Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

The Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

ISBN: 978-1-74052-377-6

411 Simple Model of Decay of Homogeneous Turbulence Affected by Weak Fluid Acceleration
H. Suzuki and S. Mochizuki

418 Effect of combustion mode on heat transfer inside a hybrid solar receiver combustor
A. Chinnici, Z.F. Tian, J.H. Lim, S. Long, G.J. Nathan, B.B. Dally

423 Local dissipation scales in turbulent jets
M. Xu, J. Zhang, J. Mi, A. Pollard

424 Stability of Wakes behind Elongated Bluff Bodies at Incidence
D. Tan, R.L. Miorini, Joseph Katz

430 Sensitivity of Instability Mechanisms to Trailing-Edge Boundary Conditions in High-pressure Turbine Flows
R.D. Sandberg and A.P.S. Wheeler

431 An Investigation of the Application of Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Conjugate Heat Transfer of Thermoelectric Cooler
Z.Cai and B.Thornber

432 Vortex Force at Large Angle of Attack and For Long Time
J. Li and Z.N. Wu

433 Internal Tide Breaking at Topography
S. Legg

434 Turbulence and Turbulent Events in Tidal Bores: Field Observations
X. Leng, H. Chanson and D. Reungoat

435 On the spurious dissipation of internal waves in ocean circulation models
Callum J. Shakespeare and A. McC. Hogg

436 An Immersed Boundary-Lattice Boltzmann Method for Swimming Sperms
F. B. Tian, J. Young and J. C. S. Lai

437 An Experimental Investigation of Underwater Dispersion of a Granular Material: Effect of Particle Size
D.S. Tan and Ng S.F.K

438 Laminar-Turbulent Transition in an Inlet Region of a Circular Pipe Induced by the Jet Disturbance
R. Nakatsu and M. Ichimiya

439 Randomness Representation with Kolmogorov Complexity in Laminar-Turbulent Transition Process of a Mixing Layer
M. Ichimiya and I. Nakamuran

440 Subcritical instability of Taylor--Couette flow with stationary inner cylinder
J.M. Lopez

441 Numerical Modelling of the Hydrodynamic Performance of Sinusoidally Pitching Hydrofoils
A. Dubois, Z.Q. Leong, H.D. Nguyen and J.R. Binns

442 Dye Visualisation of Wake Flow around a Model Submarine at Yaw
S.-K. Lee, L. P. Erm and M. B. Jones

443 Study of Side Force on Slender Hulls in a Cross Flow
S.-K. Lee

444 Aerodynamics of 2D and 3D Flapping Wings in Water Treading Motion
Y.J. Lee, K.B. Lua, H. Lu, S.N. Aisyah and T.T. Lim

445 Tracking of Bubbles using InterSection Marker (ISM) method
S.A. Sharif, M.K. Ho, G.H. Yeoh and V. Timchenko

446 Evaluation of the Out-of-Plane Loads on a Submarine Undergoing a Steady Turn
Zhi Leong, Simon Piccolin, Marc Desjuzeur, Dev Ranmuthugala and Martin Renilson

447 Prediction of Dynamic Characteristics of Foil Thrust Bearings Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
K. Qin, I.H. Jahn and P.A. Jacobs

448 Force and Motion Measurements of a Passively Oscillating Hydrofoil
M. N. Mumtaz Qadri, H. Tang and Y. Liu

449 Particle-Motion Attractors due to Particle-Boundary Interaction in Incompressible Steady Three-Dimensional Cavity Flow
H. C. Kuhlmann, F. Romanó, H. Wu and S. Albensoeder

450 Large-eddy simulation of flow over circular cylinder
W. Cheng, D.I. Pullin, R. Samtaney, W. Zhang and W. Gao

451 Aerodynamic Hovering Performance of Rigid and Flexible Wing Planform Shapes
A. Shahzad, F.B. Tian, J. Young, and J.C.S. Lai

452 Predicting the Pumping Characteristics of Multiple Parallel Tube Air-Lift Pumps
N.U. Yousuf, T.N. Anderson, M. Gschwendtner and R.J. Nates

453 Amplitude Responses of a Square Cylinder undergoing Vortex-Induced Vibrations in the Laminar Regime
F. Tong, L. Cheng, M. Zhao and H. An

454 Experimental investigation on interactions between two monochromatic wave trains with different approaching directions
Y.X. Ma, D.Y. Liu, M. Perlin, and G.H. Dong

