Current PhD Project Supervision

  1. C. M. Disanayake (MIRS & IBES Top-up Scholarships), co-supervisors: Prof R. Kotagiri, Prof B. Moran and A/Prof P. Farrell
    Project: Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict through an Engineering Approach

  2. P. Saeedian (APA & IBES Top-up Scholarships) co-supervisors: Prof B. Moran, Dr K. Tolhurst and Dr M. Rezaeian
    Project: Data Assimilation and Bushfire Modelling

Completed PhD Project Supervision

  1. Dr D. Delgoda, PhD, The University of Melbourne; thesis entitled: "An Integrated Optimization Approach for Operations of Irrigation Networks" [co-supervisors: Prof H. Malano and Dr K. Saleem] (completed 2015).
  2. Dr I. H. Wijesundera, PhD, The University of Melbourne; thesis entitled: "Estimation of mean first passage time (MFPT) in naturally biased inhomogeneous environments" [co-supervisors: Prof T. Nirmalathas and Dr T. Nanayakkara (King's College, University of London)] (completed 2015) * (Received "2016 Best Thesis Prize Nomination" Finalist).
  3. Dr C. D. Abeyratne, PhD, The University of Melbourne; thesis entitled: "Dielectric Spectroscopy of Biological Materials" [co-supervisors: A/Prof P. Farrell and Prof E. Skafidas] (completed 2013, graduated 2014).

Topics for New PhD Students

  1. Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning
  2. Public Health: Biological Effects of Radio Frequency and Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
  3. Prediction of Natural Disasters - Flood and Bushfire
  4. Radio Propagation Studies and Power Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
  5. Issues in Wireless Communication


Emerging Technologies and Innovation (Research Project)

  1. D. K. Abeyratne - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  2. Project: Applying Big Data Analytics For Motor Vehicle Collisions Predication In New York City

  3. S. Devarakonda - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  4. Project: Security and Privacy Issues in Internet of Things

  5. B. D. Gunarathne - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  6. Project: Visualization Analytics for Big Data: Building Violations in Chicago

  7. M. K. Walia - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  8. Project: Cloud Computing Security issues And Solutions: An Analysis

  9. A. Singh - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  10. Project: Review: Behavior Analysis using Social Media

  11. L. Pragada - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  12. Project: Virtual Reality Challenges and Analysis of Issues and System

  13. P. S. Mapatunage - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  14. Project: Review: Big Data in Economics

  15. K. Nanayakkara - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  16. Project: Location Optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

  17. G. K. Saini - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  18. Project: Cyber Security: A Review on The Cyber Security Issues and Solutions

  19. A. Zafar - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  20. Project: Performance Evaluation For AES and DES Algorithms

  21. D. Sapkota - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  22. Project: Review on Analysis of the Benefit Areas in Telecommunication Networks Using Big Data

  23. S. Madhushan - (completed 2017 Semester 2)
  24. Project: Big Data in Video and Image

  25. A. Singh - (completed 2017 Semester 1)
  26. Project: Comparative study on different types of Big Data Sets with Random Forest, Naïve Bayes and K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm

  27. G. S. Pathirana - (completed 2017 Semester 1)
  28. Project: Power of Green Space on global Air Quality

  29. B. N. B. Ekanayake - (completed 2017 Semester 1)
  30. Project: A Review on Security and Privacy Issues of Fog Computing

  31. C. Bashyal - (completed 2017 Semester 1)
  32. Project: Data Wrangling: Analysis of the Data Application areas and Algorithms used in different researches

  33. M. Talalaeva - (completed 2016 Semester 3 - Summer)
  34. Project: Security Issues of Big Data

  35. Manbir Singh - (completed 2016 Semester 3 - Summer)
  36. Project: Review of Data From 24 Publications (2007-2016) of Security and Privacy Issues of Big Data

  37. Kamalpreet Kaur - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  38. Project: Security Issues of Big Data in Could Computing

  39. C. S. Jayasekara - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  40. Project: Big Data Analysis to Select Appropriate Species for a Particular Area: Using a Dataset of Plant Species in Glenelg Shire, Australia

  41. S. Subhankayan - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  42. Project: Road Traffic Accident Evaluation: Association Rule and Clustering Algorithms for Big Data

