Proceedings of the Fifth Australasian Conference on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Table of Contents


Secondary flows in rotating channels, Murakami
The numerical solution of blade-to-blade turbomachine flows using a matrix method, Benson, Hill & Cartwright
Description of wakes by vortex sheets, Oliver
Dynamic modeling techniques for fluid power control systems, Dransfield & Stecki
Design speeds for wind turbines, Chilcott
An experimental investigation on the clearance effects of semi open radial impellers, Kurian & Radha Krishna
An acoustic technique for detecting inception of cavitation, Padmanabhan & Narayanan
Boundary layer characteristics of quasi-transpiration cooled surfaces, Zimmerman

Diffusers and Contractions
A performance prediction method for high subsonic inlet Mach number conical diffusers, Kamal, Odukwe & Livesey
Annular exhaust diffusers for axial flow fans, Shepherd
A theoretical and experimental investigation of flow through short axisymmetric contractions, Kachhara, Wilcox & Livesey
A study of the efficiency of a radial diffuser with boundary layer control at the throat, de Krasinski & Aziz
The effects of “controlled” inlet conditions on the performance of conical diffusers preceded by normal shock boundary layer interaction, Kamal, Odukwe & Livesey

General Applications  
A fluid model of impact welding of metals: A mechanism for wave formation; and the effect of viscous energy dissipation, Robinson
Pulse converters in non-steady flow, Benson & Toms
Pressure drop in parallel plate rotary regenerators, Maclaine-cross & Ambrose
Swirl in the management of effluent discharge, Ross
Methods for the analysis and prediction of coolant flow instabilities in boiler systems, Romberg
Discharge from an autoclave system, Woods & Owen
Some considerations of reactive homogeneous flows, Karim & D’Souza
Effect of trailing edge thickness on the aerodynamic performance of aerofoils, Lawrence & Lindley

Wind Flows
The prediction and evaluation of the ground level wind environment, Apperley & Vickery
Simulation of a strong-wind urban boundary layer in a wind-tunnel, Blanchard, Freeston & Feasey
Simulation of a neutrally stable rural atmospheric boundary layer in a wind tunnel, Raine
Wind protection by model fences in a simulated atmospheric boundary layer, Raine
Measurements of the mean wind flow over various escarpment shapes, Bowen & Lindley
The action of wind on mounds, Johnston
Wind loads on transmission line towers, Lindley & Willis
A simplified theoretical analysis of the factors that influence windthrow of trees, Papesch
Aerodynamic properties of some umbrella-type canopies, Chasteau
Response of a slender tower to wind action, Melbourne
A propeller anemometer for a digital wind data acquisition system, Lindley, Bowen & Morfee
The response of cup and propeller anemometers to fluctuating wind speeds, Lindley & Bowen
A probe for the rapid measurement of surface static pressure distribution, Chasteau
On the improved aerodynamic efficiency of a sailing vessel, Apperley
Effect of wind tunnel walls and afterbody shape on the pressure distribution around a wedge, Turner & Motson
Blockage effect for single rows of bluff bodies, Ramamurthy, Lee & Ng

Turbulent Flows 
The ratios of eddy diffusivities of heat and momentum for liquid metals,
Feingold, Gupta & Gupta
Higher order statistical properties of turbulence in the marine boundary layer and atmosphere, Van Atta
The structure of velocity and temperature fluctuations in a turbulent jet, Antonia
An investigation of a turbulent cylindrical wall jet, Patel, Shako & Sangale
The application of a conditional sampling technique to the understanding of turbulent interacting shear layers in duct flow, Dean
The entrainment and large structure in turbulent mixing layers, Brown
Mixing induced by confined turbulent jets: A residence-time model for flow in cylindrical vessels, Wood & Hop
The correction of hot wire measurements for fluid temperature variation, Samuel
Function inverters in hot-wire anemometry, Samuel & Perry

Viscoelastic Flows  
Structural changes in turbulent conduit flows by polymer additives, Durst & Keller
Drag and flow patterns for the flow of a drag-reducing polymer solution about spheres, Uhlherr, Boger & Anderson
Accelerating and deaccelerating flows of viscoelastic fluids, Boger & Halmos
Flow by non-newtonian fluids through beds of various packing geometries, Tiu, Quinn & Uhlherr

