Members and Associates


2021 Zhong Xien (Shaun) Yeoh, Researcher (Summer Scholar)
2020– David Lynch, PhD Student
2020– Behnam Mafakheri, PhD Student
2020– Tim Quelch, PhD Student
2020– Viktoria Schram, PhD Student
2020– Victor Deville, PhD Student
2020– Yanran Ma, PhD Student
2019– David Watts, PhD Student
2019– Xuetong Wu, PhD Student
2019– Archana Akhaury, PhD Student
2019– Zhaopeng Xu, PhD Student
2019 Colin Cros, Visiting Undergraduate Student
2018– Jeanne Levefre, PhD Student
2018–2019 Rohan Hitchcock, Undergraduate Student (UROP)
2018 Patrick Debris, Visiting Undergraduate Student
2018 Selwyn Gomes, Visiting Undergraduate Student
2017– Pavel Tolmachev, PhD Student
2017–2018 Xi Li, Visiting PhD Student
2017–2018 Marcus Rosenblatt, Visiting PhD Student
2016–2019 Christopher McLean, PhD Student
2016–2019 Daniel Selvaratnam, PhD Student
2016 Aymeric Lamaallem, Visiting Undergraduate Student
2015–2018 Michael Pauley, Researcher
2014–2017 Shabnam Khatibi, PhD Student
2014–2017 Roghieh Skandari, PhD Student
2014–2015 Julien Flamant, Masters Student
2013–2015 Levin Kulhmann, Researcher
2013–2015 Nicolas Le Bihan, Visiting Academic
2012–2013 Suqun Cao, Visiting Academic
2012 Minyi Huang, Visiting Academic
2011–2014 Jeremie Boulanger, PhD Student
2011–2013 Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Visiting Academic
2010–2013 Salem Said, Researcher
2010–2011 Lin Li, Visiting PhD Student
2009–2014 Juan Lu, PhD Student
2009 Pulkit Agrawal, Visiting Undergraduate Student
2009 Minyi Huang, Visiting Academic
2009 Pierre Rebrion, Visiting Undergraduate Student
2007–2010 Charles Li, PhD Student
2007–2008 Shiro Ikeda, Visiting Academic
2007–2008 Christian Lageman, Researcher
2007–2008 Nicolas Le Bihan, Visiting Academic
2006–2007 Minyi Huang, Researcher
2005–2008 Huibo Ji, PhD Student
2005–2008 Christfried Webers, PhD Student
2003–2006 Ian Brace, PhD Student
2002–2005 Maziar Nikpour, Researcher
2002–2005 Duong Pham, PhD Student
2001–2004 Senjian An, Researcher
1999–2002 Maziar Nikpour, PhD Student

List of Past and Current Members and Associates

The following list is incomplete.

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