Note: These are just my personal notes-to-self. Nothing here should be taken as a recommendation or criticism of any journal or conference. All figures are either approximations or snapshots at some point in time; these are not guaranteed to be kept current.

Please send feedback or updates to   lachlan.andrew AT monash edu  . I'm interested in hearing other people's rankings or experience with the review process, or other journals not listed here.

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[1]Wireless journals
[2]Computer Science journals
The following journals publish papers in one or more areas that I'm intersted in.
Journal Comments Turnaround Page limit Acceptance rate ISI impact factor
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking Premium[2] 1yr(rev) 3yr(press) 12 + 2($200) Selective 2.8
Elsevier Computer Networks Formerly "and ISDN systems". Premium[2] Targets 3mth review None specified 0.98
Computer Communications Review ACM. Doesn't retain copyright 8wk(review) 5mths(press) 10 0.533
Computer Communications Elsevier 0.56
Telecommunications Systems Springer. Reputable[2]
The Journal of Communications and Networks 6($90) + ?($150)
Journal of High Speed Networks
IEEE Network Surveys 15-25% 2.8
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1.5yr(rev) 2yr(press) >20 2.2
Journal of the ACM Generalist years Very selective 2.2
Proceedings of the IEEE Generalist. Leading[2] years Very selective 3.9
Operations Research Premium[2] Very selective
IEEE Transactions on Communications Premium[2] 6m(rev) 20m(press) 20 double spaced (26 lines/page).
Letters: 7 double spaced
33% 1.5
IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication Premium[2] 6m(rev) 20m(press) 2.7
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology 8 + n($260) 2.1
Queueing Systems Leading[2]
ACM Computing Surveys Review Leading[2] years Selective
IEE Proceedings -- Communications Reputable[2] 0.27
IEICE Transactions on Communications Reputable[2] 0.35
International Journal of Communication Systems Wiley
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 1yr(rev) 2-3yr(press) 20 double spaced 1.4
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing Not phyiscal layer 14+4($200) double-column 3.0
ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review Reputable[2]
IEEE Wireless Communications 2.6
ACM/Springer Wireless Networks Leading[2] 22 double spaced 1.0
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 8 0.86
Wiley Interscience Journal of Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing (WCMC) 0.54
International Journal of Wireless Information Networks Reputable[2]
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 12+1($125)
(32 double-spaced, 1 column)
Automatica 1.7
Springer Mathematics of Control Signals and Systems 0.56
IEE Proceedings -- Control Theory and Applications 0.63
IEEE Communications Magazine Surveys 1.9
IEEE Communications Letters 3
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 0.6
Wiley International Journal of Communications Systems 0.23
Interperiodica Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics Russian... 0.26
Signal Processing
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 1.8
Elsevier Signal Processing 0.69
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 0.61
Eurasip Journal of Applied Signal Processing 0.39
Bell Labs Technical Journal 0.33
BT Technology Journal Other[2] 0.38
IEE Electronics Letters 1.5 1.0