Proceedings of the Ninth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents


Vortices and unsteady flow in turbulent separation bubbles, M Kiya
A description of eddying motions and turbulence, AE Perry
Ideal elastic liquids and their importance in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, David V Boger
Co-current and counter-current two phase annular flow, GF Hewitt
Surface wave interactions, MS Longuet-Higgins
Synthesis of two- and three-dimensional separation bubbles, MS Chong & AE Perry
Measurement of instantaneous velocities in separated flow around a bluff body using laser Doppler anemometry, LW Welch, C Carra & K Hourigan
Under the reattaching shear layer, WH Melbourne & PJ Saathoff
Why is it that entrainment is not related to internal wave energy, CJ Lemckert & Ian SF Jones
Waves due to vehicles on floating ice sheets, RJ Hosking & AD Sneyd
Time series synthesis for wave simulation, CD Christian
Tri-axle tipper trucks – some new and simple devices as aerodynamic means of saving fuel – road and tunnel tests, S Watkins, JW Saunders & K Gibson
Some experiences of environmental wind tunnel testing of buildings to comply with city planning regulations, P Carpenter, PD Cenek & NJ Jamieson
Computer modeling of turbulent wind flows over buildings, D Paterson & CJ Apelt
Depth of fluidized zones in two dimensional packed beds with lateral injection of gas, PH Flint & JM Burgess
Sedimentation in the presence of upward currents, G Eitelberg & RK Clarke
A new use for wood pulp fibre suspensions as a transporting medium, MRW Walmsley & GG Duffy
Conditions for the coalescing of two-dimensional vortices, obtained from experiments with rotating flows, RW Griffiths
Convection and mixing in replenished magma chambers, JS Turner
Laminar fluid convection of varying Prandtl number in the annuli of rotating cylinders, TS Lee
Computation of velocity field in the vicinity of a helicopter, KR Reddy
Flow past a two-dimensional battened sail, Barry G Newman & Bruno Ugolini
A visual study vortex ring/wall interaction, TT Lim
Head losses in pipe fittings with stepped contractions and expansions, CR Dudgeon & JE Hills
Flow of viscoelastic liquid through circular annulus, P Sambasiva Rao & MV Ramanamurthy
Modelling of the decay of kinetic energy and temperature in isotropic turbulence, M Lesieur, C Montmory & JP Chollet
Temperature variance and kinetic energy budgets in the near-wall region of a turbulent boundary layer, LV Krishnamoorthy & RA Antonia
Simulation of swirling diffuser flow using k-E and algebraic Reynolds stress turbulence models, SW Armfield & CAJ Fletcher
Starting processes of a supersonic jet issuing from a circular tube, John P Baird, Duncan Campbell-Wilson & Sudhir Gai
Flow measurements in a high pressure ratio thrust augmenting ejector, SA Fisher & AM Abdel-Fattah
Momentum transfer in multi-jet liquid-gas ejectors, VR Radhakrishnan, D Sen Chaudhury & AK Mitra
Quasilinear unsaturated soil-water movement: Scattering analogue, infiltration and watertightness of cavities and tunnels, JR Philip
Tidal influence upon flow in rivers, JE Ball & FM Henderson
A study of the undular jump profile, JS Montes
An experimental facility for determining the aerodynamic performance of model helicopter rotors, N Matheson
Status report on new wind tunnels for the Australian Defence Department, N Pollock
An experimental study of hydrodynamic tilting thrust bearings, AK Tieu & S Reid
Sound generated by separated flows around bluff bodies, AN Stokes, MC Welsh & K Hourigan
The flow through a row of flat plates and the sound generated, Tatsuya Matsui & Muneshige Okude
Acoustic comparison of welding- and cutting-torch jets/flames, SL Hall
Nonlinear water waves generated by a moving pressure band, WK Soh
The fourth order evolution equation for deep water waves, SJ Hogan
Estimate of the angular distribution of ocean surface waves by means of microseism spectra, AC Kibblewhite & CY Wu
Some measurements of roof-top atmospheric turbulence, SC Kot & KS Lam
Wind loads on a lighting tower, LW Apperley & KCS Kwok
Wind protection in the vicinity of right angle wind break corners, PJ Richards
Two phase pressure drop in an inclined pipe, V Ilic
An experimental examination of the effect of inlet liquid distribution on gas/liquid annular flow in an annulus, DRH Beattie & KR Lawther
Application of wellbore simulators to management problems for a geothermal field – Case studies, Teklu Hadgu & DH Freeston
Laboratory experiments on convection in a rotating rectangular cavity, SA Condie & GN Ivey
Instability of laminar boundary layer in an axialy rotating pipe, K Nishibori, K Kikuyama & M Murakam