Multiphase Flows
Critical and near critical two phase flow, Turner & Trimble
Mass transfer in wake-interference flows, Davies
The dynamics of vapour bubbles attached to inclined heated surfaces in a flow medium, Symons & Bonamy
Neutronic and acoustic techniques for voidage measurement in two phase flow, Kemeny
Gas entrainment by plunging liquid jets, Kirchner
Model tests on the flow characteristics of a cyclone has scrubber, Keey & Dodd
Hydrodynamic design aspects of liquid-liquid sieve trays as influenced by mass transfer, Graham & Chan
A new mode of countercurrent gas-liquid flow in packed columns, Hutton & Leung

Shock Waves  
On sonic boom propagation from aircraft at low supersonic speeds, Page
Moving shock wave behaviour in area contractions of arbitrary shape, Milton
Shock wave propagation and attenuation in foams, de Krasinski & Khosla
Supersonic flat plate at high incidence, Archer, Napier & Betteridge
Gas guns for aerodynamic testing at subsonic speeds, Sheppard

Gas Flows
A simplified approach to the computation of the hyperthermal free-molecular flow of a gas-mixture past a convex body, Glikson
Analysis of some discontinuous initial-value problems for free molecular gas mixtures, East & Glickson

Boundary Layers
Flows in ducts by boundary-layer theory, Cebeci & Keller
A Karman-Pohlhausen type approximate method for solving second order boundary layer equations, Prabhu, Antani & Aggarwal
The development of a wave packet in the boundary layer of a flat plate, Gaster & Grant
Boundary layers on a rotating disk, Cebeci & Abbott
Boundary layer wall-pressure fluctuations near an abrupt change in surface roughness, Mulhearn
The turbulent boundary layer on a yawed flat plate, Moody & Blanchard

Turbulent pipe flow as an acoustic noise source, Bull & Rennison
The transmission of sound in nonuniform ducts, Eversman, Cook & Beckemeyer
Flow and noise measurements for a 37 tube nozzle, Jones
Experimental investigation of subsonic coaxial jets, Ko & Kwan
Flow induced noise and vortex shedding in tube-bank systems, Stevenson & Tang

Hydraulic Design  
The design and construction of Chinchilla Weir – Condamine River Queensland, Turnbull & McKay
Model investigation of expansion chamber cavitation under high head operation, Lesleighter & Date
Dolos as an armour unit in breakwater construction, Silva & Foster
A hydraulic model study of a buoyancy actuated flap gate for a dry dock, Lau, Rajasooria & Cheong
New design charts for air chambers, Graze & Forrest
Behaviour of a water jet in a diverging shallow open channel, Scott-Moncrieff
A scouring rock trap in Lemonthyme power tunnel, Griffiths & Brett
Design of supercritical flow contractions by least square error minimization technique, Subramanya & Dakshinamoorthy
Two-point statistics of the random pressure field beneath a hydraulic jump, Sethuraman, Adbul Khader, Elango & Sadasivan

Sediment Transport
A new look at local erosions in alluvial rivers, Francis & Ghosh
Nonlinear flow over wavy topography, Lee
Development of a deep harbour entrance through a sandy beach, Gordon & Lucas
The interaction between a raindrop and a shallow body of water, Tuong & Painter
Particle motion in vertically oscillated liquids, Herringe & Flint
Pressure drop prediction for flow of solid-liquid mixtures in horizontal pipes, Thomas & Flint
Some aspects of Lagrangian studies of solid particles in turbulent pipe flow, Sharp & O’Neill

River Flows  
The measurement of flow in a braided river channel-applicability of dye-dilution method, Takahashi
Velocity distribution measurements in tidal streams, Dellow & Sutherland
Predicting the dispersion of contaminants in natural streams, Higgins & Willetts
Reaeration coefficient in streams & rivers, Dandekar

