Graduated Students (PhD) - 28

  • Photoplethysmogram Derived Cardio-Respiratory Biomarkers for Sleep Monitoring
    Mohammod Abdul Motin, PhD, 2019
    [Currently working as a Research Fellow at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia]  
  • Finite-time algorithms and performance bounds for real-time Internet of Things
    Bigi Varghese Philip, PhD, 2019
  • Privacy-preserving machine learning and data aggregation for Internet of Things
    Lingjuan Lyu, PhD, 2018
    [Currently working as a Research Fellow at Australian National University, Australia]  
  • Big data cluster analysis and its applications
    Punit Rathore, PhD, 2018
    [Currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA] 
  • Non-invasive convulsive seizure assessment using wearable accelerometer device
    Shitanshu Kusmakar, PhD, 2018
    [Currently working as a Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia]  
  • Pedestrian Head Detection in Deep Motion Networks
    Fu-Chun Hsu, PhD, 2017
    [Currently working as a Senior Data Scientist at National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia] 
  • Big Data Clustering for Smart City Applications
    Dheeraj Kumar, PhD, 2016
    [Currently working as an Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of technology (IIT), Roorkee, India] 
  • Modeling Fetal Cardiac Valve Intervals and Fetal-Maternal Interactions
    Faezeh Marzbanrad, PhD, 2015 
    [Currently working as a Lecturer at Monash Univeristy, Australia] 
  • Crowd Behavior Analysis Using Video Analytics
    Aravinda Sridhara Rao, PhD, 2015 
    [Currently working as a Research Fellow at Univeristy of Melbourne, Australia] 
  • Analysis of Beat-to-Beat Ventricular Repolarization Duration Variability from Electrocardiogram Signal
    Mohammad Hasan Imam, PhD, 2015 
    [Currently working as a Senior Assistant Professor, American International University, Bangladesh] 
  • Novel Techniques for Dynamical Heart Rate Variability Analysis Using Poincaré Plot
    Chandan Kumar Karmakar, PhD, 2012
    [Currently working as a Lecturer in Computer Science, Deakin University, Australia] 
  • Flow Control and Performance Optimization for Multi-Service Networks
    Jiong Jin, PhD, 2010
    [Currently working as a Senior Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia] 
  • Stochastic Routing Models in Sensor Networks
    Paul Keeler, PhD, 2010 (Jointly with Prof Peter Taylor) 
  • Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Sutharshan Rajasegarar, PhD, 2009
    [Currently working as a Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, Australia] 
  • Independent Component Analysis for Biomedical Application
    Ganesh Naik, PhD, 2008 (jointly with  Prof. Chris Leckie)
    [Currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Western Sydney University, Australia] 
  • Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction
    Jayavardhana Gubbi, PhD, 2007 
    [Currently working as a Senior Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs, India] 
  • Subspace Optimization Algorithms for Training Support Vector Machines
    Tze Huei Lai (Daniel), PhD, 2006 (Co-supervisor, primary supervisor: N. Mani)
    [Currently working as an Associate Professor, Victoria University, Australia] 
  • Design and Training of Support Vector Machines
    Alistair Shilton, PhD, 2006
    [Currently working as an Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia] 
  • Spectral Methods for Information Retrieval
    Laurence Park, PhD, 2003 (second supervisor Rao Kotagiri) 
    [Currently working as a Lecturer, Western Sydney University, Australia] 
  • Optimal Flow Control in Packet Switched Networks
    Weihua Wang, PhD, 2003 
  • Intelligent Control of Automotive Engines
    Chris Manzie, PhD, 2001 (Second Supervisor: H.Watson)   
    [Currently working as the Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia] 
  • Dynamic Channel Assignment using Neural Networks
    Dushy Tissainayagam, PhD, 2000 (Second Supervisor: D. Everitt)   
    [He joined The Centre for Defence Communications and information Networking, The University of Adelaide, Australia, where he is a Business Development Manager and Senior Analyst.] 
  • Reconfigurable Neurocomputers: Rapid Protyping and Design Synthesis of Artificial Neural Networks for Field Programmable Gate Arrays
    Suthikshn Kumar, PhD, 1996 
    [He is currently working as an Associate Professor, HoD-CSE and HoD-EE, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune, India] 
  • Image Coding Using Vector Quantisation with Neural Networks
    L.H. Andrew, PhD, 1996 
    [Currently, a Senior Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia] 
  • Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems Using Neural Networks
    Kate Smith, PhD, 1996 
    [Current: Laureate Fellow, Professor of Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Australia] 
  • Gated Neural Networks for Three Dimensional Object Recognition Systems
    Venkatachalam Chandrasekaran, PhD, 1995  (Co Supervisor: T. Caelli)
    [Currently, Honorary Professor (Full Time) and Co-Convener Research Conferment Cell, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India] 
  • Robust Variable Structure Control for Rigid Robotic Manipulators
    Zhihong Man, PhD, 1993 
    [Currently, Professor of Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia] 
  • Robustness Issues of Adaptive Control
    Feng Gang Gary, PhD, 1991
    [Currently, Chair Professor, Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong]


Graduated Students (MPhil., M.Eng.Sc.) - 16

  • Automatic assessment system for quantification and classification of pure tremor and Parkinsonian tremor
    Rajesh Ranjan, M.Phil., 2019  
  • Acoustic beamforming analysis for wearable blind aid applications
    Wei Shen William Lim, M.Phil., 2018  
  • Automatic Analysis of 4D Laryngeal CT Scans to Assist Diagnosing of Voice Disorders
    Sajini R. G. Hewavitharanage, M.Phil., 2017
    [Currently working as a Software Engineer - Medical Devices, 4Dx, Australia] 
  • Methods for improving foot motion measurement using inertial sensors
    Edgar Charry, M. Eng. Sc., 2010 
  • Machine Learning with applications to Bioinformatics
    Ben Rubinstein, M. Eng. Sc., 2009 (Jointly Rao Kotagiri, Computer Science and Software Engg Dept.)
    [Current: A/Prof. Computing & Information Systems, Univeristy of Melbourne, Australia] 
  • Neural Networks in Three Medical Applications
    Trefor Morgan, M.Eng. Sc., 1995. 
  • Neural Networks Applications to Cellular Mobile Communication systems
    Stephen Terrill, M.Eng. Sc. 1995 (co-supervised with Prof. D. Everitt) 
  • Neural Networks for Image Processing Applications
    Stan Skafidas, M. Eng. Sc, 1995
    [Currently, Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Director for Centre for Neural Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia] 
  • Interleaving Techniques for High Speed Data Transmission
    Wing Hong Hui, M.Eng.Sc., 1993. 
  • Optical Character Recognition using Neural Networks
    David Au, M.Eng.Sc (Cog. Sc.), 1993. 
  • Dynamic Channel Assignment for Cellular Mobile Communication Systems using Neural Networks
    P.T.H. Chan, M. Eng. Sc., September, 1992. (co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. D. Everitt) 
  • The Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems using Neural Networks
    Philip Malin, M.Eng. Sc., May 1993. 
  • Pattern Classification, Image Restoration, and Image Coding using Neural Networks
    Sharad Thacore, M.Eng. Sc., 1993. 
  • Sampling Rate and Stability of Hybrid Adaptive Control
    Uthai Chaiswankit,M. Eng. Sc, 1992. (Co-supervised with Dr. C. Zhang) 
  • Filter Structures for Edge Detection in Images
    R. Oxbrow, M. App.Sc., 1991. 
  • Neural Networks for Pattern Classification Problems in Control and Image Processing
    Vincent Pang, M.Eng. Sc., 1990.