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Ad-Hoc Ride Sharing


From left to right: Stephan Winter, Lin Jie Guan, Yun Hui Wu, Carlos Vieira.

Project summary

We investigate self-organization in the complex system of urban transportation. Mobile geosensor networks allow ad-hoc local peer-to-peer communication. We can show already that mobile geosensor networks are fully scalable for ad-hoc servicing various real-time transportation information needs, they can cope well with network volatility, and they promise to break down some NP-hard optimization problems by efficient and nearly optimal local heuristics. They also do not rely on external infrastructure or centralized service. Hence, they have a potential to form the basis for intelligent transportation systems of the future, providing new services or new service designs, improving access and mobility of citizens, and even work in environments with no or destroyed infrastructure.

All our related publications can be found here.

An animation of the simulation can be seen here, courtesy of Matthias Braun 2007 (21MB).

Project participants, cooperations and links

The project is an international collaboration with Silvia Nittel (USA) and Martin Raubal (USA), and came out of a discussion with Monika Sester (Germany). Melbourne contributors to the project are so far: Yun-Hui Wu (China), Lin-Jie Guan (China), Christian Gaisbauer (Austria), Carlos Vieira (Brazil), Sren Dupke (Germany), Matthias Braun (Germany), Rupert Leigh, Chris Wong and Stephan Winter.

The project collaborates with the ARC Networks for Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP), and participates in the Rowden White Sensor Network Lab.

Internal discussions The group has its own Wiki.

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