MU-Prolog implementation

MU-Prolog was implemented in the early 1980's. Its an interpreter written in C and was ported to many UNIX systems over the years. It is now more or less oblolete but may be of historical interest. It ran at about 1.5K LIPS on a VAX (remember them?), compared to about 2K LIPS for CProlog, which used similar implementation technology - a structure sharing interpreter.

In its day it was quite an innovative system.

It was used as a vehicle for experimenting with many aspects of language design, implementation, program transformation, deductive databases and debugging. After the invention of the Warren Abstract Machine the time was right to move on. Development of MU-Prolog was stopped in the mid 1980's when NU-Prolog, a compiled Prolog system, was designed and implemented.

The most complete reference for MU-Prolog is my thesis:

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