Melbourne School of Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Papers on University Engineering Education

Journal Papers

  1. I.M.Y. Mareels, S. Naidu, M. Norfolk, The Virtual Learning Space: Web-based Delivery of Electrical Engineering, Int. J. Cont. Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning, Vol. 11, Nos. 1/2, 2001   2, special issue on the theme  “Internet based learning and the future of  education” .

Conference Papers

  1. M. Norfolk, S. Naidu, I.M.Y. Mareels, Web based delivery of electrical engineering: challenges faced and outcomes,  The 5th Australian World Wide Web Conference, Ballina, NSW, April 1999, pp 595-608 (ISBN 1 86384 4554), 
  2. M. Norfolk, C. Burton, Iven Mareels, R. Barnett, Using the www for teaching and assessment of electrical engineering, 8th International www conference, Toronto, Canada, May 11-14, 1999. 


  1. Rob Evans, Iven Mareels, Five Years to Complete a Basic Engineering Education, ATSE Focus, Number 141, June 2006, pp 13-14