  43. C. Wanigasooriaya - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  44. Project: Analyze Anticancer Drug Sensitivity of Lung Cancer Cell Lines Using Machine Learning Clustering Techniques

  45. K. Wickramasooriya - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  46. Project: Data Mining for Natural Disasters: Using Disaster Data Set in the USA

  47. A. Noor - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  48. Project: Traffic Psychology: Use of Computer Algorithms In Predictive Analysis of Behavioral Theories And Driver Behavior Questionnaire

  49. D. Abraham - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  50. Project: A Study on the Classification of Pedestrian Counting System using Data Mining Techniques for a Smart City like Melbourne

  51. T. S. Mohotti - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  52. Project: Global Temperature Changing with CO2 using Clustering Algorithm by Weka

  53. S. Shrestha - (completed 2016 Semester 2)
  54. Project: Human-Computer Interaction – Data security

  55. V. M. P. Vargas - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  56. Project: Pentaho and Jaspersoft: A Comparative Study of Business Intelligence Open Source Tools Processing Big Data and Measuring Their Performance by Computer Algebra Systems (CAS).

  57. H. A. Khan - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  58. Project: Computer Virus and Protection Methodologies using Lab Analysis.

  59. A. Gupta - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  60. Project: A Comparative Study of Classification Algorithms using Data Mining: Crime and Accidents in Denver City USA.

  61. M. L. Arachchige - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  62. Project: Comparative Analysis of Classification Techniques using German Credit Dataset: Credit Card Loan Approval.

  63. A. Jayasekera - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  64. Project: Open University Learning Analytics: Big Data Analysis with Data Mining Classification Algorithms.

  65. P. D. Bharatkumar - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  66. Project: Comparison of sequential frequent pattern mining algorithms.

  67. D. M. P. D. Jayathilaka - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  68. Project: A Comparative Study on the Relationship between Database Performance and the Results Count in Popular Database Management Systems.

  69. R. A. J. Sarangajith - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  70. Project: Data Mining Classification Algorithms on Bioinformatics And Medical Science: Classification Performance Analysis Using Kidney Disease Data.

  71. M. S. Dhanju - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  72. Project: An analysis of data from 24 publications (2007-2016) of security and privacy issues of big data.

  73. J. M. Kevitiyagala - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  74. Project: Design an Efficient Counter Fraud Mechanism to Eliminate Credit Card and Telecommunication Frauds.

  75. T. N. Hewage - (completed Semester 1)
  76. Project: An Analysis and Comparison Study: Big Data Techniques of Google, Amazon and Social Networks 2007-2015.

  77. S. Khalid - (completed Semester 1)
  78. Project: Big-Data and NoSQL Databases - “Big-Table” verses “DynamoDB” verses “Cassandra”.

  79. S. Munugala - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  80. Project: Content Analysis of Cloud Computing in Medical Field.

  81. G. K. Brar - (completed 2016 Semester 1)
  82. Project: Cloud computing data security.

  83. A. R. Singaiahgari - (completed 2015 Semester 2)
  84. Project: Managing Delivery of Tertiary Education in Australia Partnership Management in Australia Public and Private Universities.

  85. M. Kolla - (completed 2015 Semester 2)
  86. Project: E-Commerce Growth in Australia and the World.

  87. B. M. P. Dilshari - (completed 2015 Semester 2)
  88. Project: Research and Investigation of Crimes and Accidents Pattern Analysis in Denver City, the Capital of State Colorado in USA.

  89. D. S. Chaulagain - (completed 2015 Semester 2)
  90. Project: Energy Harvesting by Installation of Piezoelectric Floor on the Train Station Line Group.

  91. D. Sethupathi - (completed 2015 Semester 2)
  92. Project: Analyzing the Trends in Percentage of ICT Goods Export and Import of all the Countries in the Past Decade.

  93. K. Kumarasinghe - (completed 2015 Semester 2)
  94. Project: Immigrants to Australia.


ELEN90067 Electrical Engineering Capstone Project

  1. J. Fan, H. Lu and Y. Lan, Co-supervisor: Prof. T. Nirmalathas - (completed 2011)
  2. Project: All-in-one e-Health Smart phone Monitor.

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