Current Staff

Matthias Petri. Senior Research Fellow, UMelbourne
Matthias works on algorithmic approaches to big-data text processing.
Daniel Beck. Research Fellow, UMelbourne
Daniel works on the use of language semantics in machine translation
Afshin Rahimi. Research Fellow, UMelbourne
Afshin works on low-resource models of natural language processing

Current PhD & Masters Students

Ekaterina Vylomova. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Kat is working on non-compositionality in distributional model, with application to multi-word expressions. Co-supervised with Tim Baldwin.
Felix (Fei) Liu. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Felix is researching multi-word expressions, and compositionality using deep learning. Co-supervised with Tim Baldwin.
Yuan Li. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Yuan is studying Bayesian models of machine learning from noisy inputs. Co-supervised with Ben Rubinstein.
Nagesh PC. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Nagesh is working on relation extraction from biomedical texts. Co-supervised with Karin Verspoor and Rao Kotagiri.
Yitong Li. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Adversarial learning of NLP, co-supervised with Tim Baldwin.
Nitika Mathur. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Evaluation of translation, co-supervised with Tim Baldwin.
Shivashankar Subramanian. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Computational social science for political text, co-supervised with Tim Baldwin.
Dalin Wang. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Vision and language, co-supervised with Daniel Beck.
Zenan Zhai. Ph.D. student, UMelbourne.
Information extraction from scientific literature, co-supervised with Karin Verspoor.
Malcolm Karutz. MSc student, UMelbourne.
Ryan Henderson. MSc student, UMelbourne.
Minghan Wang. MSc student, UMelbourne.


Previous staff and students from my group include:

Moe (Meng) Fang. Research Scientist, Tencent
Srijith P.K.. Assistant Prof., IIT Hyderabad
Wai Man (Raymond) Ng. Research Associate, USheffield
Yang Feng. Assistant Prof., Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vasileios (Bill) Lampos. Principal Research Fellow, UCL
Josh Schroeder. Engineer, Google
Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro. UPenn/Bloomberg
Xingyi Song. Research Associate, USheffield
Zsolt Bitvai. Research Scientist, Amazon
Michal Lukasik. Google AI
Ehsan Shareghi. Research Fellow, UCambridge
Long Duong. Senior Computer Scientist,
Oliver Adams. Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins U.
Douwe Gelling. Software Engineer, Intel
Vu (Cong Duy) Hoang. Research Scientist,

I'm open to taking new research students. Please email me if you're interested, making sure you include a CV and description of your proposed research project. Note that I do not support undergraduate internships, and will not respond to any emails asking about internships.