Dr Jason Monty

Fluid Mechanics Research
The University of Melbourne

Monty studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Manufacturing) at the University of Melbourne from 1996-1999. Through the inspirational teaching of the great Professors A. E. Perry and M. S. Chong, he continued on to a PhD in Fluid Mechanics at the University of Melbourne. His thesis entitled was completed in 2005.

Following his PhD, Monty was awarded an Australian PostDoctoral Fellowship by the Australian Research Council (ARC). The APD award entitled him to 4 years of 75% research into rough wall turbulence and 25% teaching (Undergraduate Aerodynamics). In 2008 Monty spent 6 months at New Mexico State University as a visiting researcher working on a collaboration with the late Dr James Allen. Monty returned to Melbourne and accepted a position as Lecturer in 2009.

In 2012, Monty was awarded a Future Fellowship by the ARC to work on high Reynolds number flows with polymer addition.

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