Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Edited by T. C. W. Lau and R. M. Kelso
Published by the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society, December 2018
ISBN 978-0-646-59784-3

21AFMC Proceedings Front Matter

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Batchelor Lecture: Prof John Eaton (2018-Dec-10 09:00, Hall M)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Optimization, and Machine Learning to Understand and Model Turbulent Mixing
Milani, Pedro Montebello; Eaton, John Kelly

Parallel Session 1A: Turbulence (2018-Dec-10 10:30, Hall M)

Realisability condition for the velocity structure function in the scaling range of turbulent flows
Djenidi, Lyazid; Antonia, Robert Anthony; Tang, Shunlin

Statistical assessment of turbulence homogeneity for the head of gravity currents
Pelmard, Joe; Norris, Stuart Edward; Friedrich, Heide

Estimation of Coherent Large-Scale Structures using the Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations
Madhusudanan, Anagha; Illingworth, Simon J; Marusic, Ivan

Large-eddy simulations of decaying turbulence using the stretched-vortex subgrid model with artificial damping
Mattner, Trent William

Ultimate thermal turbulence and asymptotic ultimate turbulence induced by wall-roughness
Lohse, Detlef; Zhu, Xiaojue; Verschoof, Ruben; Mathai, Varghese; Bakhuis, Dennis; Huisman, Sander; Verzicco, Roberto; Sun, Chao

Linear estimation and control of coherent structures in wall-bounded turbulence at Re$_\tau = 2000$
Oehler, Stephan; Illingworth, Simon

Parallel Session 1B: Bluff-body Flows (2018-Dec-10 10:30, Riverbank Room 6)

Effect of Free-stream Turbulence on the Drag Force on a Flat Plate
Jafari, Azadeh; Ghanadi, Farzin; Emes, Matthew; Arjomandi, Maziar; Cazzolato, Benjamin

DES of Flow Past an Oscillating Cylinder Located Downstream of Backward-facing Step
Park, Hee Sung; Thornber, Ben

Large-eddy simulation of flow about a rotating cylinder at large Reynolds number
Pullin, Dale; Cheng, Wan; Samtaney, Ravi

A framework for understanding the flow around groups of cylinders
Hosseini, Negar; Griffith, Martin D.; Leontini, Justin S.

A Numerical Study on the Effectiveness of Shallow Dimples for Turbulent Drag Reduction via Large-eddy Simulations
Ng, Jee Hann; Jaiman, Rajeev Kumar; Lim, Tee Tai

Investigating the Flow Effects of Slots and Perforations on a Flat Blade
Toole, Matthew Lawrence; Birzer, Cristian; Kelso, Richard

Parallel Session 1C: Boundary Layers (2018-Dec-10 10:30, Riverbank Room 7)

Vortical Structures of Laminar Boundary Layer over Convergent-Divergent Riblets with Spanwise Height Variations
Xu, Fang; Zhong, Shan; Zhang, Shanying

Recovery of a turbulent boundary layer following a rough-to-smooth step-change in the wall condition
Mogeng, M. L.; de Silva, C. M.; Baidya, R.; Rouhi, A.; Chung, D.; Marusic, I.; Hutchins, N.

Secondary flow over surfaces with spanwise heterogeneity
Wangsawijaya, Dea; de Silva, Charitha; Baidya, Rio; Chung, Daniel; Marusic, Ivan; Hutchins, Nicholas

Kelvin-Helmholtz Rollers in Turbulent Flow over Riblets
Endrikat, Sebastian; Modesti, Davide; García-Mayoral, Ricardo; Hutchins, Nicholas; Chung, Daniel

An experimental investigation into the breakdown of riblet drag reduction at post-optimal conditions
Newton, Ryan; Chung, Daniel; Hutchins, Nicholas

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow over spanwise varying roughness
Xie, Michael Xinwu; Rouhi, Amirreza; Chung, Daniel; Hutchins, Nicholas

Parallel Session 1D: Biomedical Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-10 10:30, Riverbank Room 8)

Morphology Induced Variation on Nanoparticle Transport in Human Upper Tracheobronchial Airways
Ma, Jiawei; Shang, Yidan; Tian, Lin; Tu, Jiyuan

Pressure Boundary Condition Investigation for Side Branch in Coronary Bifurcation Simulations
Jiang, Bo; Poon, Eric; Illingworth, Simon; Barlis, Peter; Ooi, Andrew

Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis of a Calcified Aortic Valve
Rezaei Kivi, Araz; Sedaghatizadeh, Nima; Arjomandi, Maziar; Zander, Anthony; Cazzolato, Benjamin

Fluid-Structure Analysis of an Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery
Gholipour, Alireza; Ghayesh, Mergen H.; Zander, Anthony; Nicholls, Stephen J.; Psaltis, Peter J.

Can Difference in Pulsatile Waveform Change Patient’s Outcomes?
Poon, Eric King Wai; Thondapu, Vikas; Barlis, Peter; Ooi, Andrew

The fluid dynamics of arterio-venous fistulae and the clinical relevance
Barber, Tracie; Carroll, John; Colley, Eamonn; Thomas, Shannon; Varcoe, Ramon; Simmons, Anne

Parallel Session 1E: Turbomachines & Industrial Flows (2018-Dec-10 10:30, Riverbank Room 5)

Efficient Desalination At Low Temperature Using Low Pressure
Rossy, Miraz H.; Huynh, B. Phuoc

CFD Analysis of Fluid Flow through Reconstructed Metal Foams
Kuruneru, Sahan Trushad Wickramasooriya; Sauret, Emilie; Holmes, David; Park, Seonha; Gu, Yuantong

3D CFD simulation of a turbocharger compressor used as a turbo expander for Organic Rankine cycle
Deligant, Michael; Sauret, Emilie; Persky, Rodney; Khelladi, Sofiane; Bakir, Farid

Numerical comparisons of conical and annular-radial diffusers’ performance for high-density radial-inflow turbines
Zou, Aihong; Sauret, Emilie; Gu, YuanTong

CFD Studies on the Radial Feeding in High-Speed Vane Pumps
Rundo, Massimo; Altare, Giorgio

Direct Numerical Simulations of Centrifugal Buoyancy Induced Flow in a Closed Rotating Cavity
Saini, Deepak; Chung, Daniel; Sandberg, Richard

Parallel Session 2A: Particle-laden Flows (2018-Dec-10 14:00, Hall M)

Three-dimensional measurements of particle clusters at the exit of a turbulent pipe jet
Lau, Timothy; Frank, Jonathan H.; Nathan, Graham J.

One-way and Two-way Coupled PDF-PBE/LES Simulations of Turbulent Particle-Laden Flows
Salehi, Fatemeh; Cleary, Matthew J.; Masri, Assaad R.; Kronenburg, Andreas

Particle Capture in Arrays of Collectors
Espinosa-Gayosso, Alexis; Ghisalberti, Marco; Ivey, Greg

A study of inertial particle focusing in curved microfluidic ducts with large bend radius and low flow rate
Harding, Brendan

Lift and Drag forces on a particle near a wall at low Reynolds numbers
Ekanayake, Nilanka I.K.; Berry, Joseph D.; Stickland, Anthony D.; Muir, Ineke L.; Dower, Steven K.; Harvie, Dalton J.E.

