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Vale Steve Howard 1961–2013

Steve Howard died in April 2013. A tribute site to Steve can be viewed at

Steve Howard

Interaction Design Lab
Department of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne

Social Computing

I work at the intersection between the computational and social sciences, trying to understand IT in its social context. Specifically, my students and I think about applications of pervasive and ubiquitous computing to problems of real societal concern (e.g. health, sustainability, ageing, distributed families, community engagement). We work in multidisciplinary teams, contributing HCI and CSCW knowledge where they're needed. Our approach is loosely design ethnography, interleaving qualitative field work and use-centred innovation.

With colleagues in the Interaction Design Lab (and associated Usability Lab) we are exploring these and related issues. We hold Seminars on Friday afternoons during the academic semester, and everyone is welcome. HCI Most Frequent Authors gives a partial listing of my publications, and Publications is more or less complete. Supervision lists my research students and their topics.

Current Projects

Community Service

Current and Recent Teaching

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