I have taught a range of subjects over the years at a number of different universities. These include:

  • postgraduate subjects in information theory (University of Melbourne 2002) and statistical signal processing (University of Melbourne 2003);
  • senior undergraduate subjects on communications theory (University of Melbourne 1996-1997, University of Sydney 2000-2001), probability and random processes (University of California, Berkeley 1999), digital systems (University of Melbourne 2001) and wireless communications (University of Melbourne 2006); and
  • junior undergraduate subjects on electrical circuits (University of Sydney 1999-2000, Monash University 2012-2014), digital systems (University of Melbourne 2002-2006), signals and systems (University of Melbourne 2005), engineering analysis (University of Melbourne 2007), and engineering systems design (University of Melbourne 2008-2011).

I enjoy teaching, especially conveying to students the immense joy associated with supporting the North Melbourne Kangaroos. I dislike the fact that students repeating my subject have already heard all of my jokes. Some of my worst last-lecture performances can be found here, here and here.

Author: Jamie Evans
Last Updated: February 19, 2016

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