Numerical Analysis of Jamming Conditions in a Fluid-Driven Granular Flow
Chen, Wenwen; Ho-Minh, Dao; Tan, Danielle S.

Parallel Session 2B: Oceanography (2018-Dec-10 14:00, Riverbank Room 6)

Observations of Near-bed Stress beneath Nonlinear Internal Wave Trains in the Ocean
Zulberti, Andrew P; Ivey, Greg N; Jones, Nicole L

Turbulence Characteristics of a Tidal Embayment
Suara, Kabir Adewale; Khanarmuei, Mohammadreza; Kettle, Brett T.; Brown, Richard J,

Heat and mass transport in geostrophic horizontal convection with surface wind stress
Sohail, Taimoor; Vreugdenhil, Catherine; Gayen, Bishakhdatta; Hogg, Andy

Time-Resolved Spatial Measurements of Gravity-Capillary Waves
Bhirawa, Tunggul; Kevin, Kevin; Lee, Jung Hoon; Monty, Jason Patrick

On Steady Deep-Water Wave Envelopes
Magnani, Marta; Onorato, Miguel; Gunn, David; Rudman, Murray; Kibler, Bertrand; Akhmediev, Nail; Waseda, Takuji; Chabchoub, Amin

Interaction of Korteweg–de Vries Solitons with External Sources
Ermakov, Andrei; Stepanyants, Yury

Parallel Session 2C: Hydrodynamics (2018-Dec-10 14:00, Riverbank Room 7)

Wake of a DST Submarine Model captured by Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry
Lee, Soon-Kong; Manovski, Peter; Kumar, Chetan

Identification of a Submarine Fin-tip Vortex using POD Analysis
Xue, Yunpeng; Kumar, Chetan; Lee, Soon-Kong; Giacobello, Matteo; Manovski, Peter

RANS based CFD Prediction of Submarine Hydrodynamic Loads
Pook, David Anthony; Clarke, David; Jones, Malcolm; Quick, Howard; Ranmuthugala, Dev

Boundary layer tripping study on a Generic Submarine Model in Water
Kumar, Chetan Shiva; Leong, Zhi Quan; Ranmuthugala, Dev; Binns, Jonathan; Carl, Chris; Davison, Jack; Hentschel, Lena; Courdier, Mathieu; Duffy, Jonathan

Characterisation of suction effects on a submarine body operating near the free surface
Conway, Alexander; Valentinis, Francis; Seil, Gregory

Numerical Investigation into the Effect of Incidence Flow Angles on Submarine Propeller Hydrodynamic Characteristics
Kim, Howan; Leong, Zhi Quan; Ranmuthugala, Dev; Clarke, David; Binns, Jonathan; Duffy, Jonathan

Parallel Session 2D: Aero-acoustics (2018-Dec-10 14:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Sound Generation by Planar, CH4/Air Flame Annihilation with Several Chemical Mechanisms
Brouzet, Davy; Dou, Xinbei; Talei, Mohsen; Gordon, Robert; Brear, Michael J.

Sound Generation by a Supersonic Reacting Mixing Layer
Cartmill, Ian; Gibbons, Nicholas; Wheatley, Vincent; Doolan, Con

The Flow Around A Circular Cylinder Above A Plate
Tan, Jiawei; Doolan, Con; Moreau, Danielle; Fischer, Jeoffrey

A RANS-based solution for trailing-edge noise including adverse pressure gradient effect
Chen, Li; Leung, Ronnie; Joseph, Phil

Modeling of Porous Liner Using CE/SE Method with Application to Duct Aeroacoustics
Hou, George R.; Lam, Garret C. Y.; Leung, Randolph C. K.; Aurégan, Yves

Parallel Session 2E: Flow in Built Environs (2018-Dec-10 14:00, Riverbank Room 5)

Simulation of Buoyancy Driven and Winddriven Ventilation Flow in a Three Dimensional Room Fitted with a Windcatcher
Abdo, Peter; Taghipour, Rahil; Huynh, B. Phuoc

A Numerical Investigation of the Optimum Inclination Angle of Solar Chimney subject to Different Heat Fluxes
Kong, Jing; Lei, Chengwang; Niu, Jianlei

A numerical investigation of a combined solar chimney and water wall for building ventilation
Wang, Haoyu; Lei, Chengwang

Ventilation Performance of a Solar Chimney with an External Tinted Glass Wall
Kulasekaran, Nivetha; Lei, Chengwang

Numerical investigations on the effect of swirling plume on natural draft dry cooling towers
Dai, Yuchen; Klimenko, Alexander Y.; Lu, Yuanshen; Ehsan, M. Monjurul

Pedestrian-level wind conditions around buildings for wind comfort assessment
Steer, Joseph; Li, Sing Wing Michael; Jucius, Scott Edmund; Morcom, Ned; Ghanadi, Farzin; Arjomandi, Maziar

Parallel Session 3A: Jets & Plumes (2018-Dec-10 16:00, Hall M)

Vortex Rings Ejected From Flush-mounted and Elevated Pipes
Hassan, Eyad R; Kelso, Richard M

Tilting of Vortex Rings in Cross-flow
Hassan, Eyad; Kelso, Richard M

Vortex Rings in a Stratified Fluid
Elsnab, John; Zhen, Meiyuan; Philip, Jimmy; Klewicki, Joseph

Experimental investigation into turbulent negatively buoyant jets using combined PIV and LIF measurements
Milton-McGurk, Liam; Williamson, Nicholas; Armfield, Steven; Kirkpatrick, Michael

Entrainment in Pulsing Plumes
Huang, Danlan; Williamson, Nicholas; Armfield, Steven W.

Direct Numerical Simulation of Confined Wall Plumes
George, Nitheesh; Philip, Jimmy; Ooi, Andrew

Parallel Session 3B: Combustion & Reacting Flows (2018-Dec-10 16:00, Riverbank Room 6)

Impact of fuel oxygen on morphology and nanostructure of soot particles from a diesel engine
Verma, Puneet; Jafari, Mohammad; Pickering, Edmund; Guo, Yi; Stevanovic, Svetlana; Brown, Richard; Ristovski, Zoran

Numerical Investigation of Autoignition of Singlecomponent and Multicomponent surrogate of Diesel fuel
Singh, Anirudh; Pal, Amit

Structure of (Very) Rich n-dodecane Premixed Turbulent Flames at Diesel Engine Conditions: a Criterion to Distinguish Deflagrations from Autoignition Fronts
Savard, Bruno; Dalakoti, Deepak K.; Wehrfritz, Armin; Hawkes, Evatt R.

Rich Premixed Flame in a Spatially Developing n-Dodecane Jet in Diesel Engine Conditions
Dalakoti, Deepak; Savard, Bruno; Wehrfritz, Armin; Day, Marc; Bell, John; Hawkes, Evatt

Investigation of Diesel Engine Combustion Instability using a Dynamical Systems Approach
Jafari, Mohammad; Verma, Puneet; Zare, Ali; Bodisco, Timothy A.; Ristovski, Zoran D.; Brown, Richard J.

