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Name :Leigh Andrea Johnston
Occupation :Research Fellow in Statistical Signal Processing
Address : ARC Special Research Centre for Ultra-Broadband Information Networks
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia
Phone :+61 3 8344 4962
Fax :+61 3 8344 6678
Email : l.johnston@ee.unimelb.edu.au

Curriculum Vitae

  • Download a copy of my resume in ps format.
  • Download a copy of my resume in pdf format.

  • PhD Thesis - "Iterative Algorithms for Estimation of Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamical System", 2000

  • Download a copy of my thesis in pdf format.

  • Publications List

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  • Disc Golf at Melbourne University

    Disc golf is a relaxing pastime, a subtle and delicate mixture of the social and the skillful. Below is a map of the Melbourne University Disc Golf Course, developed by Matthew Klugman, Sean Whiting, Lachlan McDowall, and Leigh Johnston.

    An important link for disc golfers is the weather page:
  • Melbourne Metropolitan Weather Forecast

  • If interested, there are other more traditional (in a park) disc golf courses and frisbee sports in Melbourne:
  • Victorian Flying Disc Association

  • Disc Golf Course

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