Groundwater Flow
Studies in water movement from groundwater recharge trenches, Watson & Webb
Drawdown due to a non-penetrating artesian well of finite diameter, Abdul Khader & Ramadurgaiah
Numerical determination of sea water intrusion in aquifers, Volker
Numerical analysis of vertical water movement in a bounded profile, Watson & Curtis
Transient flow into a well in bounded artesian multiple aquifers, Abdul Khader & Veerankutty
Optimal design of water wells in unconsolidated sediments, Dudgeon & Keshavarz
Potential flow into an axisymmetric drain, Cheeseman, Hosking & Sneyd

Flow in Porous Media
The treatment of flow through high porosity compressible media, in terms of a modified drag equation, de Yong
Moisture movement in pine sapwood under kiln-seasoning conditions, Ashworth & Keey
Flow in a fissured porous medium, Grant
Oscillatory convection in a porous medium: The effect of throughflow, Horne & O’Sullivan
Effect of fuid oscillations on mass transfer in porous media with particular reference to fuel cells, Rice

Estuary Modelling  
On the development and calibration of a large numerical hydrodynamic model, Williams & Hinwood
Numerical modeling of tidal phenomena in bays and estuaries with inter-tidal flats, Apelt & Gout
Propagation of tides into the South Australian gulf system, Tronson & Noye
An analytical and experimental study on longitudinal dispersion in an idealized estuary flow, Fukouka
Calibration data for a numerical hydrodynamic model, Pollock, Hinwood, O’Brien & Colman
A numerical model of wind-induced circulation in the Murray Mouth Lakes, South Australia, Walsh & Noye
Numerical simulation of tidal and thermal propagation in a shallow channel, Teubner & Noye

Numerical solutions of non-linear hydrodynamic forces due to wave action, Shi-igai & Kato
Water particle orbits in deep-to shallow-water waves, Silvester
Long wave generation on a non-uniform slope, Clements

Experimental visualization of three dimensional natural convection, Mallinson & Graham
A class of asymptotic solutions in the theory of non-linear thermal convection, Murphy & Van der Borght
A numerical study of an axisymmetric heat island, Williams
Numerical modeling of thermals, Morton & Pearson
Free convection in an insulated heating pipe, Hunt
Convective motions and resulting entraiment in a two layered fluid system heated from below, Denton & Wood
The diffusive interface in double diffusive convection, Shirtcliffe
A numerical model of thermally buoyant plumes, Cherry
Artificial boundaries for models of free convection, Pearson, McGregor & Morton

Cooling Ponds  
A model study of the cooling water discharge from Newport ‘D’ Power Station, Lai & McConchie
Two aspects of the physics of warm water discharges, Sobey
Salt water cooling ponds with partial tidal interchange, Bauer

Stratified Flows
An extension to the theory of selective withdrawal, Lust & Wood
Flow of a layered fluid from a reservoir, Bryant
Mixing of two streams at different densities, Lee
Unsteady, two dimensional sink flow in a stratified fluid, Fandry
Modelling the airflow over and to the lee of the Southern Alps, New Zealand, Cherry
“Hysteresis” effect in one-and two-fluid systems, Mehrotra

Potential Flows
Potential flow through a contracted section, Ackermann & Chan
Characteristics of a two-dimensional orifice-jet past a rectangular plate, Arbhabhirama & Wang
Representation of planing surfaces by finite pressure elements, Doctors
On an anomalous result in linearised slender lifting surface theory, Fink & Soh

Viscous Flows
The leading edge of a surface film on contaminated flowing water, Harper & Dixon
The time dependent properties of non-buoyant vortex rings, Wooller & Hinwood
Taylor vortex behaviour in annular clearances of limited length, Cole
Variation of the temperature field in adiabatic viscous flow due to dissipative processes, Polkowski
Mechanics of flow in multiport outlets, Ramamurthy, Subramanya & Robillard

Numerical Solutions  
On the stability of centred implicit difference schemes, Barnett
The simulation of water quality in the Waikato River, Rutherford
A numerical study of katabatic winds and their effect on pollutant dispersal in urban areas, Leslie & Smith
The application of the pseudo-functional finite element method to viscous flow problems, de Vries, Balasubramanian & Norrie
Solution of fluid dynamic problems by finite elements, Steven
A specialized computer technique for simulation, Elsawy
An idealized model for flat bottomed ship slamming, Astley

Late Paper  
Predicting the performance of inertial separators, Boulton & Evans