Study of Natural Gas Injection Timings on a Downsized and Boosted, Multi-Cylinder Direct Injection (DI) Engine
Kar, Tanmay; Zhou, zhenbiao; Lacey, Joshua; Yang, Yi; Brear, Michael

Simulation of a Rotating Detonation Ramjet Model in Mach 4 Flow
Zhao, Mengmeng; Buttsworth, David; Gollan, Rowan; Jacobs, Peter

Simulation of Forced Ignition in a Mach 6 Scramjet Combustor
Curran, Damian Robert; Wheatley, Vincent; Smart, Michael K

Parallel Session 3C: Environmental Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-10 16:00, Riverbank Room 7)

Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Over Streamwise Heterogeneous Canopies: Quadrant Analysis
Sutherland, Duncan; Philip, Jimmy; Ooi, Andrew; Moinuddin, Khalid

Shear Stresses on Beds with Large Roughness Elements
Etminan Farooji, Vahid; Conde-Frias, Mario; Abdolahpour, Maryam; Ghisalberti, Marco; Lowe, Ryan

The impact of waves on aquatic canopy flow
Abdolahpour, Maryam; Ghisalberti, Marco

Changes in the near-surface hydrodynamics of a monochromatic gravity wave field due to a cylindrical-shaped intrusion in the liquid surface
Prata Jr, Ademir Abdala; Felder, Stefan; Flocard, Francois; Santos, Jane Meri; Stuetz, Richard

Linear Stability Analysis and Direct Numerical Simulations of Swirling Buoyant Flows
Singh, J.; Blackburn, H. M.; Lopez, J. M.; Smits, A. J.

High Resolution Simulation of turbulent boundary layer under convection and ambient flow at ice-ocean interface
Mondal, Mainak; Gayen, Bishakhdatta; Griffiths, Ross W.

Compression Wave Propagation in Asymmetrical Canals
Fernando, Ramith; Leng, Xinqian; Chanson, Hubert

The role of Turbulent Convection and wind in Geostrophic Circulation: Direct Numerical Simulation Study
Jena, Smruti Ranjan; Gayen, Bishakhdatta; Vreugdenhil, Catherine A.; Griffiths, Ross W.

Parallel Session 3D: Pipe, Duct & Confined Flows (2018-Dec-10 16:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Quadruple decomposition of current-dominated pulsatile rough-wall turbulent pipe flow
Jelly, Thomas O.; Chin, Rey C.; Illingworth, Simon J.; Monty, Jason P.; Marusic, Ivan; Ooi, Andrew S. H.

Numerical Investigation of Secondary Flows in a Turbulent Pipe Flow with Sinusoidal Roughness
Chan, Leon; MacDonald, Michael; Chung, Daniel; Hutchins, Nicholas; Ooi, Andrew

Low Reynolds number turbulent swirling pipe flows
Chin, Rey; Philip, Jimmy

An investigation of turbulence structures in very-high-frequency pulsatile pipe flow
Cheng, Ginn Z.; Jelly, Thomas O.; Illingworth, Simon J.; Ooi, Andrew S.H.

Mixing uniformity of emissions for point-wise measurements in exhaust ducts
Kirch, Thomas; Evans, Michael J.; Medwell, Paul R.; Rapp, Vi H.; Birzer, Cristian H.; Gadgil, Ashok J.

The effect of aspect ratio on the flow characteristics of a Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor
Long, Shen; Lau, Timothy; Chinnici, Alfonso; Tian, Zhao Feng; Dally, Bassam; Nathan, Graham

Experimental Investigation of the Flow Characteristics Near the Aperture of a Model Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor
Alipourtarzanagh, Elham; Chinnici, Alfonso; Tian, Zhao Feng; Nathan, Graham; Dally, Bassam

Parallel Session 3E: Computational Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-10 16:00, Riverbank Room 5)

Validation of Different Fan Modelling Techniques in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Franzke, Randi; Sebben, Simone

Experiments and Simulations of an Accelerating Buoyancy-Driven Model
Yen, Joshua S Y; Butler, Daniel; Lamos, Daniel; Seers, Jeffrey; Clarke, David B; Cairns, Russell; Rowan, Martin; Skvortsov, Alex

Assessing OpenFOAM for DNS of Turbulent Non-Newtonian Flow in a Pipe
Zheng, Enzu; Rudman, Murray; Singh, Jagmohan; Kuang, Shibo

Suitability of Different Numerical Models for Simulating Flow over a Hemispherical Protuberance
Enshaei, Parsa; McCarthy, Jesse; Giacobello, Matteo; Thornber, Ben

Reappraisal of the constants $C_{epsilon_2}$ and $C_{epsilon_1}$ in the $k-bar epsilon$ turbulence model
Tang, Shunlin

A Comparison of a Modified Curvilinear Approach for Compressible Problems in Spherical Geometry and a Truly Spherical High-Order Method
El Rafei, Moutassem; Heidt, Liam; Thornber, Ben

Keynote III: Prof Beverley McKeon (2018-Dec-11 08:30, Hall M)

Control of wall shear flows and the potential for “designer turbulence”
McKeon, Beverley

Parallel Session 4A: Flow Control (2018-Dec-11 10:00, Hall M)

Numerical Study of a NACA0015 Circulation Control Aerofoil Using Synthetic Jets
Itsariyapinyo, Pititat; Sharma, Rajnish

Empirical scaling analysis of jet control using unsteady minijet
Perumal, Arun Kumar; Zhou, Yu

Resolvent-based feedback control of vortex shedding at low Reynolds numbers
Jin, Bo; Sandberg, Richard D.; Illingworth, Simon J.

Artificial intelligence control of a turbulent jet
Fan, Dewei; Zhou, Yu; Noack, Bernd R

Active Control of Large-Scales in a High-Reynolds-number Turbulent Boundary Layer
Ruan, Zhoushun; Baars, Woutijn J.; Abbassi, Mohammad R.; Hutchins, Nicholas; Marusic, Ivan

Form-induced stress in turbulent flow over riblets
Modesti, Davide; Endrikat, Sebastian; Garcia-Mayoral, Ricardo; Hutchins, Nicholas; Chung, Daniel

Distribution and Flow Control In Different Aspect Ratio Manifolds with High Speed Flow
Findanis, Nicholas

Parallel Session 4B: Heat Transfer (2018-Dec-11 10:00, Riverbank Room 6)

Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Wind Speed, Aperture Ratio and Tilt Angle on the Convective Heat Losses from a Solar Cavity Receiver
Lee, Ka Lok; Chinnici, Alfonso; Jafarian, Mehdi; Arjomandi, Maziar; Dally, Bassam; Nathan, Graham

Prandtl number dependence of the onset of instability for differentially heated cavity flow
Norris, Stuart Edward

A comparison between Boussinesq and non-Boussinesq approximations for numerical simulation of natural convection in an annulus cavity
Mayeli, Peyman; Sheard, Gregory

Numerical Study of the Transition of a Buoyant Plume from a Three-dimensional Open Cavity Heated from Below
Qiao, Manman; Tian, Zhaofeng; Xu, Feng

Transition to chaos in a V-shaped cavity heated from below
Bhowmick, Sidhartha; Xu, Feng

Vortex Dynamics within a Bladed Structure in Mixed Convection
Torres, Juan Felipe; Ghanadi, Farzin; Arjomandi, Maziar; Pye, John

Dynamics of rotating horizontal convection with a moving heated surface
Tsai, TzeKih; Hussam, Wisam K.; Sheard, Gregory J.

