Sustainable Energy & Environmental Devices (SEED) Laboratory

Energy and environmental solutions through materials innovation


The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Devices Lab is a newly formed research group, headed by Dr. James Bullock, within the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Our work focuses on materials-based innovation to address today’s pressing energy and environmental problems, drawing from disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Chemistry. Projects span topics such as photovoltaics, energy storage, photocatalysis and low energy sensors for environmental applications.

Join our group

The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Devices Lab is seeking highly motivated graduate students, postdocs and visiting researchers. Interested researchers with a background in fabrication and characterization of energy related electronic devices are encouraged to apply, in particular those with experience in photovoltaics, batteries, electro and photocatalysis, 2D materials and photodetectors. Interested candidates should contact us through via email ( including a 2-page resume (pdf) and a short description (< 300 words) of research they would be interested in undertaking.