Flow in a rotating sliced cylinder: A comparison of laboratory and models, A Becker
The mixing efficiency and decay of grid-generated turbulence in stably-stratified fluids, James W Rottman & RE Britter
Some hydrodynamic aspects of flows with unusual turbulence characteristics, DRH Beattie
High Reynolds number heat transfer to the cold walls of a model scramjet, A Paull, MA Morris, RG Morgan & RJ Stalker
Scales and burning rates in premixed turbulent flames, KNC Bray
Using a simulation by ‘cellular automata’ as a help for turbulent combustion modeling, R Borghi & R Said
Two-phase annular jet flow, Y Hardalupas, AMKP Taylor & JH Whitelaw
Investigation of a flow generated by control tabs in a rocket nozzle exhaust, CM Gourlay, JM Simmons & RF Meyer
Separation of viscous jets using boundary element methods, RI Tanner
Flashing flow in submerged orifice, Hisham TA El Dessouky
Horseshoe vortices and bridge pier erosion, BR Morton & JL Evans-Lopez
Scouring at channel confluences, AJ Sutherland
Stream bed armouring, BW Melville & CO Chin
Wake singularity potential flow models of two-dimensional separated flows, GV Parkinson
Experimental and numerical determination of heat transfer from a bluff body in separated flow, PI Cooper, K Hourigan, GJ Flood & MC Thompson
Flow separation – problems and possibilities, IS Gartshore & N Djilali
Research and development needs in coastal engineering, Richard Silvester
Energy flux of continental shelf waves, FA Shillington & GB Brundrit
Spectral characteristics of ocean waves undergoing generation in New Zealand waters, KC Evans & AC Kibblewhite
An investigation of flow distributions in perforated pipes, Ibrahim Tas & Raymond AA Bryang
Flow in grooved channels, JJJ Chen, YC Leung & NWM Ko
Numerical simulation of turbulent flow in a concentric annulus, PG Holland & CAJ Fletcher
The nature of winds approaching and passing over shelter systems, AJG Papesch
Wind loading on porous cladding, JCK Cheung & WH Melbourne
Wind loads on isolated circular storage bins, silos and tanks: Point pressure measurement, PA MacDonald, KCS Kwok & JD Holmes
Stability of liquid coating in the jet stripping process, CV Tu and the late CH Ellen
High local energy dissipation rates in fine-clearance equipment, JT Davies
Modelling of gas-liquid hyrdrodynamics through packed beds, R Salim Abbas & V Govardhana Rao
Experiments in the entrainment phase of sense gas dispersion, B Seeto & AJ Bowen
Free convection heat transfer in an inclined open thermosyphon, M Behnia, GL Morrison & S Paramasivam
Mixing in a semicontinuous flow system, T Wood
Flow modulation in turbulent vortex chambers, PCW Frith & RK Duggins
The influence of a favourable pressure gradient on the growth of a turbulent spot, R Sankaran, AJ Chambers & RA Antonia
Influence of wall suction on coherent structures in a turbulent boundary layer, RA Antonia, LV Krishnamoorthy, L Fulachier, F Anselmet & R Benabid
Air entrainment at spillway aerators, P Rutschmann, P Volkart & IR Wood
Analytical and experimental study of flow characteristics in open channels of compound cross-section, RJ Keller & WT Wong
An equation for predicting bedload transport in steep mountain step-pool stream, JG Whittaker
A full simulation of a vortex ring, SK Stanaway, BJ Cantwell & PR Spalart
Visualisation of vortex flows around wings with highly-swept leading-edges, DH Thompson
Vortex shedding from a segmented blunt trailing edge aerofoil in subsonic flow, SL Gai & SD Sharma
Comparison of on-road and wind-tunnel tests for rigid truck aerodynamic devices, S Watkins, PH Hoffman & JW Saunders
Wind tunnel simulation of changes in the atmospheric boundary layer from rural to urban terrain, DC Stevenson & WL Lee
Pressure and drag on surface-mounted rectangular plates and walls, JD Holmes
Single bubbles and drops, simple derivation of slug velocity and formulation of a general velocity equation, IH Lehrer
An initial study of air bubble formation from an orifice swept by transverse liquid flow, SH Marshall, MW Chudacek &DF Bagster
Frictional pressure drop for gas-liquid flow in horizontal pipelines, H Muller-Steinhagen
A numerical investigation of stagnation flow, JG Bain & CAJ Fletcher
Numerical solution for the flow of viscoelastic fluids around an inclined circular cylinder, K Chiba & A Horikawa
Oblique shock reflection by the characteristic Galerkin method, CAJ Fletcher & KW Morton
The phase and time dependence of the wake of a wind turbine, PD Clausen & DH Wood
Propeller wind turbine rotor design and testing, DH Cox, RJ Sanderson, LT Khoo & RD Archer
Effect of incidence angle on wake characteristics of high deflection turbine rotor linear cascade, N Sitaram & M Goverdhan
