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PGB - July 2004Dr. Peter George Baines

Current/recent positions and distinctions:

Senior Fellow, Dept. of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia 

 Secretary,  Royal Society of Victoria 2017-2020

Elected Fellow of Royal Society of Victoria, 2021

Elected Fellow of the Australian Fluid Mechanics Society, 2020

Other distinctions:

Past President, International Commission for Dynamic Meteorology (ICDM) of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS)


Merle A.Tuve Senior Fellow, Carnegie Institute of Washington, USA, Sept.-Oct 2012


Visiting scientist, QUEST, Dept. of Earth Sciences, U.K., 2006-2009

Leverhulme Visiting Professor, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK 2004-2005

Formerly Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Atmospheric Research, Aspendale, Australia

Elected Fellow of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, 2004

AMOS Priestley Medallist, 1997

Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Former Councillor and Research Secretary, Royal Society of Victoria Inc., 8 LaTrobe St., Melbourne, Australia.

Former member of Committee for the Prince Albert I of Monaco Gold Medal of the International Association of the Physical Sciences of the Ocean (IAPSO).

Current address:

Department of Infrastructure Engineering
University of Melbourne
Melbourne VIC 3010



Personal web site :


Copies of the paperback version are available from Cambridge University Press. For a description of this book, a list of reviews and how to purchase a copy, click here.   




This work is based on the examination of reanalysis and satellite-based rainfall data, coupled with dynamical interpretations. Efforts have previously been focused on the late 1960s climate shift that influenced (among many other places) southwest Western Australia. Present efforts are directed toward the effects on land-based rainfall of global dynamical factors that represent physical processes; these include ENSO and the IOD and nine others.


A second edition of the above-mentioned book is due out in November 2021. Some recent scientific results are described in references 145 and 146.

3-degree slope, Holmboe instability: click here.

30-degree slope, double outflow: click here.


These include the dynamics of ash clouds from mega-volcanos including ash deposition, the generation of atmospheric waves by volcanic eruptions. Recent results are described in references 140, 142 , 147.


This involves the effects of flow through a contraction of eastward flow on a beta-plane on disturbances upstream (in an analogous manner to that in density-stratified flows), with application to flow of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current through the Drake Passage.



BAINES, P.G. and DAY, R.W.  2021: Massed strandings of whales and dolphins – effects of wind, waves and tides.   Submitted.



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The significance of this paper, with others, is discussed by Richard A. Kerr in Science, 10th August 2007, 317, 746-7: Humans and Nature Duel Over the Next Decade's Climate.

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