet nozzle, GJR Newbold, DS Nobes, ZT Alwahabi, GJ Nathan & RE Luxton

Numerical Methods I
Computing stream functions on arbitrary meshes, DAJ Knight & GD Mallinson
Accuracy and efficiency of some higher-order schemes on non-uniform grids for fluid flow problems, Y Li & L Baldacchino
Modelling steady state free surface flows using fastflo, JR Mooney & FR De Hoog
Multigrid acceleration of compressible flow computation, A Di Mascio & B Favini
The use of hyperviscosity in simulations of nonlinear geophysical fluid flows, C Mackaskill & BM Bewick
Real 3-dimensional simulation of near-field, L Yu, AM Righetto & Y Zhu

Keynote Paper 6
The present status, challenges, and future developments in computational fluid dynamics, A Jameson 

Turbulent Boundary Layers II
Effects of secondary flows on developing, turbulent, rotating boundary layers, I Macfarlane & PN Joubert
The effect of aspect ratio and divergence on the turbulence structure of boundary layers, MB Jones, I Marusic & AE Perry
The effect of a square groove on a boundary layer, BR Pearson, R Elavarasan & RA Antonia
Spatially detected near wall shear layer events in smooth and rough wall turbulent boundary layers, CL Gan & DG Bogard
Visualization of near wall region in a turbulent boundary layer over transverse square cavities with different spacing, R Elavarasan, BR Pearson & RA Antonia 

Industrial Flows
Mathematical modelling of erosion in a fluidized bed, DD Achim, AK Easton, JH Perry & PM Schwartz
Oscillations of submerged jets confined in a narrow deep rectangular cavity, TA Honeyands & NA Molloy
An initial analysis on the lobed forced mixer flow with scalloped lobes, RA Parsons, AK Tieu & WK Soh 

Unsteady Flows
Unsteady high Reynolds number flow,
AD Brydon & MA Page
Computational simulations of pulsating turbulent pipe flow,
JD Jackson & S He
Simulation of acoustically forced flows around long rectangular plates, C Thompson, R Mills, J Sheridan & K Hourigan
Numerical simulation of unsteady flow around a square two-dimensional cylinder, A Sohankar, L Davidson & C Norberg
Verification test for the flow-induced vibration of a new steam generator, T Iwatsubo, K Matasuntani, T Iwase, T Sunami, T Nakamura, Y Watanabe & K Tomomatsu

Computation of swirling turbulent diffusion flames with a finite-element method, Z Zhu & NA Stokes
Modelling of bluff-body recirculating flows, BB Dally, AR Masri & DF Fletcher
Some conditional statistics in reacting numerical turbulence, N Swaminathan, S Mahalingam & RM Kerr
The effect of pressure on emission indices, DR Honnery & J Bennett
Modelling of plasma augmented solid propellant combustion, AE Wildegger-Gaissmaier, GP Wren & A Hosangadi
Some conditional statistics in reacting numerical turbulence, N Swaminathan, S Mahalingam & RM Kerr
The effect of pressure on emission indices, DR Honnery & J Bennett

Keynote Paper 7
Small-scale intermittency in turbulence, KR Sreenivasan

Turbulent Pipe Flows
Pressure-velocity correlations in swirling pipe flow, AR Del Musgrove & JD Hooper
In defence of Nikuradse, DRH Beattie
Pressure probe measurements of Reynolds stresses and static pressure fluctuations in developed pipe flow, JD Hooper & AR Del Musgrove
On the diffusion of matter from a wall point source in a turbulent pipe flow, I Nakamura, Y Sakai, M Miwa, H Tsunoda & T Kushida
An empirical model to explain turbulent flow in a conical diffuser, RK Singih & RS Azad
Measurement of time mean and turbulence parameters of turbulent swirling flows in axisymmetric annuli, W Yang, YS Morsi & JP Van Der Walt 

