Martin Gibbs

Research Supervisions

Suggested PhD Projects

I am currently seeking PhD students interested in Game Studies.

Currently available Masters and Honours Project (short thesis):

Other topics can be discussed.

Current PhD Students

Marcus Carter (Computing and Information Systems): Ruthless Play (with Michael Arnold)

Joanne Cannon (Department of Information Systems): Design Digitally Augmented Intruments for Improvised Musical Performances (With Steve Howard and Wally Smith)

Peter Francis (Department of Information Systems): Towards a Theory of Digital Assistive Technology Design for People with Autism (With Lucy Firth and Steve Howard) Alex Kan

Mitchell Harrop (Department of Information Systems): Unwritten multiplayer-online-game rules informing game creation. (with Christine Satchell)

Alexandr Kan (Computing and Information Systems): Using Narrative as a Design Element in Persausive Games (with Bernd Ploderer)

Joji Mori (Department of Information Systems): Digital Memorials for the Black Sunday Bushfires (with Steve Howard)

Current Honours Student

None in 2013

Completed Students

2012: Greg Wadley (PhD, Department of Information Systems): Voice in Virtual Worlds (with Steve Howard)

2011: Bernd Plodder (PhD, Department of Information Systems): Understanding Participation in Passion-Centric Social Network Sites (With Steve Howard and Peter Thomas).

2011: Gretchen Ennis (PhD, Charles Dawin University): Neighbourhood Networking: A Critical Social Work Approach to 'Creating Community' in a Culturally Diverse Setting (with Deborah West)

2010: Florian "Floyd" Mueller (Department of Information Systems): Designing Sport: Exertion Game (With Frank Vetere)

2010: Lei "Leo" Weihzen (PhD, Department of Information Systems): Digital Transitions: A Study of ICT Adoption by Rural-Urban Migrants in Bejing (with Heejin Lee and Shanton Chang)

2008: Jeffry Kadarusman (BIS Hons, The University of Melbourne): Factors Affecting a User's Intention to Mod: A Case Study in World of Warcraft

2006: Matthew Riddle (MA, Department of of History and Philosophy of Science): The Roles Actors Perform: Role-Play and Reality in a Higher Education Context

2005: Dr. Krishna Venkitachalam (PhD, Department of Information Systems): Relationship Between Organizations' Knowledge Strategy and the Role of Information Technology

2004: CJ Ruggles (BIS Hons, Bachelor of Information Systems): Player Generated Content for Computer Games

2003: Kevin Hew (BIS Hons, The University of Melbourne): Connecting Video Gamers Together: The Importance of Social Interaction in Online Console Video Games to Gamers

2002: Andrew Bertram (BIS Hons, The University of Melbourne): Groupware-supported Knowledge Management in a Court Setting

2002: Stephanie Ng (BIS Hons, The University of Melbourne): Using Information Technology to Sustain a Geographically Dispersed Community of Practice: A Case Study

2001: Kent Pilgrim (BIS Hons, The University of Melbourne): The Privatisation of a System of State-wide Importance: How an Election can Affect the Success of an IS Project

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