Proceedings of the Eighth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference  

Table of Contents

Keynote Addresses
Atmospheric modeling, JL Lumley
The prediction of industry combustion flows, FC Lockwood
Tidal jet frontogenesis, J Imberger
Fundamental processes of gas filtration, R Clift
Complex-three dimensional turbulent flows, P Bradshaw
Some features of the latest decade of experimental research on turbulence, S Corrsin
Non-simple pipe flows, KR Sreenivasan
Waves in physiological flows, TJ Pedley
Computer-extended series – Can we tame them?, M Van Dyke

Atmospheric Turbulence
Pressure covariance terms in the heat and moisture flux equations for local advection, A.R.G. Lang & EF Bradley
Measurements of scalar transport in a model plant canopy, PA Coppin & MR Raupach
Turbulent heat and mass transport in flexible plant canopies, JJ Finnigan
Full scale measurements of velocity, Reynolds stress, spectra and cospectra upwind and at the crest of a large hill in complex terrain, DC Stevenson & D Neal

Industrial Aerodynamics I  
Recirculating gas flow in the blast furnace raceway zone, IJ Taggart , WV Pinczewski, MJ McCarthy & JM Burgess
The influence of nozzle geometry on the development of a three-jet isothermal flow field, JH Perry & GE Pleasance
Aerodynamic studies on jets issuing from swirled double-concentric nozzles with divergent exits, T Mahmud, TF Wall & TS Truelove
Three-dimensional numerical gas flow modeling of boiler furnaces, RK Boyd & JH Kent

Numerical Fluid Dynamics I  
Application of the Dorodnitsyn boundary layer formulation to turbulent compressible flow, RW Fleet & CAJ Fletcher
Computational investigation of turbulent trailing edge flows, K Srinivas & CAJ Fletcher
Numerical simulation of flow in ramjet combustor geometries, W Harch
A Taylor series method for numerical fluid mechanics, JD Fenton

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I  
The effect of viscosity differences on the dynamics of convective mixing processes, JS Turner
Experiments on convection near the temperature of maximum density and their application, GN Ivey

Experimental Techniques I
A facility for wave riding research, PD Killen & RJ Stalker
Performance and economics of pressurized and atmospheric low speed wind tunnels, N Matheson

Industrial Aerodynamics II  
An air separator, EP Giddens
An analysis of jet stripping of molten metallic coatings, CH Ellen & CV Tu

Dispersion I  
Further results on the dispersion of solute from a time-dependent source, NG Barton
On modeling the probability density function of concentration in turbulent shear flows, R Kowe & PC Chatwin
Some experimental and theoretical results for the dispersion from a continuous source of pollutant, AJ McNulty & IR Wood
A Lagrangian statistical model of turbulent concentration fluctuations, BL Sawford

Industrial Aerodynamics III
Gas holdup in simple multiphase process vessels, IH Lehrer
Compartmental modeling for flocculation in stirred tanks, PTL Koh, JRC Andrews & PHT Uhlherr
Erosion studies and scale effects due to the impingement of cavitation induced water jets, KS Janakiram &BC Syamala Rao
Similarities between two-phase flows of model and full-size horizontal pipelines, Zhou Shichang

Industrial Aerodynamics III  
The modification of flow resistance in a packed bed, DF Bagster & HH Nguyen
A device for mixing hot and cold air streams in square ducts, JA Reizes
Aspect ratio effects in floatation systems, MJ Davies & DH Wood
Investigations into secondary losses of a turbine nozzle cascade, M Govardhan, N Venkatrayulu & D Prithvi Raj

The open boundary problem for wind-driven circulations, L Bode & RJ Sobey
The effects of friction on currents over shallow continental shelves, E Wolanski
Winter wind driven flow in Bass Strait, ISF Jones
The structure and dynamics of oceanic transient thermoclines, JW Hill

Bluff Bodies I / Separated Flows  
Characteristics of the flow separation due to an orifice plate in fully-developed turbulent pipe-flow, MK Bull & NG Agarwal
The effects of streamline curvature on the reattaching turbulent flow over a backward-facing step, S Honami & I Nakajo
Vortex formation behind stalled bodies, AE Perry & TR Steiner
Rotating cylinders in uniform streams, BR Morton

Applications I  
Performance of a Darrieus water turbine at various solidities, DJ Hilton
A new vortex triode for proportional control, RK Duggins & SM Rooney
Prototype model tests of a high speed wheeled amphibious vehicle, KV Alexander
Response of a two-compartment containment vessel to a pressure vessel blowdown, J Marshall