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Modelling 3D turbulent flow in a continuous casting tundish using fastflo, X-L Luo
Computational fluid dynamics with star-CD to predict the manoeuvring characteristics of submarines, CA Caux & BL Cardot
Simulation of mixing for incompressible flow through a periodically obstructed channel, T Howes & EPL Roberts
Numerical simulation of turbulence suppression in developing turbulent pipe flow due to a ring device, JCS Lai & C Yang
Mathematical modeling of fire induced turbulent ceiling jets, B Moghtaderi & V Novozhilov
Using computational fluid dynamics to model the atmospheric dispersion of fire plumes, AC Ward & IT Cameron

Investigation into the minimum internal stack Reynolds number for model concentration measurements – The basic statistics, TJ Taylor & WH Melbourne
Studies of fumigation processes in atmospheric thermal internal boundary layers, AK Luhar
Turbulent dispersion with broken reflexional symmetry, MS Borgas
Buoyant discharge from a line diffuser into a current with vertical stratification, DL Wilkinson & ED Couriel
Measurement and modelling of non-buoyant turbulent reacting plumes, RJ Brown & RW Bilger
Conditional moment closure of reactive plumes behind line sources in homogeneous turbulence, J-D Li & RW Bilger

Cold jets or hot plumes? The bifurcation structure of natural convective flows between a cold plate and a hot body, PW Cleary
Novel convective instabilities of low- to moderate-Prandtl number fluids, G Metcalfe & RP Behringer
Rayleigh-Benard pattern disturbed by a lateral forced roll, P Cerisier, S Rahal, M Jaeger & M Medale
A qualitative study of unsteady non-penetrative thermal convection from non-uniform surfaces, RD Keane & RJ Adrian
Natural ventilation of an enclosure containing one positive and one negative source of buoyancy, P Cooper & PF Linden
Partial melting with free convection, AM Leitch

Keynote Paper 8
Fluidic self assembly of proteins and devices, S Kim

Reattaching Flows
Control of turbulent separated and reattaching flow by periodic perturbation, KB Chun & HJ Sung
Attachment of three-dimensional, turbulent, round wall jet to circular cylinder, T Shakouchi & Y Yoshida
Mean flow characteristics in the near field of a turbulent offset jet, A Nasr & JCS Lai
The velocity field of a 15° inclined wall jet under controlled excitation, JCS Lai & A Nasr
LDV measurements in a swirling vortex flow around a sphere, NR Panchapakesan, T Mattner, MS Chong & PN Joubert 

The aeroelastic modelling of membrane wings, MS Johnston, PS Jackson & RGJ Flay
Sail force coefficients and optimum appendages for a sailboat, RW Bilger
The unsteady aerodynamic behaviour of boundary layer transition and circulation phase as sub-critical Reynolds numbers, KJ Mallon, OP Levinski & KC Brown
Effect of ship airwake interference of helicopter trim and control positions, KR Reddy & T Truong
Aerodynamic characteristics of forebody-cylinder combinations of circular/non-circular cross section at angles of attack, RK Sharma, PTheerthamalai & S Panneerselvam 

Two-phase Flows
Experimental investifation of air-water slug flow in horizontal pipes and comparison with existing models, MC Cook, CH Newton & M Behnia
Self-centring of thin liquid films inside small tubes, W Nozhat & DB Stewart
Air bubble diffusion in supercritical open channel flows, H Chanson
An improved model for deposition of cohesive sediments, PL Shrestha 

Numerical Methods II
The free-ale method for flow in deforming geometries, C Were & G Mallinson
Parallel computation of incompressible flow for industrial applications, ML Sawley, O Byrde, JD Reymond & D Cobut
Numerical simulation of low-Mach-number compressible flows, C-H Li
A collocation spectral method for high Reynolds number flow,
K Liffman
A comparison of mass lumping techniques for the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations, DA Niclasen & HM Blackburn 

