Research Interests

Turbulent shear flows. High Reynolds number flows, including atmospheric flows. Experimental measurement techniques in fluid mechanics. Physical modelling of wall turbulence using the attached eddy hypothesis. Experimental measurements for improved Large-Eddy Simultion. Wind tunnel design. Efficient analysis tools for large datasets. Wind energy harvesting using PVDF and other materials.

Post-docotral Researchers



Websites & Links

Coupled Atmosphere-Bushfire Modelling Workshop

Fluid Mechanics at The University of Melbourne

2004 Kingston Perry Fest

Adverse Pressure Gradient TBL data (Marusic & Perry, 1995 JFM, vol. 298)

Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society


Turbulent Boundary Layer Java Scripts:

Streamwise turbulence intensity profile generator: MK03

Spanwise turbulence intensity profile generator

Wall-normal turbulence intensity profile generator

Reynolds shear stress profile generator

Total shear stress profile generator