Proceedings of the Third Australasian Conference on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Table of Contents


The entraining hydraulic jump, DL Winkinson & IR Wood
An experimental water channel analogue to diabatic gas flow, RH Beaton, RD Archer & RAA Bryant
Flow resistance of asbestos-cement pipelines, DN Foster
Shock diffraction on rounded corners, BW Skews
A rationalized approach to blade element design, axial flow fans, RA Wallis
Toward the calculation and minimization of Stokes drag on bodies of arbitrary shape, EO Tuck
A laboratory study of the relationship between waves and beach profiles, J Nicholson
The motion of solitary particles on the fixed, granular bed of a stream, JRD Francis & JA Vickers
A study of air entrainment in steep open channels, KK Lai
Wind generation of water waves, Part II, PJ Bryant
A semi-numerical approach for determining the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated porous materials, KK Watson & FD Whisler
Internally compensated, externally pressurized gas bearings, AL Carpenter & J Mannam
A rational thermodynamic equation for air chamber design, HR Graze
A new technique for discrete particle study in turbulent flow, BB Sharp & IC O’Neill
The frequency response of a tide-well, BJ Noye
Development of axial flow machine design, AR Oliver
Relationship between porosity and permeability of coarse granular materials, CR Dudgeon
Wind tunnel modelling of buoyant chimney plumes, WH Melbourne
Hydraulic model study for Warragamba pipelines outlet works, LA Darvas
Note on the decay of isotropic turbulence, MJ Manton & RE Luxton
The prediction of boundary layer development on axial flow turbomachine blades, GJ Walker
The behaviour of an over-damped non-uniform manometer, PJ Banks, JB Hinwood & TJ Pollock
Simulation of ocean wave spectra in laboratories – Some non-linear effects, AJ Sutherland
Packed beds – Their dynamics, structure, fluid flow, heat transfer and other characteristics, E Szomanski
On the mean velocity distribution in turbulent flow in a chute, T Gangadharaiah, K Seetharamiah & NS Lakshmana Rao
Measurements of the spectrum of turbulence in the wall region of pipe flow, WRB Morrison
Experimental study of the division of flow in an open channel, NS Lakshmana Rao, K Sridharan & M Yahia Ali Baig
Effects of Reynolds number on wall-pressure fluctuations in constant-pressure turbulent boundary layers, MK Bull & KB Lim
Some experiments with plumes in a cross flow, IR Wood & AM Grove
On water waves generated by landslides, L Law & A Brebner
The turbulent plane jet-wake, RW Bilger
Seletar hydraulic model – Singapore, SS Lazier, Jark Chong Lau & Cho Yee Yong
Non-dimensional H 2 profiles in horizontal prismatic channels, RM Advani, MM Dandekar & JK Virmani
Hydrodynamic force coefficients for bluff cylinders of tee shape and their relevance to bridge piers, CJ Apelt & LT Isaacs
Application of the method of integral relations to flow in axisymmetric conical nozzles, SG Liddle & RD Archer
The effect of the sections used for the impeller blading of an axial flow pump on the attainable suction specific speed, DA Frith
Model studies of the cooling water system for a nuclear power station, JR Donovan & A Painter
Swells propagated from the centre of a storm, D Manabe & K Kawakatsu
Hydraulic characteristics of steeply sloping grassed spillways, KC Yong & DM Stone
A possible model for hydrothermal systems and methods of studying such a model, IG Donaldson
The measurement of air concentration at a point in closed conduit flow, EJ Fish & BB Sharp
Cavitation adjacent to plane boundaries, DC Gibson
The friction loss characteristics of asbestos-cement pipes in the Sunlands irrigation system, JB Cox
Unsteady flow in turbomachines, JH Horlock
Maximum rate of upward flow from water tables, Anat Arbhabhirama & W Sukchaem
An evaluation of the first-order approximation to the direct supersonic blunt body problem, RC Ware & RD Archer