Wally Smith

BSc Hons, PhD Psychology (University College London)

School of Computing and Information Systems

Melbourne School of Engineering

The University of Melbourne

wsmith@unimelb.edu.au | tel: +61 3 8344 1494 | fax: +61 3 9349 4596
Room 9.05, Level 9, Doug McDonell Building, Carlton 3052

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Australian Research Council, Discovery Project DP180101215 (2018-2020)
A Computational Theory of Strategic Deception
Wally Smith, Liz Sonenberg, Michael Kirley, Frank Dignum (Univ. Utrecht) and Gustav Kuhn (Goldsmiths Univ London)


Australian Research Council, Discovery Project DP140101188 (2014-2017)
Citizen Heritage: Digital and Community-based Histories of Place
Hannah Lewi, Wally Smith, Tom Kvan, David Nichols, Steven Cooke & Dirk vom Lehn

NewLeaf App

Australian Research Council, Linkage Project LP110100046 (2011-2014)
Social Network Sites for Ambivalent Socialisers: the Case of Smoking Cessation Groups
Wally Smith, Steve Howard, John Pearce, Ron Borland & Bernd Ploderer.

New Tools & Techniques

Office for Learning and Teaching (DEERW), Innovation and Development Grant ID11-2011 (2011-2013)
Tools and Techniques for Learning in the Field: Studying the Built Environment
Wally Smith, Hannah Lewi, Shanton Chang, Andrew Saniga, Diego Ramirez-Loving & Lee Stickells