Seeking clinical psychologists/therapists to test out a new chatbot

Over the last decade there has been considerable work done on the research and development of mental health chatbots that serve some form of interventional/psychotherapeutic role.

We on the other hand have developed a chatbot, Client101, that reverses these roles, where the human is the therapist and the chatbot is the client. The main purpose of Client101 is an educational one, to assist therapists/counsellors, particularly trainees, in developing and exercising their therapy skills within a simulated space.

With a prototype of Client101 now completed, we are looking for psychologists/therapists who are interested in doing some paid work ($100 for around 1 hour) testing out Client101. You will be required to conduct short, one-off CBT sessions with two of the Client101 instances (one instance simulating a client with anxiety and the other depression), after which you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Simon D'Alfonso ().

Therapist with bot client