Jianzhong Qi

Senior Lecturer
School of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne


E-mail: [my first name] dot [my last name]@unimelb.edu.au
Address: Level 3, Room 3325, Melbourne Connect (Building 290), The University of Melbourne, 700 Swanston Street, Parkville, VIC 3010

General Information

Selected Papers and Source Code (full paper list)

  1. Jianzhong Qi, Zuqing Li, and Egemen Tanin. MaaSDB: Spatial Databases in the Era of Large Language Models. SIGSPATIAL, 2023.

  2. Jianzhong Qi, Zhuowei Zhao, Egemen Tanin, Tingru Cui, Neema Nassir, and Majid Sarvi. A Graph and Attentive Multi-Path Convolutional Network for Traffic Prediction. TKDE, 35(7): 6548-6560, 2023. (source code)

  3. Xinyu Su, Jianzhong Qi, Egemen Tanin, Yanchuan Chang, and Majid Sarvi. Spatial-temporal Forecasting for Regions without Observations. EDBT, accepted to appear in 2024.

  4. Rui Zhang, Yixin Su, Bayu Distiawan Trisedya, Xiaoyan Zhao, Min Yang, Hong Cheng, and Jianzhong Qi. AutoAlign: Fully Automatic and Effective Knowledge Graph Alignment enabled by Large Language Models. TKDE, accepted to appear in 2024.

  5. Guanli Liu, Jianzhong Qi, Christian S. Jensen, James Bailey, and Lars Kulik. Efficiently Learning Spatial Indices. ICDE, 1572-1584, 2023. (source code)

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