In this meeting of the AI Seminar Series, Toby Davies will present a practice run through of a talk he will give at ICAPS in June.

Title: Fragment-Based Planning Using Column Generation

Speaker: Toby Davies

When: Tuesday, 6th May 11 AM - 12 NOON

Where: Doug McDonnell-10.05

We introduce a novel algorithm for temporal planning in Golog using shared resources, and describe the Bulk Freight Rail Scheduling Problem, a motivating example of such a temporal domain. We use the framework of column generation to tackle complex resource constrained temporal planning problems that are beyond the scope of current planning technology by combining: the global view of a linear programming relaxation of the problem; the strength of search in finding action sequences; and the domain knowledge that can be encoded in a Golog program. Our approach significantly outperforms state-of-the-art temporal planning and constraint programming approaches in this domain, in addition to existing temporal Golog implementations.

Toby is a PhD student at The University of Melbourne and NICTA's Optimisation Research Group. His research is inspired by his industrial experience at Biarri (, solving scheduling problems for mining, and logistics companies. His theisis aims to develop agent-based models for planning and scheduling.