Proceedings of the Sixth Australasian Conference on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Table of Contents


Part I
Experiments on double-diffusive intrusions in a stratified fluid, JS Turner
Stratified flow over a long obstacle: Theory vs. Experiment, PG Baines
Structure and mixing within the frontal region of a density current, CD Winant & A Bratkovich
Characteristics of the interface at the base of the ocean mixed layer, ISF Jones
Cross-wind moment spectra on rectangular buildings and the prediction of dynamic response, JW Saunders & WH Melbourne
Wind loading on the roof of a low rise house, ED Jancauskas & DB Sharp
The decay of temperature fluctuations in isotropic turbulence, GR Newman, Z Warhaft & JL Lumley
Similarity of Reynolds stress, heat and moisture fluxes in marine boundary layer, RA Antonia & AJ Chambers
A chemical reaction with heat release in a turbulent shear layer, AK Wallace & GL Brown
Development of a second order closure model for turbulent reacting flow, DJ Kewley
Travel of long wave on the surface of tropopause and ocean, D Manabe
Kinematics of short-crested water waves, JRC Hsu
Reflection and transmission of water waves by a submerged shelf of prescribed shape, C Macaskill
Wave groups: Analysis of run and run length, J Dattatri, H Raman, N Jothishankar
Detection of oceanic microprocesses by towed profiling sensors, CH Gibson
Experimental and numerical studies of soil-water movement to a water table, RN Ayers & KK Watson
Unconfined groundwater recharge with clogging, V Guvansen
Effect of partial screening and non-Darcy flow on the performance of wells in unconfined aquifers, CR Dudgeon & RJ Cox
Flow towards a well of large diameter in a leaky confined aquifer, MH Abdul Khader & D Ramadurgaiah
Transonic computational mesh generation by means of panel methods, PE Rubbert
A new approach to the boundary layer equations: Optimal control of the Con Mises equation by wall suction and numerical solution using finite difference and finite element techniques, GM Assassa, CM Brauner & B Gay
A finite element analysis for acoustic transmission in nonuniform ducts, RJ Astley
The application of a finite element method to compressible, inviscid flow, CAJ Fletcher
A suggestion of interaction of suspended sediment with turbulence in The Thames Estuary, JV Russell & PH Kemp
Monitoring and predicting the behaviour of a river carrying artificially high sediment load, RJ Higgins
Particle size effects in turbulent pipe flow of solid-liquid suspensions, AD Thomas
A numerical study of the suspension of particles in a horizontally flowing fluid, RA Reizes
Some aspects of transport processes in porous media, L Wittmann
The effect of the temporal distribution of rainfall on infiltration rate and surface runoff, SJ Lees & KK Watson
Modified solution of unsteady state cavity well hydraulics, CR Katakwar
Liquid jet impact studies with plain jets and cavijets, KS Janakiram, BC Syamala Rao & SR Sasikanth
The mean velocity field of unsteady subsonic air jets, WH Harch & K Bremhorst
Choked flow in a jet screen configuration due to cavitation, RK Duggins
Fluid mechanics of the nearshore zone, RL Wiegel
Drift along Australia’s southern coasts, A-M Eblen & R Radok
Ocean waves around the coastlines of Australia, R Silvester & HL Mitchell
New formulas for wave forcasting, S-H Chue
Recent advances in our understanding of air-sea interaction, ML Banner
Application of the electromagnetic flowmeter to the measurement of turbulence fluctuations in The Thames Estuary – a summary, JV Russell & PH Kemp
A comparative study of the flow patterns in front of bluff bodies on the ground and a method of their assessment, JS de Krasinski
Field measurements of the characteristics of a rural boundary layer near the ground: Part 1 – The measured data, D Lindley, R Flay & AJ Bowen
Field measurements of the characteristics of a rural boundary layer near the ground: Part 2 – Data processing, R Flay & D Lindley
Development of natural wind models at Monash University, WH Melbourne
Some techniques for improving the performance of short conical diffusers, RK Duggins
Flow in a channel with a symmetric sudden expansion, A Kumar & KS Yajnik
Boundary layer blowing tests on a radial diffuser in low and subsonic Mach range, JS de Krasinski & M Mehra