456 Investigation of Radial Flow Ejector Concept through CFD Analysis
H. Rahimi, R. Malpress and D. Buttsworth

457 Numerical Investigation of Wind Influence on the Focused Wave Group
D. Z. Ning, J. Du

458 Large-eddy simulation of lock-exchange gravity currents around a mounted rectangular cylinder
Zhihuan Hu, Xin Li, Jianmin Yang, Jun Li, Lei Wang

459 Bubble entrainment in vertical plunging jets
H. Wang, N. Bertola and H. Chanson

461 Reduced Order Modeling for Feedback Control of a Flexible Wing at Low Reynolds Numbers
M. Nardini, S.C. Schlanderer, R.D. Sandberg, S.J. Illingworth

462 Numerical study of diffuser type effects on transport characteristics of contaminants in a high-speed train cabin
L. Yang, X.D. Li and J.Y. Tu

466 Modelling of Fuel Injector In-Nozzle Cavitation and Early Spray Breakup Using a Multiphase Volume of Fluid Method
H. Yu, L. Goldsworthy, P. Brandner and V. Garaniya

467 An Experimental Technique for the Generation of Large-Scale Spanwise Vortices in a Wind Tunnel
M.J. Emes, F. Ghanadi, M. Arjomandi and R.M. Kelso

468 Effect of Jet Inclination Angle on the Flow Field within a Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor
S. Long, Z.F. Tian, A. Chinnici, T.C.W. Lau, B.B. Dally and G.J. Nathan

471 A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics model of sediment-water mixture dispersing in quiescent water
D. Ho-Minh, Jian Tong and Danielle S. Tan

472 Gravity Current Propagation through Fields of Roughness Elements
R. Nokes, C. Cenedese , M. Ball and T. Williams

473 Assessing the relationship between bed shear stress estimates and observations of sediment resuspension in the ocean
C.E. Bluteau, S.-L. Smith, G.N. Ivey, T.L. Schlosser and N.L. Jones

474 IB--LBM Based High Energy Harvesting Efficiency Prediction of Two Parallel Oscillating Foils
L.-C. Xu, F.-B. Tian, J. Young and J. C. S. Lai

475 Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Landslide-Generated Waves
C. N. Whittaker, R. I. Nokes and M. J. Davidson

476 Viscosity and surface tension of aqueous mixtures
S.G. Mallinson, G.D. McBain and G.D. Horrocks

477 Experimental Investigation of Airway Pressures in Human Airway Models with Compliant Components
Marcin Buchajczyk, Patrick Geoghegan, Natalia Kabaliuk, Cletus Adams, Callum Spence and Mark Jermy

478 Suppressing tiger stripes: Taming flow oscillations to improve print quality
S.G. Mallinson, G.D. McBain, G.D. Horrocks, A.J. North, A.P. O’Mahony, P.J. Reichl, S.J. Myers, J.J. Miller, B. Powell, J. Hess, D.R. Secker, P.C. Palma

480 Front Velocity of Gravity Currents down a Slope in a Stratified Environment
Liang Zhao, Zhiguo He, Yafei Lv, Ting Lin, Ying-Tien Lin, Peng Hu

481 Effectiveness of Triangular Depressions and Asymmetric Circular Dimples for Drag Reduction
C.M.J. Tay, T.T. Lim, B.C. Khoo and R.K. Jaiman

482 Critical Mode Switching of Flexible-Cantilever Flutter in Low-Reynolds-Number Channel Flow
J. Cisonni, A. D. Lucey and N. S. J. Elliott

483 Stability of Flexible Inserts in Laminar Channel Flow
L. S. H. Lai, J. Cisonni and A. D. Lucey

484 Absolute Concentration Measurements of OH in an Axisymmetric Hydrogen-air Premixed Flame Adjacent to a Hot Graphite Model
M.M. Zhao, R. Choudhury, R. Malpress and D.R. Buttsworth

485 On the development of a Mach 10 scramjet engine for investigation of supersonic combustion regimes
A. F. Moura, V. Wheatley, T. J. McIntyre and I. Jahn

486 Stabilisation of first-mode disturbances in compressible boundary-layer flows
A.P. Tunney and J.P. Denier

487 Performance Comparison of Distributed Injection Methods for Hypersonic Film-Cooling
K.D. Basore, M. Selzer, V. Wheatley, R.R. Boyce, D.J. Mee, B.R. Capra, M. Kuhn and S. Brieschenk

488 The performance of a woven wire screen against firebrand showers under different wind speeds
Ahmad Sharifian and Javad Hashempour