Hydraulics I  
Mathematical modeling of lag effects in bed load transport, BC Phillips & AJ Sutherland
Shallow flow over curved beds, NS Sivakumaran & RJ Hosking
The free overfall in a trapezoidal channel, RJ Keller & SS Fong

Numerical Fluid Dynamics II  
Numerical models for flow separation, WK Soh
The calculation of transitional boundary layers by a two-equation turbulent model, E Arad, M Israeli & M Wolfshtein
Fundamental considerations in computational fluid mechanics, G Tong

Applications II  
Mass transfer of oxygen to a burning particle in a fluidized bed, RD La Nauze & K Jung
An experimental investigation of direct contact latent heat transfer between two immiscible liquids, P Battya, VR Raghavan & KN Seetharamu
Computation of mixed flows in pipe networks, I Joliffe

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II  
On the role of small-scale breaking waves in air-sea interaction and oceanic remote sensing, ML Banner
Wave induced water particle motion, BB Sharp, MH Abdul Khader & H Ullah
Field measurement of shallow lake circulation, IH Fisher

Experimental Techniques II  
Survey and recent developments of frequency, P Paranthoen, JC Lecordier, C Petit & P Gajan
Numerical simulation of hot-wire behaviour in the viscous sublayer, JF Milthorpe & DH Wood
Wall proximity corrections for hot wire readings, GJ Walker
Wall effect on a hot wire in a turbulent boundary layer, LV Krishnamoorthy, DH Wood

Autorotation for survival in a disabled fixed wing light aircraft, RD Archer
Some new applications of linearized airfoil theory, GV Parkinson & GD Watt
Vorticity in the wake of a helicopter rotor in forward flight, KR Reddy
Rank deficiency in the surface-singularity method for potential-flow problems, LJ Doctors & DW Kelly

Stability and Transition I
Qualitative investigation on Goertler vortices, SH Winoto
The stability of two-dimensional linear flow, RR Lagnado
Stability of fully developed turbulent channel flow, VV Satyamuthry & N Afzal
Boundary layer transition on an axisymmetric body at incidence in subsonic flow, ML Robinson

Dispersion II
The incorporation of wind shear effects into box models of heavy gas dispersion, PC Chatwin
Buoyant plume rise: Comparison between prototype and a wind tunnel model, AJ Cambers
Physical modeling of the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants in a wind tunnel, KCS Kwok
Bulk oxygen transfer velocity into natural water surfaces, M Sivakumar

Experimental Techniques III
Selecting gas borne particulates for model testing, MR Davis
Seeding problems in flames and swirling flows, with implications for LDA bias, SH Stårner
A facility for the study of nonequilibrium chemistry in an isothermal turbulent flow, NR Mudford & RW Bilger
A study of degenerate and non-degenerate critical points, AE Perry

Turbulent Mixing I / Bubbly Flows I
Mixing time prediction, IH Lehrer
On the shape-change and the shape-at-departure of bubbles growing at a wall, TT Chandratilleke
Chemical reaction in turbulent flow systems, T Wood

Numerical Fluid Dynamics III
Finite element study of some flow problems with thermally induced buoyancy, BP Huynh & RI Tanner
Computer generated flow-nets, LT Isaacs
Bubble growth by marker and cell technique, H Zughbi, WV Pinczewski & CJ Fell  

Jets I
Flow characteristics of mechanically excited plane turbulent free jets, JCS Lai & JM Simmons
A description of the velocity field of a vane excited turbulent jet, W Harch, DJ Collins & MF Platzer
On integral scales for jetlike flows, J Bühler

Turbulent Flows I  
Investigation of low wavenumber turbulent boundary layer pressure fluctuations, AL Carpenter & DJ Kewley
The structure of smooth-walled shear-flows, AE Perry, SM Henbest, KL Lim & MS Chong
Separating turbulent boundary layers, WH Schofield
Some aspects of the fine structure in a turbulent boundary layer, S Rajagopalan & RA Antonia

Compressible Flows I
Contact zone instability due to real gas effects in shock tube flows, AFP Houwing & RJ Sandeman
A simple tomographic technique to study three-dimensional flow fields, S-L Hall
The evolution of turbulence in shock-wave/boundary layer interactions, K Hayakawa, KC Muck, AJ Smits & SM Bogdonoff
Jet entrainment and compression in compressible flow ejectors, SK Chou

Hydraulics II
Circulation blocking of tunneled ocean outfalls, DK Wilkinson
Alternating flow hydraulics, D Davis & P Dransfield
Surge tanks with horizontal galleries, JS Montes & P Delphin
Air chamber design centre, HR Graze & HB Horlacher
Kinematic wave parameters for parabolic steam channels, DK Brady

