In this meeting of the AI Seminar Series, Dr. Tim Miller will talk to us about common ground in teams!

Title: Common ground in teams

Speaker: Dr. Tim Miller

When: Tuesday, 15th April 11 AM - 12 NOON

Where: Doug McDonnell-10.05

In this talk, I will discuss: what it means for teams of individuals to share a common ground, why it is important when completing joint activities, and how we can define a computational model of it. The purpose of this work is to help design the next generation of autonomous systems, which will be required to work closely with humans. The talk is mostly philosophy, a bit of computer science, and a bit of logic. No prior knowledge about these topics is assumed, but you will learn something about each of them.

Tim Miller is an academic in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne. Tim received his PhD in 2005 from the University of Queensland. He spent four years at the University of Liverpool, UK, as a postdoctoral researcher associate in the Agent ART group. In 2008, he moved to Melbourne to take up his current post. Timís primary interests are in the areas of software engineering and intelligent systems.