Melbourne School of Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Miscellaneous, Non-refereed Papers and Consulting Reports

  1. G. Thoms, X. Wang, N. O’Kello, R. Evans, I. Mareels, Situation Awareness, Final report for RLM, April 2004, (166 pages)
  2. G. Thoms, X. Wang, N. O’Kello, R. Evans, I. Mareels, Situation Awareness Phase II, Final report prepared for RLM, Feb 2003, (114 pages)
  3. Iven Mareels, Shape and geometry calibration of gate mechanisms, Rubicon Systems Pty Ltd, April 2002 (5 pages).
  4. Active Networking Rationale and Overview, by Stephen Hanly, Iven Mareels, David Prior, with acknowledged input from David Hayes, Chris Leckie, Lang White, Commissioned by RLM, Pty, Ltd. Neill Smith, 28 November 2001
  5. Iven Mareels, Erik Weyer, Rubicon Systems Pty Ltd, Control of fluid flow in irrigation canals, Dec 2000.
  6. E. Lim, I.M.Y. Mareels, Acoustic monitoring of helicopter gearboxes under variable load conditions for preventive maintenance, Report for Defence Science and Technology Organisation, June 1998. 
  7. Iven Mareels, Transformers made simple, Australian Government Solicitors, March 1998. 
  8. Iven Mareels, R. Evans, Adaptive and Learning Systems, Annual Conference of the Australian Science Teachers' Association, invited Theme Speech, June 29- July 4, 1997, Melbourne, Australia. 
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