Programming with Constraints: an Introduction

Kim Marriott and Peter J. Stuckey

Course Material

Lecture Slides

I have developed Powerpoint for Windows 97 Version 7.0 slides for a medium length course in constraint programming based on the book. They are available here (gzipped). Only chapters 1--10 are covered and most starred material is ommitted. This is an updated version of the original slides with errors corrected and True Type Fonts included. The last makes them big but reduces problems in versions (apparently).

Feel free to modify the slides to suit your own style. I would be grateful if you could mail me any corrections to the slides. If you develop new examples or slides for use with the book I would be very pleased if you could mail me a copy.

Slide Handouts

Copies of the slides in postscript (gzipped) and PDF for handing out to students are included below. I have had problem printing these in the past so I apologise if you have these problems.

Also available: Programs from the Book