An experimental investigation of pressure recovery factor in discharging manifolds, KB Shivarudrappa, EVM Sargunar & R Sakthivadival
The turbulent flow through a sudden enlargement at subsonic speeds, S Kangovi & RH Page
The streamline direction at a shock wave in the deflection-speed plane for a relaxing gas, HG Hornung
Shock waves generated by spark discharge, NW Page & PI McKelvie
Gas dynamics of the exhaust process and the radiated noise from two-stroke engines, AD Jones & GL Brown
The interaction of ballistic shock waves with high-speed helium jets, S-L Hall
Velocity distribution and resistance to flow in artificially roughened open channels, RJ Garde & NM Kaka
Analysis of flow through bottom racks in open channels, KG Ranga Raju, GL Asawa & R Seetharamaiah
Use of bed deflectors in open channel expansions, R Neelavan & M Narayanan
Scour studies below stilling basins, BK Pandarinath & NV Pundarikanthan
Development of scour near bridge piers and abutments,
WG Field & RJ Hinchey
Hydrodynamic loading on circular piles, RJ Sobey & GM Mitchell
Scour at culvert outlets, TR Opie
Hydrodynamic stability of a laminar boundary layer on a flexible boundary with constant suction, SK Pathak & MC Chaturvedi
Jet noise in terms of statistical functions, AL Chandraker & ML Munjal
Turbulent flow over a very rough surface, PH Mulhearn
Pressure fluctuation in turbulent pipe flow due to mitred bend, MK Bull & MP Norton
Effects of external turbulence upon the axisymmetric wake of a disk, CR Symes
On the near wake behind a circular disc, DJ Craze
Linearized low Froude number flows through obstacles, WK Soh
Unsteady hydrodynamic interactions between ships in shallow water, GK King
The effect of sail loading distributions on sailboat performance, LW Apperley
Obtaining basic aerodynamics from simple trajectory measurements by parameter estimation, RL Pope
The computation of the unsteady aerodynamics of bodies near a ground surface, GHS Pike
Flow instabilities in viscoelastic fluids, DV Boger & PJ Cable
Measurement of the two normal-stress coefficients of viscoelastic liquids by holographic interferometry of the Weissenberg Effect, HG Hornung, SM Thurgate & LO Brown
The analysis of molten metal flow in the hot chamber pressure die casting process, J Davis & H Siauw
Analysis of some discontinuous initial-value problems for free-molecular gas mixtures, II, RA East & A Glikson
Modelling plane turbulent flows with point-vortices: A numerical experiment, B Delcourt & GL Brown
Irrotational representation of deflected flow with separation, JA Hart
Cell size and flow history effects in the Taylor vortex regime, JA Cole
A compact multi-purpose wind tunnel for industrial research, RP Llewelyn, JA Hart & RJ Griss
Sand sausages for beach defence work, GS Liu & R Silvester
Model simulation of damage to Rosslyn Bay breakwater during cyclone “David”, DN Foster
Vortex scour due to wave action at a breakwawter tip, HT Chang
Development of armoured surfaces in alluvial channels, AJ Sutherland & EB Williman
A high-order series solution for standing water waves, LW Schwartz & AK Whitney
On waves at an interface between two liquids, PF Rhodes-Robinson
Numerical investigations about the predictions of free surface shallow water motions, M Pandolfi & L Zannetti
Undular bores, DL Wilkinson & ML Banner
A quasi-three-dimensional design of axial flow compressor blades by use of cascade data, T Ikui & M Inoue
Operational experience with a 5m Darrieus wind turbine, VAL Chasteau
Flow of air bubbles in centrifugal impellers and its effects on the pump performance, M Murakami & K Minemura
Hydraulic torque converters design, GGL Zarotti & N Nervegna
Influence of surface roughness on the performance of a radial pump impeller, BS Narasimha Murthy, M Ravindran & HC Radha Krishna
Data acquisition and control equipment for studying unsteady flow in an axial compressor, GJ Walker

Part II
Interactions between adjacent turbulent flows, P Bradshaw
Turbulent flow in a rectangular duct, IA Hunt & PN Joubert
Large structure in a turbulent boundary layer, ASW Thomas & GL Brown
Conditional probability densities in a turbulent heated round jet, RA Antonia & KR Sreenivasan
Acoustic coupling in a turbulent flow, CJ Abell
