WSDM Cup 2019: Team Reports

Competition Overview

Winning Team Reports

Fake News Classification Challenge

Transferring, Transforming, Ensembling: The Novel Formula of Identifying Fake News
Lam Pham

Trust or Suspect? An Empirical Ensemble Framework for Fake News Classification
Shuaipeng Liu, Shuo Liu and Lei Ren

Fake News Detection as Natural Language Inference
Kai-Chou Yang, Timothy Niven and Hung-Yu Kao

Sequential Skip Prediction Challenge

Session-based Sequential Skip Prediction via Recurrent Neural Networks
Lin Zhu and Yihong Chen

Modelling Sequential Music Track Skips Using a Multi-RNN Approach
Christian Hansen, Casper Hansen, Stephen Alstrup, Jakob Grue Simonsen and Christina Lioma

Sequential Skip Prediction with Few-Shot in Streamed Music Contents
Sungkyun Chang, Seungjin Lee and Kyogu Lee

Retention Rate of Baidu Hao Kan APP Users Challenge

An Effective Classification Method with RNN and Grand Boosting for Retention Rate of Baidu Hao Kan APP Challenge
Bo Wang, Weilong Chen and Ailin Sheng

Team report unavailable
Zhipeng Luo, Jianqiang Huang and Mingjian Chen

A Hybrid Approach for Users Retention Rate Prediction
Haocheng Xu, Siyi Liu and Jiaxin Wu

Intelligent Flight Schedules Challenge

A Two-Stage Algorithm on Intelligent Flight Schedules Adjusting
Jiabin Feng

Re-schedule Flights after Disruption by Simple Approach Based on Column Generation Heuristic
Min Yang

The Intelligent Decision of Flights Adjusting Rule-based Flight Scheduling Optimisation
Sichen Zhao, Wei Shao and Haitao Zhu

Other Accepted Reports

Sequential Skip Prediction Challenge

Sequential Modeling of Sessions Using Recurrent Neural Networks for Skip Prediction
Sainath Adapa (Invited poster presentation)

Skip Prediction Using Boosting Trees Based on Acoustic Features of Tracks in Sessions
Andres Ferraro, Dmitry Bogdanov and Xavier Serra (Invited poster presentation)

Predicting Sequential User Behaviour with Session-Based Recurrent Neural Networks
Olivier Jeunen and Bart Goethals (Invited poster presentation)

Sequential Skip Prediction Using Deep Learning and Ensembles
Ferenc Beres, Domokos Miklos Kelen and Andras A. Benczur

Preliminary Investigation of Spotify Sequential Skip Prediction Challenge
Charles Tremlett

Utilizing Attention Mechanism for Sequential Skip Prediction
Zhaoyue Cheng and Maksims Volkovs