Keynote Paper 9
Bubbly flows and the plunging jet flotation column, GJ Jameson 

Turbulence Modelling
Velocity gradient invariant evolution from a linear diffusion model, J Martin & C Dopazo
The study of vorticity-strain field alignment characteristics using direct numerical simulation of homogeneous turbulent flows, A Ooi, MS Chong & J Soria
Conditional methods and Lagrangian particle diffusion, A Yu Klimenko
Topology of flow patterns and alignment of vorticity vector with principal strain directions, MS Chong & J Soria
An EDQNM model for inhomogeneous turbulence applied of diffusive turbulence generated by an oscillating grid, S Parpais, A Laporta & JP Bertoglio
An investigation of renormalization group based algebraic turbulence model, MP Fard & K Srinivas

Observation of elastic effects in confined swirling flow of viscoelastic fluids, JR Stokes, LJW Graham & DV Boger
The shear viscosity of fibre suspensions, V Ilic & N Phan-Thien
Linear viscoelastic region for wheat flour doughs, A Morales-Patino, N Phan-Thien, P Gras & F Macritchie
Some rheological properties of wheat flour gels, M Louda, A Morales-Patino, N Phan-Thien & Ilic
Edge fracture in rheometry, M Keentok
Numerical solution of continuous model for fluid – Particle Flows, F Lalli 

High Mach No Flows
Drag measurement in flows of 50 Microsecond duration, AL Smith & DJ Mee
PLIF imaging of nitric oxide in high enthalpy flows, PC Palma, TJ McIntyre & AFP Houwing
Calculations of inviscid high speed dissociating gas flow over a cone at incidence, MN Macrossan & C Eckett
An experimental and numerical study of hypersonic flat plate flow, SG Mallinson & JF Milthorpe
Hypersonic blunt body flows in reacting carbon dioxide, IA Johnston & PA Jacobs
Transition experiments on a slender cone at Mach3, J Olsson

A numerical simulation of the growth and collapse of vapour cavity near a free surface on distributed computing through PVM, U Periyathamby, BC Khoo, KS Yeo & QX Wang
Jet impact in collapsing bubbles, JR Blake & RP Tong
The evolution of a gas bubble in a shallow water, QX Wang, KS Yeo, BC Khoo & KY Lam
A numerical study of bubble motion in a gravitational field, L Chen, JA Reizes & E Leonardi
Measurement of physical characteristics of a submerged gas injection system, YS Morsi, DD Atapattu, W Yang & NB Gray
Modelling cavitation in valves using an orifice plate test rig, KS Boddeus & WK Soh

Wakes III
Bistable flows of two unequal square cylinders in various staggered arrangements, AY Chiu & NWM Ko
Vorticity field and identification of two-dimensional vortices, V Herbert, M Larcheveque & C Staquet
The effect of initial mean velocity profile on the evolution of instabilities in two-dimensional wakes, HMR Barker, MJ Maghrebi & J Soria
Statistics of Xu/Xy in a turbulent shear flow, HS Shafi, Y Zhu & RA Antonia

Numerical Simulation
A numerical viscometer?, PF Rider & N Phan-Thien
Viscoelastic flow between eccentric rotating cylinders by unstructured control volume method,
X Huang, N Phan-Thien & RI Tanner
A robust finite element and streamline integration method for non-Newtonian fluid flows: ACSS/SI, J Sun, N Phan-Thien & RI Tanner
Spatially-periodic steady solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations with the ABC-force, OM Podvigina

Flows Near a Free Surface
Numerical simulation of flow due to impacting drops, DE Morton, MJ Rudman & J-L Liow
Vorticity generation and flow separation at free surfaces, RW Cresswell, BR Morton & P Blanchonette
On the near field representation in a free surface vortex, F Trivellato
Standing waves on cylindrical fluid jets, KM Awati & T Howes

Special Topics
In vitro steady flow velocity and shear stress measurements in the vicinity of a jellyfish valve, AA Sakhaeimanesh, YS Morsi, GD Tansley & S Yu
Enhancement of water evaporation from a cylindrical container due to concentration induced free convection, H Suehrcke & JA Harris
Measurement of secondary flow velocity and turbulence in a twisted s-tube, Y Aoyama & K Murakami
Weld pool development during gas metal arc welding processes, IS Kim & A Basu 

Keynote Paper 10
Shock waves in engineering and medicine, K Takayama