Book:   Topographic Effects in Stratified Flows


                                    Peter G. Baines

 published by Cambridge University Press

      hardback (1995), paperback(1998).

ISBN 0 521 43501 3 (hardback)

           0 521 62923 3 (paperback)


Copies may be purchased from Cambridge University Press(hypertext –


The publisher’s dust-jacket flyer states:

 “With an emphasis on both theory and experiment, this text describes the behaviour of homogeneous and density-stratified fluids over and around topography.  In examining the similarities between the flow of a river over a barrier or weir and the flow of the atmosphere over a mountain range, this book present a comprehensive synthesis of this topic in terms suitable for scientists, engineers, teachers and students of fluid dynamics.  Using the appropriate mathematics, experiments, and illustrations, the text describes the properties of stratified flows beginning with the simplest situations – such as the flow of a homogeneous layer with a free surface, the prototype system for conventional hydraulics – and proceeding to progressively more complex ones, such as the flow of stratified fluid over two- and three-dimensional topography.  The book concludes with a discussion of how applications of the properties and principles of these diverse phenomena may be modelled in practical terms.


With this book, Professor Peter G. Baines makes a notable contribution to the fields of fluid mechanics and geophysical fluid dynamics.  The text will be a great asset to graduate and advanced undergraduate students as well as research professionals.”


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Corrections.  The author maintains an ongoing list of corrections to the book, and lists for the hardback and paperback editions are available at hardback corrections and softback corrections. .