Proceedings of the Seventh Australasian Conference on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Table of Contents


A decade of hydraulics in Australasia, CJ Apelt
Turbulence, bluff body aerodynamics and wind engineering, WH Melbourne
A landfill groundwater study in Christchurch, New Zealand, B Hunt & RE Young
Modelling flow to partially penetrating wells using an electrolytic tank, CR Dudgeon & RJ Cox
Comparison of immiscible and miscible fluid models for sea water intrusion in aquifers, RE Volker
Prospecting for wind energy: A field assessment of physical modelling, D Neal & DC Stevenson
Simulation of the dynamic response of transmission lines to strong winds, MJ Matheson & JD Holmes
Power generation from the East Australian Current by use of arrays of submerged Darrieus vertical axis turbines, KD Thomson
Flow phenomena of polymer solutions in an annular die, C Tiu & KL Tan
Non-Newtonian effects in creeping flow about a sphere, RP Chhabra, C Tiu & PHT Uhlherr
Normal stress measurements for viscoelastic liquids using real time holographic interferometry of the Weissenberg Effect, MF Hibberd & HG Hornung
Model studies for a wave riding facility, PD Killen
Wave transmission characteristics of fixed and floating breakwaters, V Sundar & S Dakshinamoorthy
Computer simulation of water waves and the natural frequencies of a submerged cylinder, WK Soh
An alternative to diffraction theory for evaluating inertial wave forces on cylinders standing on the sea floor, SH Chue
The measurement of aerodynamic admittance using discrete frequency gust generation, ED Jancauskas & WH Melbourne
Correlation of fluctuating wind pressures on a house, RJ Best & JD Holmes
Some effects of an isolated hill on wind velocities near ground level, JD Holmes, GR Walker & WE Steen
Further measurements of buffeting effects on twin upstream buildings, JW Saunders
Stability of elastico-viscous Poiseuille flow with flexible boundaries, SK Pathak, A Kumar & PK Pande
Isolation of elastic effects in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, DV Boger & RJ Binnington
Fluid flow in tapered tangential runners feeding thin gates in metal diecasting dies, AJ Davis & TH Siauw
The influence of molecular agglomerates on the drag reducing properties of polyethylene oxide solutions, HD Ellis, I Cowling & RJ Norton
Boundary element methods for free surface viscous flows, JF Milthorpe & RI Tanner
Finite element solution of a converging hydrodynamic flow-field between stationary porous and sliding nonporous surfaces, M Malik & R Sinhasan
Finite element analysis of flow under sluice gates, LT Isaacs
Admissibility requirements and the least squares finite element solution for potential flow, G De Vries & DH Norrie
On the finite element modelling of the injection of carbon dioxide into a wheat silo, GP Steven & SJ Auld
Self streaming wind tunnels without computers, N Pollock
Wind tunnel blockage effects on a circular cylinder in turbulent flows, CK Cheung & WH Melbourne
Two-dimensional solid blockage in a slotted wall wind tunnel, AJ Smits & V Baskaran
The flying hot-wire and its application to the study of large scale structures in turbulent wakes, JH Watmuff, MS Chong & AE Perry
The dynamic behaviour of propeller anemometers, PS Jackson
Mean flow measurements in three dimensions using a four hole pressure probe, IC Shepherd
A membrane moiré fringe and shadowgraph technique as aids in fluid mechanics, AE Perry & MS Chong
The development of a peak gust anemometer, GR Walker & RD Marshall
The organized motion in a turbulent boundary layer, RA Antonia
A study of the boundary layer transition process, AE Perry, TT Lim & EW Teh
The potential flow signature of a turbulent spot, CW Van Atta, M Sokolov, RA Antonia & AJ Chambers
The structure of turbulence in axisymmetric and flat plate flows, SM Henbest, KL Lim & AE Perry
A study on channel obstructions with a longitudinal slot, MH Abdul Khader & SP Rai
The validity of backwater models for flood routing applications, C Zoppou & IC O’Neill
Depth control during demand changes in open channels, WE Bodley & AK McIntyre
A laboratory study of flow patterns and exchange processes in channels with abrupt variations in width, BS Jenkins
Developments in loose boundary hydraulics, AJ Raudkivi
Some geological implications of double-diffusive convection, JS Turner
Double-diffusive convection with a nonlinear equation of state, TJ McDougall
Topographic forcing in nonlinear and linear barotropic models, JS Frederiksen & BL Sawford
Stress at a sheared finger interface, BR Ruddick
Erosion of the sand bed near piers, SK Davies & G De Vahl Davis
Self amouring of non-uniform alluvial sediments, GT Proffitt & AJ Sutherland
Secondary circulation in meandering channels, M Nouh
Axial dispersion of liquids in packed beds and porous rocks, HH Nguyen & DF Bagster
Flow control by secondary injection, RK Duggins
Friction factors of aqueous electrolyte solutions in pipe flow, PL Spedding & JJJ Chen
Thrust augmenting ejectors for high pressure ratio propulsive jets, SA Fisher
The viscous tornado, TT Lim, MS Chong & AE Perry
Predicting the movement of a higher density pollutant through an aquifer from a surface source, RE Volker & J Foruria
An improved solution for the infiltration-advance problem in irrigation hydraulics, JH Knight
The movement of air and water in unsaturated porous materials, AA Curtis & KK Watson
Aquifers with very high horizontal permeability, RA Wooding
Self-induced recirculation characteristics of a swirl burner, GE Pleasance
The effect of induced sound on the flow around a rectangular body in a wind tunnel, MC Welsh, R Parker & SAT Stoneman
Measurement of secondary flows in rod bundle duct flow, JD Hooper