Effect of increase of momentum on discharge characteristics of broad crested weirs, KG Ranga Raju, S Sharma & S Murali Krishna
Investigation of uplift due to flow over weir crest gates, IG Hampton & EJ Lesleighter
Uncontrolled chute spillway with unlined cascade, Dartmouth Dam, V Michels
Finite element approach to die-swell problem of non-Newtonian fluids, KR Reddy & RI Tanner
Wall effect for sphere motion in inelastic non-Newtonian fluids, R Chhabra, C Tiu & PHT Uhlherr
Temperature and concentration effects on the rheological properties of polymer solutions, C Tiu, J Cooper & KL Tan
A finite element frozen vorticity solution for two-dimensional wind flow over hills, RJ Astley
The effects of freestream turbulence on a galloping square tower, KCS Kwok & WH Melbourne
A field study to determine the drag coefficient and the associated centre of pressure of a forest front, AJG Papesch
Generalised velocity profile for films on a smooth vertical plate, S Portalski
Unsteady free convection laminar flow past an infinite plate with suction, GS Brar
Laminar boundary layer and heat transfer over an extending film, WH Jou
Three-dimensional convection in an inclined differentially heated box, AD Graham & GD Mallinson
Behaviour of negatively buoyant gas plumes resulting from a LNG spill, RN Meroney & DE Neff
Behaviour of a buoyant surface plume in a reversing longshore current, EJ Wolanski & ML Banner
Effect of Reynolds number on the spread of surface buoyant jets, KVN Sarma & IV Muralikrishna
Pre-dilution devices with swirl control, DG Ross
Minimisation of relaxation drag, E Becker & W Ellermeier
Cross-flow characteristics on a cylindrical body at incidence in subsonic flow, ML Robinson
The next approximation after boundary layer theory, AR Oliver
Jelly fish swimming – helicopter flying analogue, LJ Cubitt
The mechanics of colloidal dispersions, GK Batchelor
Shear induced coagulation, RW O’Brien
Transport in sieve tubes and plasmodesmata, JR Blake
A case of steady plane flow of an ideal gas with infinite electrical conductivity in a magnetic field,
A Glikson
An exact low-enrichment separation theory for the countercurrent gas centrifuge, DJ Craze
Digital data evaluation of turbulence parameters using a mini-computer, GPD Rajasooria, DF Haines & AN Poo
Effect of removal of a central thimble on coolant flow distribution in a research reactor fuel element, WJ Green
Incompressible laminar and turbulent flow in the entrance region of a smooth circular pipe, AK Mohanty & SBL Asthana
A comparison of developed single phase turbulent flow in two and three dimensions, JD Hooper
The influence of stream turbulence on the drag of freely entrained spheres, TJ Anderson & PHT Uhlherr
State-of-the-art review of pressure surge studies, ARD Thorley
Investigation of pressure surges and design of protection devices for water distribution systems, BS Frankham & BT Jayaramaiah
Field data analysis of a large air chamber installation, HR Graze, J Schubert & JA Forrest
Surge propagation speeds in ducts of regular polygonal cross-section, ARD Thorley & GLJ Buttigieg
Characteristics of power station surges in a river – a hydraulic model study, IG Hampton, DC Green & EJ Lesleighter
Choking conditions in pneumatic conveying, TN Smith
Recent advances in cocurrent gas-solid flow down sandpipes, PJ Jones & LS Leung
The atomization of liquids at low ambient temperature conditions, GA Karim & R Kumar
Duct losses in a two phase steam water flow, DH Freeston & H Hole
Filmwise condensation of vapour on the outside of a rotating cylinder with downwise removal of condensate, AU Ahmed & AK Johnston
The use of digital correlators with laser anemometers, JG Black & MJ Philip
Effect of circulation of longitudinal dispersion in open channel, SK Pathak, PK Pande & S Kumar
A tube viscometer for slurry investigations, PRB Tuft
An analogue of the Wheatstone Bridge using critical flow nozzles, WA Caw, NW Bryant & GA Bell
Flow direction and magnitude – a suspension wire application, BB Sharp & N Haritos
Calculation of potential flows using surface distributions of vorticity, RP Llewelyn & RC Joynt
Cross flows in the flow from an elongated orifice, RJ Stalker
Outflow through a side orifice in the wall of a channel, A Glikson
An example of three-dimensional, compressible potential flow – Does it represent the real flow?, DA Frith