I am a Lecturer in Digital Health in the School of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) at the University of Melbourne. With undergraduate backgrounds in both computer science and philosophy, in general my research interests have fallen between the two. My PhD thesis was in the areas of artificial intelligence and the philosophy of information and computation.

Presently my work is mainly in the areas of digital mental health, digital wellbeing, cyberpsychology and AI. I lead the Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health research area and am a member of the Interaction Design Lab in CIS.

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Select Publications

Digital Mental Health

Formal Epistemology


  • Mental Health - Stories from the Trenches (Peak15 Health Tech, October 18th 2017)
  • Integrity Constraints and Truth for Belief Change (RMIT Computer Science Department, November 27th 2015)
  • Revising our Beliefs Towards the Truth (University of Wollongong Decision Systems Lab Research Seminar, October 20th 2014)
  • A Framework for Semantic Information (University of Melbourne Philosophy Postgraduate Seminar Series, July 24th 2012)
  • The Logic of Knowledge and the Flow of Information (Fourth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information, May 2012, University of Hertfordshire)
  • The Logic of Knowledge and the Flow of Information (University of Melbourne Logic Seminar Series, November 4thth 2011)
  • Conceptions of Information within Philosophy (The Difference that Makes a Difference, Open University Milton Keynes, 2011)

Team Members

PhD Students

  • Tianyi Zhang - Digital phenotyping (personal sensing) for mental health and wellbeing
  • Daniel Cabrera Lozoya - NLP for quality improvements in online mental health therapy services
  • Fangziyun Tong - Digital therapeutic alliance

Research Assistants

  • Dr Simone Schmidt
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