Growth and collapse of cavitation bubbles near flexible boundaries, DC Gibson & JR Blake
Gasdynamics Research in Australia, HG Hornung
Flow characteristics of the outer part of a circular jet with and without excitation, AJ Chambers, RA Antonia & AKMF Hussain
Chemically reacting turbulent shear layers with significant heat release, AK Wallace
The fine-scale structure of the velocity field of turbulent jets, BR Satyaprakash & RA Antonia
Prandtl-Meyer Flow of a finite Knudsen number gas, GA Bird
Finite element analysis of transonic flow in nozzles, T Doan & RD Archer
Strength of shock waves produced by electrical discharges, PI McKelvie, NW Page & D Mackerras
Efficient pipe-culvert exit transitions, V Michels
Hydrodynamic forces on a fixed-wheel gate in complex approach conditions, MA Wilke
Effect of gate shape on closure loading, IG Hampton & EJ Lesleighter
The vortex shedding process behind a circular cylinder, MS Chong, TT Lim & AE Perry
Wall pressure fluctuations in a separated region downstream of a corner, DC Stevenson & HB Nguyen
Flow separation on bodies of revolution at incidence, BD Fairlie
Investigation of transition conditions for shock wave reflexion in steady flow, ML Robinson & HG Hornung
A numerical procedure for the analysis of one-space-dimensional non-steady compressible flow, JS Cronje & JAC Kentfield
The effect of refraction on acoustic wave-angle emission from free jets, S-L Hall
Restricted orifice surge tanks on low-head pump rising mains, MA Wilke
Damping and stability of orifice plate surge tanks by approximate analytical technique, JS Montes
Prospecting for turbomachinery in Australia during the next decade, JP Gostelow
On the dynamics of the Celebes and Sulu seas, RL Hughes
The evaluation of tide well constants, CC Lill & RD Braddock
Progress with modelling diurnal temperature profiles in the upper ocean, JW Hill
Effect of wakes of upstream stator blades on the rotor of an axial flow compressor, AR Oliver
On a consistent model of blade-to-blade flow through an axial turbomachine, DA Frith
Turbulent flow between a rotating disk and a stationary wall, JW Polkowski
Use of the method of lines for choking flow in a nozzle, CK Somasundaram & RD Archer
The two-strip method of integral relations for supersonic blunt elliptic nose, VN Nguyen & RD Archer
The effect of viscosity on the transition to Mach reflexion in pseudosteady flow, JR Taylor & HG Hornung
Missile aerodynamics prediction using computer programs, LM Sheppard
Experiments on air-water flows in an eccentric annular channel, DRH Beattie & KR Lawther
Structure and analysis of gas-liquid mixture flow, MR Davis
Two phase flow pressure loss prediction, PL Spedding & JJJ Chen
A comparison of experimental results of pressure drop for two phase steam/water and air/water mixtures in a horizontal pipe, DH Freeston
The performance of delta-wing bladed wind-turbines, JAC Kentfield
Optimization of a vertical axis wind turbine for small scale applications, JP Baird & SF Pender
Diffuser-augmented wind turbine analysis, CAJ Fletcher
Application of neutron techniques to the measurement of two-phase flow, V Ilic, J Marshall & HJ Woodley
The evaporation of small mist droplets from a vertical plate using a two-dimensional air jet, RR Horsley
Effect of suspended particulates on the measurement of gas velocity using a pitot-static tube, ST Huynh & MJ McIntosh
The stable floating liquid droplet phenomenon, R Davis, P Dranfield & A Tan
Turbulent boundary layers in strong adverse pressure gradients, WH Schofield
A study of a turbulent boundary layer downstream of a sudden decrease in wall heat flux, SC Subramanian & RA Antonia
Low Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer measurements, AJ Smits, V Baskaran, LP Erm & PN Joubert
Analytical approximations to the solution of the Blasius equation, JY Parlange, RD Braddock &G Sander
Natural convection in inclined cavities filled with a compressible fluid with variable properties: A numerical study, E Leonardi & JA Reizes
Mathematical modelling of surface discharge of heated water, HN Phien & S Vongvisessomjai
A predictive model of tropical cyclone wind-waves, IR Young & RJ Sobey
Influence of channel slope on numerical stability in unsteady flow simulation, CL Yen
A spectral model of MHD finite amplitude overstability, KJ Mann
Hydraulics and sediment transport in a creek – mangrove swamp system, JS Bunt & E Wolanski
Mixing in the surf zone, TJ Pollock & IG Wallis
Hydrodynamics of the Gippsland Lakes, JJ Fryer & AK Easton
Large structure in a heated turbulent mixing layer, S Rajagopalan & RA Antonia
Turbulent momentum interchange between connected flow passages, JD Hooper, WJ Crawford & MJ Hincksman
Vertical and horizontal spatial coherence of temperature fluctuations in the atmospheric surface layer, D Phong-Anant, AJ Chambers & RA Antonia
A higher order panel method for three-dimensional potential flow, JL Hess
An experimental study of steady and quasi-steady jet flaps, YP Chai & JM Simmons
Results of recent measurements on an oscillating aerofoil, KH Ly & VAL Chasteau
Shock strength gain and transmitted wave attenuation in focusing contractions of different aspect ratios, BE Milton RD Archer
Process of bow shock detachment for relaxing gas flow over cones, AFP Houwing
Weak shock wave structure in real gases, NW Page
Mixing in an unsteady flow system, T Wood
Pressure distribution due to shear layer re-attachment, KCS Kwok & SJ Palmer
The attachment line boundary layer on a body at incidence in subsonic flow, ML Robinson
The vortex flow field generated by a hovering helicopter, KR Reddy
Experimental studies to modify the velocity in the wake of ships’ hulls, N Matheson
Flow improvement at pump intakes by the use of baffles, DKC Haradasa & RJ Cox