In this meeting of the AI Seminar Series, Michelle Blom will give a short talk on short-term scheduling in a open-pit mining supply chain.

Title:Short-Term Scheduling for a Network of Open-Pit Mines

Speaker:Dr. Michelle Blom

When: Tuesday, 13th May 11 AM - 12 NOON

Where: Doug McDonnell-10.05

We consider the short-term production scheduling problem for a network of multiple open-pit mines and ports. Ore produced at each mine is transported by rail to a set of ports and blended into signature products for shipping. Consistency in the grade and quality of production over time is critical for customer satisfaction, while the maximal production of blended products is required to maximise profit. In practice, short-term schedules are formed independently at each mine, tasked with achieving grade and quality targets outlined in a medium-term plan. However, due to uncertainty in the data available to a medium-term planner, and the dynamics of the mining environment, such targets may not be feasible in the short-term. We present a decomposition-based heuristic for this short-term scheduling problem in which the grade and quality goals assigned to each mine are collaboratively adapted -- ensuring the satisfaction of blending constraints at each port. This talk will involve minimal mathematical detail, and should be suitable for people without an OR background.

Michelle is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Melbourne, working on an ARC Linkage Project with Rio Tinto Iron Ore. Her research involves developing new algorithms and heuristics for scheduling operations in large open-pit mining supply chains.