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Dr Sean B. Maynard, MACS Snr., MAIS

I research information security management from a human perspective. In this research I have focused on information security policy, information security culture and information security governance. My PhD is in Information Securty Management and focuses on Security Policy quality. Additionally, in conjunction with my past work on decision support systems and decision making I am interested in the decision making processes involved with information security and information security analytics.

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Information Security Culture | Information Security Policy and Quality



I regularly publish research papers across my areas of interest in peer reviewed outlets. These include papers on Analytics and on Information Security Management.
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Research Students Graduating

PhD & Masters students

I have supervised many students at the PhD, Masters and Honours level.  I have also examined a number of PhD and Masters students 

Students interested in PhD research in Information Security Management or Business Analytics should read more!.
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Research & Grants

My areas of research interest and grants.  We are currently looking for grant partners to work with us on information security related research.
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  1. Master of Information Systems - for excellence in IT management
  2. Melbourne School of Graduate Research - for prospective PhD students
  3. Melbourne School Engineering
  4. Dr Atif Ahmad My colleague in all things Security
  5. Study a PhD on Information Security Management
My Teaching

My teaching

I have taught many subjects at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in information systems related fields, ranging from programming and database through to business analytics.
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Teaching Grants

My teaching grants

I have been part of several teaching grants aimed at enhancing IT use in education.
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My leadership & Engagement

Demonstration of my leadership includes redesign of the Undergraduate Curriculum. I also give presentations to industry groups.
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