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The following articles are from Prof. Jonathan Manton Blog.

Why does Compactness ensure a Bijective Map is a Homeomorphism?

Countable Intersections and Unions of Sets: A Discussion on an Example in Williams “Probability with Martingales”

How the Jacobian can Detect Cusps and Self-intersections

Long versus Short Proofs

Measure-theoretic Formulation of the Likelihood Function

Advances in Mathematics

“Most Likely” is an All or Nothing Proposition

Background Information for Continuous-time Filtering and Estimation on Manifolds

Optimisation Geometry

Introduction to the Grassmann Algebra and Exterior Products

Differentiating Matrix Expressions The Easy Way, and an Elementary yet Genuine use for the Tensor Product

Optimisation on Manifolds — Lifting Iterative Algorithms from Euclidean Space to Manifolds

Collaborative Paper Writing using Git and Drop Box / Google Drive

Sets of Measure Zero in Probability

When is Independence not Independence?

Tensors and Matrices

The Tensor Product

On Learning and Teaching Mathematics: Nothing is Elementary, and the Importance of Intuition

Introduction to the Legendre Transform

Compiling avr-gcc toolchain from scratch

Information Geometry – Coordinate Independence (Lecture 6)

Information Geometry – Using the Fisher Information Matrix to Define an Inner Product (Lecture 5)

Information Geometry – Fisher Information Matrix (Lecture 4)

Information Geometry – Affine Geometry (Lecture 3)

Coordinate-independent Approach to Differentiation

Information Geometry – An Affine Geometry of Exponential Families (Lecture 2)

Measure-theoretic Probability: Still not convinced?

Information Geometry – Summary of Lecture 1

The Role of Estimates, Estimation Theory and Statistical Inference – Is it what we think it is?

Are your research aims the right aims?

One is a boy born on a Tuesday…

Comments on James-Stein Estimation Theory

Measure-theoretic Probability: Why it should be learnt and how to get started

The Two Cultures