Horizontal Convection: Shallow Enclosures Confine Heating and Cooling Near Sidewalls
Hossain, Sajjad; Vo, Tony; Sheard, Gregory J.

Parallel Session 4C: Boundary Layers (2018-Dec-11 10:00, Riverbank Room 7)

21st Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference: Eigenfunctions of the Orr-Sommerfeld/Squire Operator for Channel Flow
Leonard, Anthony

Boundary Layer Measurements on a Slender Body using Long-Distance PIV
Manovski, Peter; Jones, Malcolm; Henbest, Simon; Xue, Yunpeng; Giacobello, Matteo

Formation mechanism of internal shear layers in a developing turbulent boundary layer
Lee, Will Junghoon; Kozul, Melissa; Hutchins, Nicholas; Monty, Jason

Turbulent flow above wind-generated waves: conditional statistics and POD structures
Kevin, Kevin; Philip, Jimmy; Lee, Jung Hoon; Bhirawa, Tunggul; Monty, Jason

Investigation of the factors contributing to skin friction coefficient in adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer flow using direct numerical simulation
Senthil, Shevarjun; Atkinson, Callum; Kitsios, Vassili; Sekimoto, Atsushi; Soria, Julio

Periodicity of large-scale coherence in turbulent boundary layers
de Silva, Charitha; Chandran, Dileep; Baidya, Rio; Hutchins, Nicholas; Marusic, Ivan

Disturbance Evolution in Rotating Boundary Layers
Thomas, Christian; Davies, Christopher

On the origin of the circular hydraulic jump: a differential analysis
Bhagat, Rajesh; Linden, P. F.; Jha, N. K.; Wilson, D. I.

Parallel Session 4D: Atmospheric Research (2018-Dec-11 10:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Stochastic Subgrid Turbulence Parameterisation of Eddy-Eddy, Eddy-Meanfield, Eddy-Topographic and Meanfield-Meanfield Interactions in the Atmosphere
Kitsios, Vassili; Frederiksen, Jorgen S.

Markovian inhomogeneous closures for Rossby waves and turbulence over topography
O'Kane, Terence J.; Frederiksen, Jorgen S.

Coherent structures under different stratification stability conditions in the atmospheric surface layer
Li, Xuebo; Hutchins, Nicholas; Marusic, Ivan; Zheng, Xiaojing

Estimating the Turbulence Length Scales from Cross-Correlation Measurements in the Atmospheric Surface Layer
Emes, Matthew John; Jafari, Azadeh; Arjomandi, Maziar

Investigation of Speed-up in Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flow Over Two-dimensional Complex Terrain
Parkinson, Dustin D.; Safaei Pirooz, Amir A.; Flay, Richard G.J.

Wind Characteristics during Cyclones in Suva, Fiji, for the Last Six Cyclone Seasons
Kutty, Saiyad Shamsher; Ahmed, M. Rafiuddin; Khan, M.G.M.

A comparative study of wind fields generated by different inlet parameters and their effects on fire spread using Fire Dynamics Simulator
Singha Roy, Sesa; Sutherland, Duncan; Khan, Nazmul; Moinuddin, Khalid

Wind Speed Forecasting using Regression, Time Series and Neural Network Models: a Case Study of Kiribati
Arzu, Arieni; Kutty, Saiyad Shamsher; Ahmed, M. Rafiuddin; Khan, M. G. M.

Keynote IV: Prof Julio Soria (2018-Dec-11 13:00, Hall M)

Three-component Three-dimensional (3C-3D) Fluid Flow Velocimetry For Flow Turbulence Investigations
Soria, Julio

Parallel Session 5A: Experimental Techniques & Facilities (2018-Dec-11 14:00, Hall M)

Time-Averaged Three-Dimensional Density and Temperature Field Measurement of a Turbulent Heated Jet Using Background-Oriented Schlieren
Amjad, Shoaib; Soria, Julio; Atkinson, Callum

Effect of Particle Loading on Interference in Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Thermometry
Lewis, Elliott William; Lau, Timothy; Sun, Zhiwei; Nathan, Graham; Alwahabi, Zeyad

Simultaneous velocity and density measurements using PIV and PLIF in turbulent axisymmetric buoyant plumes
Mishra, Himanshu; Philip, Jimmy

Low cost high speed digital cameras for experimental fluid mechanics
Duke, Daniel; Knast, Thomas; Edgington-Mitchell, Daniel

Testing of AGARD-B Standard Models in the DST Group Transonic Wind Tunnel
Dawes-Lynch, Joshua Phillip; Lee, Soon-Kong

Using Radiative Heating to Perform Fluid-Thermal-Structural Interaction Experiments in a Short-Duration Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
Neely, Andrew James; Currao, Gaetano MD; McQuellin, Liam Patrick

Parallel Session 5B: Particle & Bubble-laden Flows (2018-Dec-11 14:00, Riverbank Room 6)

Effect of Wall Protrusions on Granular Segregation in a Vertically-Shaken Vessel
Ho, Joelle Y. H.; Tan, Danielle S.

Significance of Chute-Related Factors on Segregation of a Granular Chute Flow
Panda, Saleema; Tan, Danielle S.

Towards closure relations for the rise velocity of Taylor bubbles in annular piping using phase-field lattice Boltzmann techniques
Mitchell, Travis Ryan; Leonardi, Christopher Ross; Firouzi, Mahshid; Towler, Brian Francis

Large Eddy Simulation of Gas-Liquid Flow in a Partially Aerated Bubble Column
Zhu, Shuang Jie; Ooi, Andrew; Manasseh, Richard

Bubble Growth due to Convective Heat Transfer in Micro-gravity Environment
Sharif, Syed Ahsan; Ho, Mark Kai Ming; Timchenko, Victoria; Yeoh, Guan Heng

Singular Air Entrapment at Vertical and Horizontal Supported Jets
Müller, Livia; Chanson, Hubert

Parallel Session 5C: Hydrodynamics (2018-Dec-11 14:00, Riverbank Room 7)

Sensitivity of HF Radar Signatures of Ship Wakes to Hull Geometry Parameters
Anderson, Stuart John

Estimation of a Ship’s Nominal Wake Fraction Through Full-Scale Speed Trials
Dubois, Arno; Binns, Jonathan R

Surface Pressure of Inclined Slender-Body Flows
Lee, Soon-Kong; Jones, Malcolm

Nucleation Effects on Hydrofoil Tip Vortex Cavitation
Khoo, M. T.; Venning, J. A.; Pearce, B. W.; Brandner, P. A.

Investigation of a Canonical All-Movable Control Surface in Thickened Boundary Layers
Ellis, Christopher Luke; Clarke, David B; Butler, Daniel; Brandner, Paul

Effects of Super-Hydrophobic Coatings on Free Falling Spheres
Castagna, Marco; Eisfelder, Michael; Taylor, Hamish; Mazellier, Nicolas; Kourta, Azeddine; Soria, Julio

Parallel Session 5D: Compressible Flow (2018-Dec-11 14:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Design of a Panel Flutter Experiment in a Short Duration Hypersonic Facility
Currao, Gaetano; Freydin, Maxim; Dowell, Earl; McQuellin, Liam; Neely, Andrew

The effect of streamwise pressure distribution on the aeroelastic deformation of hypersonic trailing-edge flaps
Bhattrai, Sudip; Neely, Andrew J.; Currao, Gaetano M. D.; McQuellin, Liam P.

