Biofluids and Biomaterials

Understanding flow and spatial effects on blood coagulation using computational fluid dynamics

Christian Biscombe, Dalton Harvie, Ineke Muir (CSL) and Steve Dower (CSL)

Christian performed an AMSI Internship in collaboration with CSL on this topic. AMSI Internships are a national Australian initiative designed specifically to partner Industry with relevant research expertise in Australian universities. The Internships run for typically 4 months and are intended to help industry address a specific issue by providing mathematical expertise from the intern and the academic supervisor.

Occluded femoral artery
Above: The initiation of clotting in response to surface bound tissue-factor (TF) at an occluded femoral artery branch. Mesh courtesy Marchandise et. al., Int. J. Numer. Meth. Biomed. Engng. 2010; 83:876–889