Turbulent wind structure above very rugged terrain, EF Bradley, PA Coppin & PC Katen
Upstream influence and separation in flow past obstacles on a beta-plane, MA Page & ER Johnson
The hydraulics of stratified flow over topography, Peter G Baines
The roles of baroclinic and barotropic instability during cyclogenesis and atmospheric blocking, JS Frederiksen & CS Frederiksen
The numerical modeling of natural convection in vertical slots, GD Mallinson
Detection of structures in turbulent shear flows, LWB Browne, DK Bisset & RA Antonia
Lagrangian statistical simulation of turbulent dispersion in the convective boundary layers, BL Sawford & FM Guest
The difficulties in the measurements of Reynolds stresses in smooth- and in rough-wall turbulent boundary layers, JD Li, SM Henbest & AE Perry
Reynolds number dependence of a turbulent duct flow, DA Shah, LWB Browne & RA Antonia
Integral length scales in an atmospheric boundary-layer near the ground, RGJ Flay & DC Stevenson
Aerodynamic improvements to car radiator performance using a wind tunnel facility, TG Hird, PW Johnson & B Pitt
Wind tunnel contraction design, Jonathan H Watmuff
Effect of edge configuration on wind-induced response of tall building, KCS Kwok, BG Wilkie & PA Wilhelm
Two stage thrust ejections – subsonic flow solution, AM Abdel-Fattah
An axisymmetric jet in a moving fluid, M Knudsen & IR Wood
Influence of confinement geometry on mixing characteristics of co-axial swirling jets, DP Agrawal, SN Singh, RC Malhotra & AK Raghava
Calculation of strongly swirling jet flows, JS Truelove & T Mahmud
Three dimensional separated flow over the surface of a bluff body, LW Welch, K Hourigan, GJ Flood & MC Welch
Turbulent flow around wall mounted prisms, WH Schofield & E Logan
Flow induced acoustic resonances for a bluff body in a duct: A numerical study, K Hourigan, AN Stokes, MC Thompson & MC Welsh
Unsteady selective withdrawal from a line sink, SG Monismith, J Imberger & G Billi
A comparison of numerical schemes used in river morphology problems, RN Croad
Flow resistance in open channels with standardized triangular roughness elements, CRS Pilai & TK Datta
A thick viscous sublayer test facility, LWB Browne, WK Chan & RA Antonia
Structural similarity of turbulence in fully developed pipe flow, JCS Lai & KJ Bullock
Organized structures in a supersonic, turbulent boundary layer, EF Spina & AJ Smits
The dynamic response of pressure-measurement systems, JD Holmes & RE Lewis
A time internal sampling method for the removal of velocity bias in LDV measurements in turbulent flows, WH Harch & SC Favaloro
The use of advanced laser diagnostics for the study of turbulent reacting flows, RW Bilger
Model studies for improving sewage pump sump operation, SN Tay, HK Lim, CK Lee, CT Khoo & TL Seetho
Parabolic quadratic weir, K Keshava Murthy & Damodaran Namboodiripad
Oxygen uptake in sewerage pipeline, AJ McNulty
Further investigations of the aerodynamics of floatation ovens, MJ Davies & DH Wood
Atmospheric dispersions of tomago aluminum refinery effluents, RD Barnes & RD Watkins
The evolution of atmophericturbulence over a two dimensional ridge, PA Coppin, EF Bradley & PC Katen
Flows in IC engine manifolds during transient operation, BE Milton
Shear rate dependent viscosity of fluidized bed, Longin Przybylski
Thickness variation of a thin film under the influence of external forces, CV Tu & WYD Yuen
The effect of cylindrical boundaries for spheres falling in fluids having a yield stress, DD Atapattu, RP Chhabra, C Tiu & PHT Uhlherr
Flow interaction in a meander channel with one-sided flood pain, SK Kar & AK Das
Model pump sump testing, Louis A Darvas & Ray Abe
A note on the fluid memory effects and non linearities involved in oscillatory ship model manoeuvring experiments, MR Renilson
Nonlinear dynamics of inviscid shear layers, RA Jacobs & DI Pullin
Wave force on compound cylinder, MH Abdul Khader & SP Rai
The response of a laminar shear layer on a flat plate to transverse surface vibrations,
J Soria & MP Norton
Numerical investigation of axisymmetric vortex breakdown, JM Lopez
Mean and fluctuating velocity in a low Reynolds number boundary layer, PV Lanspeary
Effect of inlet circulation on the performance of circular arc centre line curved diffusers, RN Sarma, BD Vyas & US Powle
The studies on the correction coefficients in the entrance region for the laminar and turbulent radial diffusive flow between two parallel disks, Wang Zhiqing &Shang Erhbing
Expansions and matrix expressions of 3-D compressible turbulent flow equations in non-orthogonal curvilinear coordinates and the method of numerical calculation,
Wang Zhong-qi, Feng Guo-tai & Kang Shun