Receptivity analysis in under-expanded supersonic impinging jets
Karami, Shahram; Stegeman, Paul; Theofilis, Vassilis; Ooi, Andrew; Soria, Julio

Flow characteristics of an air jet in a Mach 3 crossflow
Wills, Angus O; McCreton, Sean F; Zhang, Ziao; Awasthi, Manuj; Doolan, Con J; Moreau, Danielle J; Miller, Warrick A

Two-dimensional Axisymmetric Simulation of Under-expanded Supersonic Impinging Jet
LI, Minghang; Soria, Julio; Ooi, Andrew

Supersonic jets with inverse square gravity and volcanoes
Hornung, Hans G

Parallel Session 6A: Jets & Wakes (2018-Dec-11 16:00, Hall M)

A Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Sidewalls on the Flow-field of a Slot Synthetic jet
Krishan, Gopal; Aw, Kean C; Sharma, Rajnish N

Development of a Verification Methodology for Large-Eddy Simulation of Underexpanded Natural Gas Jets
Yosri, MohammadReza; Lacey, Joshua Stuart; Talei, Mohsen; Gordon, Robert Lindsay; Brear, Michael John

Numerical study of the effects of velocity ratio on co-flow jet characteristics
Zhang, Xinchen; Chin, Cheng

Measurement of Axisymmetric Water Vapour Jet Development Using TDLAS.
Al-manea, Ahmed Razzaq; Buttsworth, David; Leis, John; Choudhury, Rishabh; Saleh, Khalid

Parallel Session 6B: Combustion & Reacting Flows (2018-Dec-11 16:00, Riverbank Room 6)

A DNS Evaluation of a Novel Multiple Mapping Conditioning Model with a Mixture Fraction-like Reference Variable
Li, Zisen; Wehrfritz, Armin; Savard, Bruno; Hawkes, Evatt

A Premixed Jet Flame behind a Conical Bluff-Body: Its Traditional versus MILD Combustion Characteristics
Wang, Guochang; Si, Jicang; Mi, Jianchun

Performance characteristics of a Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor fed with Hydrogen and operating in the MILD Combustion regime
Chinnici, Alfonso; Nathan, Graham J; Dally, Bassam B

A Premixed Jet Flame behind a Conical Bluff Body: Its MILD Combustion Characteristics versus the Conventional Counterpart
Wang, Guochang; Si, Jicang; Mi, Jianchun

Air permeability of the litter layer in temperate forests of south-east Australia
Wang, Houzhi; Tian, Zhao F.; Medwell, Paul R.; Birzer, Cristian H.; van Eyk, Philip J.; Possell, Malcolm

Parallel Session 6C: Environmental Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-11 16:00, Riverbank Room 7)

Modelling Low Velocity Zones in Box Culverts to Assist Fish Passage
LENG, XINQIAN; Chanson, Hubert

Shallow Water Island Wakes in Unsteady Tidal Flows
Branson, Paul Mathew; Ghisalberti, Marco; Ivey, Gregory Neil

Nonsymmetric Holmboe instabilities in arrested salt-wedge flows
Yang, Adam J.K.; Tedford, Edmund W.; Lawrence, Gregory A.

Using Lagrangian Coherent Structures to Investigate Tidal Transport Barriers in Moreton Bay, Queensland
Ghosh, Anusmriti; Suara, Kabir Adewale; Yu, Yvonne; Zhang, Hong; Brown, Richard

Assimilation of Lagrangian Drifter Data into a Hydrodynamic Model: Evaluation of Model Performance
Khanarmuei, Mohammadreza; Suara, Kabir; W McCue, Scott; J Brown, Richard

Parallel Session 6D: Fluid-structure Interaction (2018-Dec-11 16:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Energy Harvesting of Two Inverted Piezoelectric Flags in Tandem Arrangement
Mazharmanesh, Soudeh; Young, John; Tian, Fangbao; Lai, Joseph

Fluid--structure interaction of a flexible plate vertically fixed in a laminar boundary layer over a rigid wall
Wang, Li; Lei, Chengwang; Tian, Fang-Bao

Vortex-Induced Vibration of Two-Dimensional Isotoxal-Star Elements for Enhanced Wind Energy Harvesting
Lee, Yin Jen; Zhou, Guangya; Estruch-Samper, David; Lua, Kim Boon

Pang, Jianhua

Instability of a Compliant Channel Conveying Steady and Pulsatile Turbulent Flows
Tsigklifis, Konstantinos; Lucey, Anthony {Tony}

Parallel Session 7A: Micro/bio Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-12 10:00, Hall M)

Size-dependent bifurcations of microtubes conveying fluid flow embedded in a nonlinear elastic medium
Farajpour Ouderji, Ali; H. Ghayesh, Mergen; Farokhi, Hamed

Viscoelastic local dynamics of microtubes conveying fluid
H. Ghayesh, Mergen; Farajpour Ouderji, Ali; Farokhi, Hamed

Examining flow dynamics of platelet function in micro-contractions using micro-PIV
Akbaridoust, Farzan; de Silva, Charitha; Brazilek, Rose; Chen, Xiao; Tovar-Lopez, Francisco; Poon, Eric; Ooi, Andrew; Mitchell, Arnan; Nandurkar, Harshal; Nesbitt, Warwick; Marusic, Ivan

A numerical study of pulsatile microflows for embryo culturing in microfluidics
Shi, Jiaming; Dong, Jun; Chen, Huaying; Sun, Yijuan; Sun, Xiaoxi; Zhu, Yonggang

Application of High-order Lattice Boltzmann for Binary Diffusive Mixing in Microfluidics: Comparison against Fluorescent Microscopy
From, Christopher Soriano; Sauret, Emilie; Galindo-Torres, Sergio Andres; Hejazian, Majid; Li, Zirui; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Gu, YuanTong

Capillary Microflows in Porous Metals
Yang, Xuting; Yang, Yue; Zhu, Yonggang

A study of the steady and unsteady flow in coils
Denier, Jim

Modelling the Effects of pH on Subsurface Microbial Growth Processes
Masum, Shakil Al; Thomas, Hywel Rhys

Parallel Session 7B: Heat Transfer (2018-Dec-12 10:00, Riverbank Room 6)

Heat Transfer Enhancement via Inhomogeneous Thermal Conductivity within Vertical Magnetohydrodynamic Ducts
Camobreco, Christopher John; Sheard, Gregory J

Heat Transfer in a Radiatively Heated Particle-laden Laminar Jet Flow
Kueh, Kimberley C.Y.; Lau, Timothy C.W.; Alwahabi, Zeyad; Nathan, Graham J.

Investigation of heat transfer enhancement in dimpled pipe flow
Albanesi, Alexander William; Daish, Kyle David; Dally, Bassam; Chin, Rey Cheng

Heat transport in two-phase vertical natural convection using an Euler-Lagrange approach
Ng, Chong Shen; Spandan, Vamsi; Lohse, Detlef; Verzicco, Roberto

Centrifugal Buoyancy Driven Turbulent Convection in a Thin Cylindrical Shell
Rouhi, Amirreza; Chung, Daniel; Marusic, Ivan; Lohse, Detlef; Sun, Chao

Scaling for Transient Natural Convection Flow in an Enclosure with Isoflux Heating
Bi, Chris Y.; Armfield, Steven W.; Williamson, Nicholas; Kirkpatrick, Michael P.; Norris, Stuart E.

