Professor Rod Tucker

"Many of you are starting out on new careers in engineering and related fields. Most of you will contribute to your professions for the remainder of the first half of this century. And during your working lives, the world will be transformed by technologies that do not even exist today. As engineers, many of you will help to create and drive this transformation. I won't attempt to predict what the world of technology will look like in half a century from now. But I can say with certainty that it would surprise and astound us if we could somehow see it now. However, I will predict that in 25 years, when most of you are half-way through your careers, new technologies will have brought about new changes in lifestyle, new engineering analysis and design methods will have replaced the old, and new analytical skills will be needed. Entirely new fields of endeavour will have emerged. As professional engineers, it will be essential for you to hone your knowledge and skills through continuing education, wide-ranging reading, and frequent interactions with people from different backgrounds."



First NameLast NameTitle of ThesisUniversity/Institute PhD/Master Date
ZaheerAhmedDynamics of Actively Mode-Locked Semiconductor LasersUniversity of Melbourne PhDAugust 1994
HAshokaModelling & Analysis of Dual-Gate GaAs Mesfet MixersUniversity of Queensland PhDJune 1985
Sanjeewa ManikAttygalleAll-Optical Signal Processing Technologies for Optical CommunicationsUniversity of Melbourne PhDFebruary 2002
MarijaBohockiPath Monitoring in Optical NetworksUniversity of Melbourne MEngSci17 December 2003
Peter DBradleyComputer-Corrected Large Signal RF Characterisation of GaAs Power Mesfet’sUniversity of Queensland Master of Engineering ScienceJanuary 1983
YingCaiPhotonic Packet-Switched Slotted Ring Networks using Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Gates University of Melbourne PhDJune 1998
DavidCastlefordOptical Crosstalk in WDM Fibre-Radio NetworksUniversity of Melbourne PhDSeptember 2002
WeiChenSignal Processing for Optical Performance Monitoring & Impairment MitigationUniversity of Melbourne PhDMarch 2006
Chia-Yin Che Digital Signal Processing for Optical Power Spectrum University of Melbourne PhD December 2007
Goutam Das Buffers in Optical Packet Switched Networks University of Melbourne PhD April 2009
Adam MatthewDicksonOptical Fibre Loop BuffersUniversity of MelbournePhD 1 October 1997
Sarah DDodsHomodyne Crosstalk in Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Ring & Bus NetworksUniversity of Melbourne PhDJanuary 2000
Wing-LeungHaPhotonic Packet SwitchingUniversity of Melbourne Master of Engineering ScienceAugust 1991
Alfred SamsonHouChirp in Actively Modelocked Diode LasersMassachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) Bachelor of Science & Master of ScienceMay 1990
Thisara Jayasinghe Advanced Passive Optical Networking for Broadband Access University of Melbourne PhD July 2008
Milan Khanal Optical VPN and Video Delivery over Wavelength Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Network University of Melbourne PhD September 2007
Anthony Chiu-ChiKwanLinearization of Analogue Optical Transmitter by Feedforward Compensation University of MelbourneMaster of Engineering ScienceSeptember 1993
SelbynLiewThe Design of an Interface between a Hardware ATM Cell-Stream Splitter & the System Bus of an Experimental B-ISDN TerminalUniversity of Melbourne Master of Engineering ScienceDecember1992
AndrewLiuRF Monitoring Tone Based Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring TechniquesUniversity of Melbourne PhD31 March 2007
ZhaiLuStability of Actively Mode-Loced Semiconductor LasersUniversity of Melbourne PhDAugust 1994
S.P.W.MogndgeNonlinear Distortion in Light Emitting DiodesUniversity of Queensland Master of EngineeringOctober 1984
Trefor JMorganWavelength Conversion using Four-Wave Mixing in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Broadband Optical NetworksUniversity of Melbourne PhDJuly 1999
Yin-FaiNgAnalogue & Pulsed Analogue Video Transmission using Lightwave Single Subcarrier SystemsUniversity of Melbourne Master of Engineering ScienceNovember 1993
RajendranParthibanModeling & Analysis of Optical Backbone NetworksUniversity of Melbourne PhDApril 2004
Gita ManojPendharkarVery High Bit Rate Subscriber Line SystemsUniversity of Melbourne MEngSci27 August 2003
DavidPopeHigh Speed Modulation of Semiconductor LasersUniversity of Queeensland PhD1983
Garvesh Raskutti Energy Consumption of Optical Signal Processing University of Melbourne Master August 2008
Soban Sajid Mughal Architectures for Optical Buffers University of Melbourne Master August 2008
MichaelSpencerA Media Access Control Protocol for Passive Wavelength Division Multiplexed Optical NetworksUniversity of Melbourne PhDApril 2001
JonathanSpringPhotonic Packet SwitchingUniversity of Melbourne PhDSeptember 1995
Mark ASummerfieldTelecommunications Applications of Four Wave Mixing in Semiconductor Optical AmplifiersUniversity of Melbourne PhDOctober 1995
An VuTranOptical Add-Drop Multiplexers & Amplifier Placement Methods for Metropolitan WDM Ring NetworkUniversity of Melbourne PhDMarch 2002
CarolineWangOptical Wavelength Conversion using Cross-Gain & Cross-Phase Modulation in Semiconductor Optical AmplifiersUniversity of Melbourne PhDNovember 1991
Jolyon Ambrose ScoreWhiteModeling and dimensioning of optical burst switching networksUniversity of Melbourne PhD 
JiawenZhangSimulation of Super Continuum Generation in Optical Fibres & Investigation of Multi-Wavelength Source Based on Mode-Locked Semiconductor LasersUniversity of Melbourne Master of Engineering ScienceNovember 2001
HuisiZhaoChirp Performance of SOA’s based on XTM Wavelength ConversionUniversity of Melbourne Master of Engineering ScienceDecember 2000