Turbulent Flows II
Experimental tests of higher-order closure assumptions for scalar transport, MR Raupach
A simplified and accurate method of describing non-turbulent transport of momentum in turbulent flow theory,
KRH Beattie & WJ Green
Effect of wall heat flux on the longitudinal velocity and temperature fields in initially fully developed flow of air in a pipe, K Bremhorst
Turbulence measurements for the whole depth of water in a tidal channel, C Osonphasop & JB Hinwood

Bubbly Flows II
The Kelvin impulse: Applications to bubble dynamics, JR Blake
Bubble formation in a rotating flow, TL Harikrishnan
Small bubble production in a radial diffuser, PG Mohamed, GJ Jameson & JA Raper
High order boundary integral modeling of cavitation bubbles, BB Taib, G Doherty & JR Blake

Compressible Flows II
Experiments on a simple scramjet model, RG Morgan & RJ Stalker
Shock wave instability and instantaneous acoustic emission for arbitrary disturbance in real gases, AFP Houwing & RJ Sandeman
Opto-acoustic studies of welding-torch flames and cold jet mixtures, S-L Hall
Two-dimensional base bleed at subsonic, transonic and supersonic speeds, N Pollock

Turbulent Flows III
An experimental investigation of a two-dimensional mixing layer, MA Badri Narayanan & S Raghu
Large scale structural effects in a symmetrical four-rod subchannel, JD Hooper
Turbulent flow around surface mounted prisms, WH Schofield, S Lin & E Logan
Reynolds number dependence of a fully developed turbulent duct flow, DA Shah, AJ Chambers & RA Antonia

Wind Engineering
The aerodynamic admittance of a slender box girder bridge section, ED Jancauskas & WH Melbourne
Comparative studies of wind pressures on a low-rise building, JD Holmes
Effects of scale distortion on total loads on simple geometrical shapes, RJ Roy
Flow behind two-dimensional barriers on a roughened ground plane, and applications for atmospheric boundary-layer modeling, JD Holmes & C Osonphasop

Heat Flow
Convective fluid motion and heat transfer in inclined non-rectangular enclosures, TS Lee
Study of flow characteristics in thermosyphon solar system, A Litvak & GL Morrison
The effect of sounds on forced convection from a flat plate, PI Cooper, JC Sheridan, GJ Flood & MC Welsh
Analysis of a radiating gas in the thermal entrance region of a duct, A Campo, F Malpica & A Jarrin

Bio Engineering
Bending moments and muscle power in swimming fish, F Hess
Slender body theory in mucociliary transport, GR Fulford, & JR Blake
Ovum transport: Effect of secretion and variable ciliary activity, PG Vann & JR Blake
Performance characteristics of bird flight, RD Archer

Jets II
An investigation of the thin-jet model of the unsteady jet flap, DI Pullin & JM Simmons
Mean velocity distributions of an interrupted jet, NWM Ko & WT Cheung
The shape of low Reynolds number jets, RI Tanner
Some measurements of velocity and temperature in the preattachment region of a two-dimensional attached buoyant jet, MG Webby & IR Wood

Stability & Transition II
Some effects of free stream turbulence on boundary layer transition, JP Gostelow & RM Ramchandran
The large scale structure of the flow in the transition region of a natural convection boundary layer, R Cheesewright & A Dastbaz
Development of large disturbances into turbulent spots, S Cheng, Ma & S Roy
Attenuation of pressure waves in fluid filled pipes under conditions of engineering interest, NW Page & DJ Mee

Bluff Bodies II
Interaction of resonant sounds in a duct with vortex shedding from a plate, AN Stokes & MC Welsh
Aerodynamic damping of a circular cylinder in turbulent flow at high Reynolds numbers, JCK Cheung & WH Melbourne
Drag characteristic of sharp-edged bodies in turbulent boundary layer flow with negative pressure gradient, KG Ranga Raju

Non-Newtonian Flows
The virtual elimination of yield stress in certain very thick non-Newtonian fluids, RR Horsley
An analytic model for drag reduction in turbulent flow when polymers are present, DRH Beattie
A motion of a slender body in still polymer solutions, K Chiba & A Horikawa

Jets III / Wakes
Flying hot-wire studies of vortex motions in jets and wakes, AE Perry, DKM Tan & MS Chong
Excitation of a plane jet by periodic perturbation of the nozzle area, SC Galea & JM Simmons
Measurements in the wake of segmented blunt trailing edge aerofoil in subsonic flow, SL Gai & SD Sharma