The operational characteristics of a pulsating heat pipe (PHP) under different startup modes
Kathait, Pawan Singh; Sharma, Rajnish N

Passive Cooling Method of Energy Reduction Using Fins-Type Heat-Pipe Heat Exchanger
Abdullah, Zulkarnaini; Huynh, B. Phuoc

Parallel Session 7C: Aerodynamics (2018-Dec-12 10:00, Riverbank Room 7)

Numerical Study of Interactive Flow Field for a Canard Rotor Wing Aircraft
Sun, Wei; Wang, Hui; Shang, Ze-jin

Numerical investigation of clean and ice-accreted aerofoils at low Reynolds number and low angle of attack
Oo, Nay Lin; Sharma, Rajnish; Richards, Peter

Spatial Development of Trailing Vortices in the Far-Wake of a Delta Wing
Morris, Sarah; Williamson, C. H. K.

Examination of the Details of 2D Vorticity Generation Around the Airfoil During Starting and Stopping Phases
Wang, Alwin Renmin; Blackburn, Hugh Maurice

Simulations of Tandem and Coaxial Rotors using a CFD-coupled Rotor Model
Linton, Daniel; Ronny, Widjaja; Ben, Thornber

Time-Accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of the LHA Ship Airwake
Cvengros, Matus; Linton, Daniel; Thornber, Ben

Effects of Wavy Wall Roughness Elements on the Aerodynamic Performance of a NACA0012 Airfoil
Gao, Wei; Samtaney, Ravi

Characterisation of Mushroom Structures on Airfoils: CFD and Wind Tunnel Investigation
Sarlak, Hamid; Sørensen, Jens N.

Parallel Session 7D: Jets & Wakes (2018-Dec-12 10:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Energetics of Instability Modes in the Cylinder Wake
Ng, Zhi Yuen; Vo, Tony; Sheard, Gregory John

Experimental study on vortex formation in a screen cylinder wake
Zhou, Tongming; Azmi, A.M.

Experimental study on flow structures of a screen cylinder wake using PIV
Sun, Chenlin; Zhou, Tongming; Azmi, A.M.

Numerical Investigations of Flow Over a Confined Circular Cylinder
Purushotman, Mathupriya; Chan, Leon; Hasini, Hasril; Ooi, Andrew

Flow Past a Diamond Cylinder at Moderate Reynolds Numbers
Jiang, Hongyi; Cheng, Liang; An, Hongwei; Tong, Feifei; Yang, Fan

Model-Based Estimation of Vortex Shedding in an Unsteady Cylinder Wake
Gong, Jiwen; Monty, Jason P.; Illingworth, Simon J.

Low Reynolds number wakes of two Staggered Circular Cylinders
Liu, Brian; An, Hongwei

Wake of rotating and translating sphere at low Reynolds number
Chandel, Aaditya; Das, Shyama Prasad

Keynote VI: Prof Yvonne Stokes (2018-Dec-12 13:30, Hall M)

Extensional-flow theory with application to fibre drawing
Stokes, Yvonne

Parallel Session 8A: Viscous & Non-Newtonian Flows (2018-Dec-12 14:30, Hall M)

A Low Cost Extensional Viscometer for Small Relaxation Times
Liow, Jong-Leng

Nonlinear Exact Coherent Structures in power-law fluids in pipe geometry
Ozcakir, Ozge Makbule

Evaluation of the temperature-dependent rheology of non-Brownian particle suspensions via direct numerical simulation
Leonardi, Christopher Ross; McCullough, Jon William Shaw; Wang, Duo; Aminossadati, Saiied Mostafa

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Slag Thickness Effect on the Formation of Slag Eye in a Water Model of a Steel Making Ladle
Ramasetti, Eshwar Kumar; Visuri, Ville-Valtteri; Sulasalmi, Petri; Fabritius, Timo

Parallel Session 8B: Oceanography (2018-Dec-12 14:30, Riverbank Room 6)

Soliton Spectra of Random Water Waves in Shallow Basins
Giovanangeli, Jean-Paul; Kharif, Christian; Stepanyants, Yury

Asymptotic Description of Localized Solutions to 2-D Linear and Nonlinear Wave Equation With Degenerated Velocity and Application to the Tsunami Run-up Problem
Dobrokhotov, Sergey

Parallel Session 8C: Stratified Flows (2018-Dec-12 14:30, Riverbank Room 7)

Resonance in Natural Convection Flow Subjected to Time-varying Thermal Forcing in an Air-filled Cavity
Zhou, Linjing; Armfield, Steven; Williamson, Nicholas; Kirkpatrick, Michael; Lin, Wenxian

Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Stratified Gravity Current Flow with Varying Stratification and Aspect Ratio
Lam, Wai Kit; Chan, Leon; Hasini, Hasril; Ooi, Andrew

Filling Box Flow with Weak Plane Fountain: The Effect of the Reynolds and Prandtl Numbers
Dong, Liqiang; Lin, Wenxian; Armfield, S. W.; Kirkpatrick, M. P.; Williamson, N.; Zhao, Dan

Entrainment in the Crown Region of Forced Turbulent Fountains
Awin, Layth Ali; Armfield, Steven W.; Kirkpatrick, Michael P.; Williamson, Nicholas; Lin, Wenxian

Parallel Session 8D: Experimental Techniques & Facilities (2018-Dec-12 14:30, Riverbank Room 8)

A Taylor-Couette System for the Experimental Study of the Influence of Surface Roughness
Atkinson, Callum; Amjad, Shoaib; Soria, Julio

Experimental Flow Reconstruction Using Resolvent Analysis and Data-Assimilation
Symon, Sean Pearson; McKeon, Beverley Jane

Infrared Thermographic Rapid Analysis of Forced Flow Transition via the Hama Strip
Purser, Christopher; Marzocca, Pier; Marino, Matthew; Pook, David

Selective optical manipulation of particles in acoustic levitation
Dumy, Gabriel; Aider, Jean-Luc; Hoyos, Mauricio

Parallel Session 9A: Jets & Wakes (2018-Dec-12 16:00, Hall M)

Evolution of the Turbulent Far Wake of a Sphere
Skidmore, Grant Marston; Philip, Jimmy; Monty, Jason Patrick

Influence of Pressure Gradient on Plane Wake Evolution in a Constant Area Section
Lav, Chitrarth; Sandberg, Richard; Philip, Jimmy

PIV measurements of a Wake from a Rough Flat Plate
Lawrence, Sean Timothy Edward; Atkinson, Callum; Soria, Julio

Downstream Recovery of Turbulence Kinetic Energy in the Wake of a Turbulent Boundary Layer Wing-Body Junction Flow
Zimmerman, Spencer James; Philip, Jimmy; Marino, Nicholas; Klewicki, Joseph

Characteristics of passive scalar within Kármán vortices
Chen, Jiangang; Antonia, Robert; Zhou, Yu; Zhou, Tongming

The appearance of subharmonic modes in bluff body wakes
Leontini, Justin Scott; Griffith, Martin Daniel; Lo Jacono, David

Parallel Session 9B: Combustion & Reacting Flows (2018-Dec-12 16:00, Riverbank Room 6)

Variation of residence time in non-premixed turbulent bluff-body ethylene flames as a function of burner diameter
Rowhani, Amir; Chinnici, Alfonso; Evans, Michael J.; Medwell, Paul R.; Nathan, Graham J.; Dally, Bassam B.

