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We are equally passionate about teaching and research. The two are symbiotic. Good research requires both intuition and mathematical rigour, and our teaching reflects this. Rather than merely presenting the end result, we explain the intuition behind the result, and how the result could have been discovered by ourselves. We encourage students to learn by discovery.

We are currently working to develop better software tools for teaching and for sharing knowledge. The core of this project is understanding what knowledge is and how it can be conveyed and used by others. Crudely put, we believe there are two key aspects to knowledge: snippets of information, and the relationships between these snippets. The former is easy to convey, but the latter is where true knowledge lies.


Educational Articles

Educational articles can be found on our Blog and, from 2020 onwards, under Lab Presentations and Educational Articles.

See also our Tutorial and Review Articles.

Seminar Series

We have organised the following seminar series.

  • Computational Neuroscience for Engineers
  • Control and Signal Processing Tutorial Series
  • Machine Learning
  • Signal Processing Toolbox Seminar Series

Informal Courses

We have held various informal courses and reading groups covering topics such as the following.

  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Differential Geometry
  • Differential Topology
  • Information Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Measure-theoretic Probability
  • Stochastic Differential Equations
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Topological Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis

Formal Courses

I have taught the following courses.

  • Signal Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Digital Communications
  • Computer Engineering
  • Digital System Design
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics

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