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Cognitive Engineering for Navigation Assistance

Project brief Group of Eight / DAAD Australian–German Research Co-operation Scheme
Project summary

At the core of this project is the exchange of early career researchers in the area of spatial cognition and navigation assistance. The generation of route directions for navigation assistance (such as in LBS, car navigation, tourist guides, or for emergency response) is a research field where both partners (Bremen and Melbourne) have made significant contributions over the years. They distinguish themselves from the field by a focus on models motivated by human spatial cognition and reasoning.

Longer stays of a number of early career researchers allow for intensive exchange, feedback, and the development of joint research; they also report back to their home research teams. Senior researchers are involved as well, both to supervise and participate, as well as to design future joint research.

The intensive exchange program is enriching the mutual knowledge and expertise in spatial cognitive engineering and dynamic network analysis. The value for research training of the early career researchers is inestimable.

  Exchange participants:
  • Lars Kulik (Melbourne), June 2008
  • Stephan Winter (Melbourne), September 2008
  • Kai-Florian Richter (Bremen), October 2008
  • Patrick Laube (November) 2008
  • Falko Schmid (December) 2008
Project participants Lead
  • Christian Freksa, Cognitive Systems, University of Bremen, Germany.
  • Stephan Winter, Geomatics, The University of Melbourne, Australia.


  • Bremen: John Bateman, Kai-Florian Richter, Thora Tenbrink.
  • Melbourne: Matt Duckham, Lars Kulik, Patrick Laube.


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