LES of a temporally evolving non-premixed CO/H2 jet flame involving extinction and re-ignition
Ranadive, Harshad Dilip; Savard, Bruno; Hawkes, Evatt R.

DNS of a Turbulent Premixed Jet Flame with Fully Developed Turbulent Inlet
Ma, Man-Ching Dominic; Talei, Mohsen; Sandberg, Richard D.

The role of diffusion on the products of cool laminar n-heptane/air premixed flames
Lam, Katherine; Wehrfritz, Armin; Hawkes, Evatt R.; Savard, Bruno

On the Evolution of Soot in Laminar Diffusion Flames, Part I: Effects of Oxygen Enhancement in the Coflow Stream
Ashraf, Muhammad Awais; Dunn, Matthew; Bartos, Daniel; Masri, Assaad; Sirignano, Mariano; D'Anna, Andrea

On the Evolution of Soot in Laminar Diffusion Flames, Part II: Effects of Carbon Dioxide Dilution in Oxygen Enhanced Environment
Ashraf, Muhammad Awais; Dunn, Matthew; Massri, Assaad; Bartos, Daniel; Sirignano, Mariano; D'Anna, Andrea

Parallel Session 9C: Biomedical Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-12 16:00, Riverbank Room 7)

Aerosol Particle Transport and Deposition in a CT-Based Lung Airway for Helium-Oxygen Mixture
Islam, Mohammad Saidul; Saha, Suvash Chandra; Young, Paul M.

Ultrafine Particle Transport and Deposition in the Upper Airways of a CT-Based Realistic Lung
Saha, Suvash C.; Islam, Mohammad S.; Luo, Zhen

Effect of Degree of Stenosis on the Pressure Drop in a Coronary Artery
Freidoonimehr, Navid; Chin, Rey; Arjomandi, Maziar; Zander, Anthony

Dynamic Analysis of Myocardial Bridging: Impact of Heart Compression Force on Fractional Flow Reserve
Yi, Jie; Tian, Fangbao; Barber, Tracie

Modelling of Gas Transport in an Apneic Airway Undergoing Nasal High Flow Therapy
Van Hove, Sibylle; Suresh, Vinod; Cater, John Edward

Parallel Session 9D: Fluid-structure Interaction (2018-Dec-12 16:00, Riverbank Room 8)

Modelling of a Cantilevered Flexible Plate undergoing Large-Amplitude Oscillations due to a High Reynolds-Number Axial Flow.
Evetts, Reilly; Howell, Richard Martyn; Lucey, Tony

Modes of Synchronisation for Oscillatory Cylinder in Steady Flow at Various Angles of Attack
Tong, Feifei; Cheng, Liang; An, Hongwei; Jiang, Hongyi

Linear and Nonlinear Lift Frequency Response of a Pitching Membrane Wing at Low Reynolds Numbers
Nardini, Massimiliano; Illingworth, Simon J.; Sandberg, Richard D.

Application of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Fluid Thermal Structure Interaction Problems
Cai, Zhemin; Thornber, Ben

Wake behind a linear ramped streamwise oscillating cylinder
Hu, Zhanwei; Liu, Jinsheng; Gan, Lian; Xu, Shengjin

Active Vibration Control of a Sphere Using Rotary Oscillations
McQueen, Thomas Richard; Zhao, Jisheng; Sheridan, John; Thompson, Mark Christopher

Parallel Session 10A: Wind & Renewables (2018-Dec-13 10:30, Hall M)

Analysis of the Span-wise and Chord-wise Spacing of a 2-Bladed Savonius Wind Turbine
Toole, Matthew Lawrence; Birzer, Cristian; Kelso, Richard

A Comparison between the Particle Erosion Technique and Omnidirectional Irwin Probe for an Auckland Wind Environment Study
Li, Yin Fai; Goodwin, Benjamin Edward; Flay, Richard George James

CFD investigation of cross-flow effects on fire-wind enhancement
Eftekharian, Esmaeel; Ghodrat, Maryam; Ong, Robert H; He, Yaping; Kwok, Kenny C.S

Dissipative factors in the free-decay behaviour of an Oscillating Water Column
Manasseh, Richard; Puticiu, Liviu; Hasan, Mohammed Kamrul; Leontini, Justin

Cooling System design and Performance Analysis for a Supercritical CO2 Recompression Cycle
Ehsan, Mohammad Monjurul; Duniam, Sam; Lock, Andrew; Dai, Yuchen; Guan, Zhiqiang; Klimenko, A.Y.; Gurgenci, H.

Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation of Wind Shear Effects on non-Stratified Open Channel Flow
Lashkarbolouk, Hadi; Kirkpatrick, Michael; Williamson, Nicholas; Armfield, Steve; Lin, Wenxian

Investigation of chemical heat storage processes for recovering exhaust gas energy in internal combustion engines
Cao, Duc Luong; Hong, Guang; Le, Tuan Anh

CFD Simulations of a Newly Developed Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Platform using OpenFOAM
Sarlak, Hamid; Pegalajar-Jurado, Antonio; Bredmose, Henrik

Parallel Session 10B: Droplets & Sprays (2018-Dec-13 10:30, Riverbank Room 6)

Chamber Geometry Effect on Non-Evaporating Diesel Spray Evolution
Nguyen, Dung Trung; Honnery, Damon Robert

Numerical Modelling of Diesel Fuel Multiphase Evaporation in Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
Raza, Ali; Latif, Rizwan; Raza, Mohsin; Shafi, Imran

Investigation of Secondary Breakup in DI High Torque Diesel Engine at different Injection pressure
Raza, Mohsin; Latif, Rizwan; Raza, Ali; Shafi, Imran

Modelling Primary Atomization and its effects on spray Characteristics under Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Condition
Haq, Muteeb ul; Latif, Rizwan; Shafi, Imran; Javaid, Ali

Simulation of Droplet Impact and Spreading using a Simple Dynamic Contact Angle Model
Mallinson, Samuel George; B, Tracie; Yeoh, Guan; McBain, Geordie

Phase Change and Heat Transfer of a Falling Droplet
Mohammadi, Elham; King, Andrew; Narayanaswamy, Ramesh

Temporal Numerical Simulation of Atomization of Liquid Jet using Diffuse Interface Model
Sugiura, Hiroaki; Tsujimoto, Koichi; Shakouchi, Toshihiko; Ando, Toshitake

Large Eddy Simulation and Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Internal Flow Structure of Pressure Swirl Atomizer
Vashahi, Foad; Rezaei, Shahnaz; Lee, Jeekeun

Parallel Session 10C: Boundary Layers (2018-Dec-13 10:30, Riverbank Room 7)

Stability of the Non-Newtonian Asymptotic Suction Boundary Layer
Stephen, Sharon Olivia; Griffiths, Paul Travis

