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World Online Whistleblowing Survey

From May 2012, a research team led by Griffith University and The University of Melbourne is conducting the World Online Whistleblowing Survey. This is the first international survey testing public views about whistleblowing to be run online in multiple languages. Whistleblowing is when a person reveals inside information about serious wrongdoing within or by an organisation, to people or authorities who may be able to take action.

The survey is collecting data to help answer questions about:

The survey is part of an Australian Research Council Discovery project, Blowing Boldly: The Changing Roles, Avenues and Impacts of Public Interest Whistleblowing in the Era of Secure Online Technologies, being conducted by Professor A J Brown (Griffith University), Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Dr Simon Milton, Dr Rachelle Bosua and Dr Reeva Lederman (University of Melbourne) and Professor Marcia Miceli (Georgetown University).

Answer the survey

Anyone can answer the survey, anywhere in the world, provided they do so only once.

The research team encourages as many people as possible to complete the survey – whether they think whistleblowing is good or bad. The survey is for everyone, not just whistleblowers.

The survey takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

Click here to complete the survey.

For more information about the Survey, download the project information sheet

Australia not an ‘anti-dobbing’ culture: first whistleblowing survey results

On 3-6 May 2012, the project commissioned Newspoll to survey a random representative sample of adult Australians (n=1211) using key questions from the full Survey.

The results provide a first-ever snapshot of the political culture of Australian society with respect to whistleblowing, and will be used to assist in analysis of the full Survey as well as in comparative research involving other countries.

The results were released at the launch of the World Online Whistleblowing Survey in Brisbane on 6 June 2012, featuring Bundaberg Hospital nurse unit manager Toni Hoffman and former national security analyst, now federal Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Download the Survey launch media release featuring the results

Download the WOW Survey Stage 1 data release (Australian population sample) setting out key results



  1. The Whistleblowing Survey - all are encouraged to complete the survey.
  2. Become a Supporter
  3. WOW Survey Stage 1 data release (Australian population sample) setting out key results, and associated media release

  4. Research Team:
    Lead Chief Investigator:
    Professor A.J. Brown (Griffith University)
    Research leader:
    Dr Suelette Dreyfus
    Other Researchers:
    Associate Professor Simon Milton,
    Dr Rachelle Bosua,
    Professor Marcia Miceli (Georgetown University, USA),
    Dr Reeva Lederman.
  5. Project web page at Griffith University
  6. Melbourne School of Information

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