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Smart Location Sensors for Emergency Responders

Project brief ARC Linkage International LX0882103
Project summary

The safety of emergency responders is often comprised when they cannot locate or orient themselves within an incident environment. These environments can challenge GPS performance and despite significant international research into hybrid systems, there is still no practical solution to the problem of ubiquitous location. The proliferation of non-traditional technologies emerging for positioning offers new signals for designing a location sensor that can be used across all environments. This research adopts an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to developing robust models that integrates signals from all available technologies. These models will be evaluated through a practical demonstrator of a smart sensor for emergency responders.

Project participants, cooperations and links This joint project with Allison Kealy is an international collaboration with Gnther Retscher, Technical University Vienna (Austria), and Gethin Roberts, University of Nottingham (UK).

The project participates in the Rowden White Sensor Network Lab of the University of Melbourne.


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