Stability of a Self-Similar Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
Eisfelder, Michael Phillip; Müller, Jens Satria; Sekimto, Atsushi; Buchner, Abel-John; Kitsios, Vassili; Atkinson, Callum; Oberleithner, Kilian; Soria, Julio

Boundary layer transition on the surface of a cylinder in oscillating flow
Ju, Xiaoying; An, Hongwei; Cheng, Liang; Tong, Feifei

Convection velocity of temperature fluctuations in a natural convection boundary layer
Talluru, Krishna; Pan, Hillary; Chauhan, Kapil; Patterson, John

Curvature Effect on the Critical Rayleigh Number of the Instability of Natural Convection Boundary Layers
Zhao, Yongling; Lei, Chengwang; Patterson, John

Quadrant Analysis of Couette-Poiseuille Flows on the Verge of Separation
Wu, Zehuan; Sekimoto, Atsushi; Atkinson, Callum; Soria, Julio

Parallel Session 10D: Compressible Flow (2018-Dec-13 10:30, Riverbank Room 8)

Transient Start-up of a Sonic Jet in Hypersonic Crossflow
Miller, Warrick; Doolan, Con; Medwell, Paul; Kim, Minkwan

Investigating the use of Walsh functions for computing flows with unsteady shocks
Border, Jamie; Gollan, Rowan John

Numerical investigation of wall effects on shock-induced oscillation
Huang, Haimin; Giannelis, Nicholas; Geoghegan, Jack; Vio, Gareth; Thornber, Ben; Giacobello, Matteo; Lam, Stephen

A Novel Method for Determination of Convective Velocity of Coherent Structures in High Speed Flows
Sikroria, Tushar; Soria, Julio; Ooi, Andrew Seng Hock

Linear Stability of Hypersonic Flow with Moderate Cooling
Viera, Fernando; Stephen, Sharon; Michael, Vipin

Two Way Coupled Hypersonic Fluid Structure Interaction Simulations with Eilmer
Jahn, Ingo; Currao, Gaetano; Neely, Andrew; Gollan, Rowan; Jacobs, Peter

Simulation in the Loop Control of a Planar Hypersonic Wing with a Rigid Control Surface
Jahn, Ingo; Zander, Fabian; Stern, Nathan; Buttsworth, David

Reducing Cavity Flow Pressure Oscillations by Change in Rear Face Geometries at Transonic Speed
Das, Sudip; Cohen, Jacob

Parallel Session 11A: Jets & Wakes (2018-Dec-13 13:30, Hall M)

DNS of Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Multiple Impinging Jets
Suzuki, Tadashi; Tsujimoto, Koichi; Shakouchi, Toshihiko; Ando, Toshitake

Numerical Simulation of Intermittently Controlled Multiple Impinging Jets
Tsujimoto, Koichi; Jinno, Keita; Shakouchi, Toshihiko; Ando, Toshitake

Experimental Investigation of a Flapping-Jet Nozzle with a Flexible Film at Exit
Wu, Mengwei; Xu, Minyi; Mi, Jianchun

Computational Study Of Induced In Nozzle Cavitation And Its Effects On Nozzle Flow For A Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
JAVAID, ALI; Latif, Rizwan; Shafi, Imran; Ul Haq, Muteeb

Detached Eddy Simulation of an Adjustable Radial Ejector
Al-Rbaihat, Raed Hussein; Malpress, Ray; Buttsworth, David; Saleh, Khalid

Modelling the Flow Through a Failed Blowout Preventer
Booth, Craig Peter; Leggoe, Jeremy W.; Aman, Zachary M.

Parallel Session 11B: Multiphase Flow & Heat Transfer (2018-Dec-13 13:30, Riverbank Room 6)

Effect of inflow conditions on the air-water flow properties in hydraulic jumps
Montano, Laura; Felder, Stefan

A Numerical Investigation into the Effects of Inclination on the Development of Slugging in Channel Flow
Giddings, Josef Adam; Billingham, John

Impulsively Generated Incompressible Two-Phase Flow and the Asai Thermal Ink-jet Model
McBain, Geordie Drummond; Mallinson, Samuel George

Autonomous Propulsion of Nanorods Trapped in an Acoustic Field
Sader, John Elie; Collis, Jesse Frederick; Chakraborty, Debadi

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Microchannels
Abdollahi, Ayoub; Norris, S.E.; N. Sharma, Rajnish

Heat and Mass Transfer Process in Exhaust Wet Scrubber
Abdulwahid, Ahmed Adeeb; Situ, Rong; Brown, Richard

Convection Heat Transfer from an Inclined Narrow Flat Plate with Uniform Flux Boundary Conditions
Abbasi Shavazi, Ehsan; Torres, Juan Felipe; Hughes, Graham Owen; Pye, John Downing

Parallel Session 11C: Aero and Gas dynamics (2018-Dec-13 13:30, Riverbank Room 7)

Wavelet Coherence Analysis of Fluctuating Surface Pressure on a Hemispherical Protuberance
McCarthy, Jesse Mark; Lee, Soon-Kong

Locating Cross-Flow Separation by Surface-Pressure Fluctuations: A Case Study on a Hemispherical Protuberance
Lin, Sebastian; Purser, Christopher; McCarthy, Jesse; Lee, Soon-Kong

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Aerodynamics of the ISS Re-entry
Zander, Fabian; Leiser, David; Choudhury, Rishabh; Loehle, Stefan; Buttsworth, David Robert

A comparison of approaches to multi-body relative motion using the Kestrel CFD solver
Huang, Haimin; Young, Michael; Giacobello, Matteo; Blyth, Regina

Scattering Properties of Gas Molecules on Water Adsorbed Surfaces in High Knudsen Number Flows
Uene, Naoya; Takeuchi, Hideki; Hayamizu, Yasutaka; Tokumasu, Takashi

Shock Interactions in Multi-Fluid Plasmas
Bond, Daryl Mark; Wheatley, Vincent; Imran, Shahzeb; Li, Yuan; Samtaney, Ravi; Pullin, Dale Ian

Anisotropy in the 3D multimode Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
Groom, Michael; Thornber, Ben

Conceive — Design — Implement — Operate (CDIO): A Case Study in Undergraduate Engineering (Wind Energy Course) at DTU
Sarlak, Hamid; Løje, Hanne

Parallel Session 11D: Computational Fluid Dynamics (2018-Dec-13 13:30, Riverbank Room 8)

Vortex Dynamics on a 2D Curved Surface Using Discrete Exterior Calculus
Jagad, Pankaj I.; Mohamed, Mamdouh; Samtaney, Ravi

Numerical solution verification for a generic, point-absorber wave device
Parisella, Gino; King, Andrew J.C.

Numerical Anisotropy of the 2D Linearised Euler Equations under Spatial and Temporal Discretization for a Hybrid Spectral/Finite Difference Method
Tan yiyun, Raynold; Ooi, Andrew; Sandberg, Richard

CFD simulations of vertical surface piercing circular cylinders and comparison against experiments
Keough, Shannon Joel; Stephens, Darrin William; Ooi, Andrew; Philip, Jimmy; Monty, Jason Patrick

Implementation and Initial Validation of the Singhal Cavitation Model in OpenFOAM
Mulcahy, N. Lex; Brady, Peter David McKellar; Ranmuthugala, Dev; McGuckin, Damian; Kessissoglou, Nicole