Proceedings of the Fourth Australasian Conference on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Table of Contents


Theoria of experiment in turbulent flows, Luxton
Properties of bluff body wakes, Kalra & Uhlherr
Definition of wakes by vortex sheets, Oliver
Vortices between eccentric rotating cylinders, Cole
Investigation of cavitation damage in a rotating disc, Symala Rao, Chandrasekhara & Seetharamiah
Turbulent mixing in diffusion flames, Bilger & Kent
Turbulent entrainment across densitiy discontinuities, Jenkins
Turbulence in a high speed jet, Jones
Boundary layers in axial flow machines, Merrington
Bursts in turbulent shear flows, Badri Narayanan, Narasimha & Narahari Rao
Turbulence measurements in water using the hot-wire anemometer, Apperley
Suspension wire probe for turbulence measurement, Sharp & Sherman
Vortex and unsteady flow measurements with a hot wire anemometer, Guy
Boundary layer effects in supersonic flow over cylinder-flare bodies, Robinson
Design for supersonic jet, Higginbottom
The design of a Mach 3 windtunnel, Hacker & Hallam
Effects of nonequilibrium dissociation on blunt body flows, Hornung
The application of variational methods to problems in fluid dynamics, Issacs
The effect of oblique gradients on thermohaline convection, Nield
Integration of varied flow, Apelt
Selective withdrawal from density stratified fluids in reservoirs, Ray, Wood & Lai
System analysis of the Goulburn/Murray, Green & Little
Multiobjective resources planning, Major & O’Brien
Simulation analysis of a water supply system using historical data, Fitzgerald
Simulation analysis of a water supply system using generated data, McMahon
Rapid changes of flow in an irrigation reservoir, Harris
System modeling for flood control decisions, Robinson & Howell
Fluid mechanics in the mining industry, Mathews
Aero-thermodynamics development of the large steam turbine, Lindley
Ingestion of debris by vortex action, Glenny
Blade-section design for axial flow fans, Wallis
An investigation of annular diffusers for axial flow fans, Ruglen & Welsh
Wake-wake interactions on the noise generated by axial-flow compressor, Walker
Fluid flow in large electrical turbogenerators, Williams
A theoretical investigation on the performance of a rotating disk atomizer, Kamel Hassanein Aboul-Fotouh
Loss characteristics of long orifices, Lakshmana Rao & Sridharan
Finding maximum pressure rise in cushioning chamber used in hydraulic jack, Eumatsu & Kamata
New air chamber characteristics, Graze
Potential flow modeling of action of ships’ bilge keels, Soh & Fink
Heave and pitch of ships in shallow water, Beck & Tuck
Measurement of minimum fluidization velocities at elevated temperatures, Callcott, Rigby & Singh
Hot wire anemometer measurement within non-boyant vortex rings, Cubitt
Flows in porous media, Watson
Wedge penetration of a free surface, Hughes
Slug behaviour in fluidized beds, Thiel, Uhlherr & Potter
Neutron fluctuation and propagation in single and two-phase media, Kemeny
Extreme cases of collapse and rebound of a cavitation bubble, Veerabhadra Rao, Syamala Rao, Seetharamiah
The dynamics of non-spherical vapour bubbles, Guy & Ledwidge
Bubble formation at an orifice in a two dimensional fluidized bed, Leung, Nguyen & Yeh
Erosion of cohesive soils, Raudkivi & Hutchinson
Maximum scour depth at a bridge pier for sediment carrying flows, Sarma
A method for the design of axisymmetric duct contractions, Joynt
Separation of solid particles in a sink-vortex flow, Llewelyn & Hart
Air-entraining water flows under a reduced ambient pressure, Sims
Noise analysis of coolant dynamics in tow-phase heat transfer systems, Romberg & Ledwidge
Reaeration in Rivers, Proctor
Laminar wake of a flat plate in a uniform shear flow, Arie & J Kiya
Unsteady laminar flow in a tube, Banks
Transverse load coefficients for some bridge pier shapes, Sethuraman & Vasudevan
Relationship between coherence length of two phase mixture and response of cylindrical cantilever, Harris & Ledwidge
Pressure fluctuations in large eddy dissipation structures, Lesleighter
Problems with erosion of concrete in dissipators for hollow jet valves, Watts
Hydraulics of shallow flow through simulated vegetation, Win & Turner
Energy loss in open channel 90° bend, Thandaveswara & Seetharamiah
Brink depth method for flow estimation in rectangular channels, Jagannadha Rao, Lakshmana Rao & Seetharamaiah
Wake flows behind two-dimensional square cylinders at low Reynolds numbers, Stark
Flow around leading edges of aerofoils, Frith
Accelerated motion of a sphere in layered fluids, Kameswara Rao & Dasgupta
Contamination of hydraulic systems, Dransfield
Standards for fluid power systems, Stewart
Determination of the period of a fluidic multivibrator, Parker & Pengilley
Some mean flow properties of a bounded turbulent water jet, Phillip & Wood
Influence of a uniformly sheared free stream on a turbulent boundary layer, Costin
Changes in mean velocity profiles near a screw-threaded pipe wall, Tai & Tan Toh Kim
An experiment on turbulence in density stratified fluids, Britter
On the generation of sea waves, Manton
Transport phenomenon in a laboratory wind wave channel, Chambers, Mangerella, Street & En Yun Hsu
Transport phenomenon in a laboratory wind wave channel: II, Mangerella, Chambers, Street, & Hsu
Air pollution potential of a rectangular city, Llewelyn
The dispersal of heat from power stations, Fryer & Howard
Hazelwood power station – data collection and analysis of cooling pond performance, Thompson
Feasibility of a submarine outfall pipe for mineral tailings, Francis & Eldridge
Turbulent pressure fluctuations on the face of a rectangular prismatic building, Holmes
Wind tunnel blockage corrections of multiple building model tests, Melbourne
Flutter instability of rectangular buildings, Saunders
Numerical studies of the biomechanics of blood circulations, Bodley, Stark & Wong
Physiological flows, Taylor