490 Influence of Non-gray Participating Media and Wall Surface on Turbulent Natural Convection Heat Transfer in Cubic Cavity
T. Kogawa, J. Okajima, A. Komiya, and S. Maruyama

491 Modelling the spreading of a liquid droplet on a super-hydrophobic surface using the Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann method
H. Rashidian and M. Sellier

492 Numerical Investigation of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine
O. Afshar, A.D. Henderson, J.M. Walker and X. Wang

493 The rheology dependent region in turbulent pipe flow of a Generalised Newtonian fluid
J. Singh, M. Rudman and H. M. Blackburn

494 Numerical study on the performance of a flapping foil power generator with a passively flapping flat plate
Z. Liu, J. C.S. Lai, J. Young and F.-B. Tian

495 Performance Output of Double-Injection Gasoline Compression Ignition (GCI) Combustion in a Common-rail Diesel Engine
H. Goyal, S. Kook, E.R. Hawkes and Q.N. Chan

496 Effects of a Uniform Gentle Slope on the Seabed Boundary Layer Beneath Obliquely Propagating Linear Waves Plus a Cross-Shore Current
H. Wang, L.E. Holmedal and D. Myrhaug

497 Experimental Investigation of a Regenerative Combustion Chamber for Ultra Micro Gas Turbines
V. Giovannoni, R.N. Sharma and R.R. Raine

498 Adiabatic Decay of Internal Solitons in a Rotating Ocean
M.A. Obregon, N. Raj and Y.A. Stepanyants

499 Description of Vortical Flows of Incompressible Fluid in Terms of Quasi-Potential Function
A. M. Ermakov, Y. A. Stepanyants

500 Characterisation of Water Sprays using High-Speed Videography
A. Green, P. Cooper, T. Penman and R. Bradstock

501 Toward the Design of a Synthetic Jet Actuator for use on a Circulation Control Aerofoil and Its Bench Top Characterisation
P. Itsariyapinyo and R.N. Sharma

502 Numerical Study of Flow Pattern and Pedestrian Level Wind Comfort Inside a Uniform Street Canyon at Different Angles of Attack
P.P. Pancholy, K. Clemens , P. Geoghegan, M. Jermy, M. Moyers-Gonzalez and P.L. Wilson

503 CFD-Simulation on the effect of heat-pipes attached to an evaporator and condenser of an air-cooled-air-conditioner
Z. Abdullah, B. Phuoc Huynh and A, Idris.

504 Experimental and CFD modelling of indoor air and wake flow from a moving manikin
Yao Tao, Kiao Inthavong, Phred Petersen, Krishna Mohanarangam, William Yang, Jiyuan Tu

505 The impact of bathymetry on a laboratory-scale two-layer flow
Y. Yuan, Y. Lv, L.-T. Lin and Z. He

506 Boundary layer flow with vegetation
L. E. Holmedal, Marius Holmemo, H. Wang, P. -Y. Henry and D. Myrhaug

507 A numerical investigation of the human-induced wake during gait cycles in the indoor environment
Yao Tao, Kiao Inthavong and Jiyuan Tu

508 Numerical analysis of pollutants dispersion in urban roadway tunnels
Yao Tao, Jingliang Dong, Yimin Xiao and Jiyuan Tu

509 Assessing the Local Isotropy of a Turbulent Plume in Linearly Stratified Saltwater using PIV Data
Wei Zhang, Zhiguo He, Liang Zhao and Houshuo Jiang

510 Bayesian Inversion and Regression Trees for Mixing Length Model Development
P. Cheema, G. Mathews, B. Thornber and G.A. Vio

511 Large-Amplitude Flapping of an Inverted-Flag in a Uniform Steady Flow - a Vortex-Induced Vibration
J. E. Sader, J. Cossé, D. Kim, B. Fan and M. Gharib

512 Dynamic Behaviour of a Flexible Plate behind a Circular Cylinder: Numerical Study on the Effects of Blockage and Cylinder Size
R.K.B. Gallegos and R.N. Sharma

514 Free-surface Flow Simulation of Unlike-doublet Impinging Jet Atomization
J. Kouwa, S. Matsuno, C. Inoue, T. Himeno and T. Watanabe

515 Actuator and Sensor selection for feedback control of the linearised Ginzburg-Landau equation
S. Oehler, A. Ooi and S. J. Illingworth

516 Transient Natural Convection Flow in a Cavity Subject to Time Varying Side-Wall Heating and Cooling
L. Zhou, S. W. Armfield, N. Williamson, M. P. Kirkpatrick and W. Lin

517 Effects of Partial Slip on Rotating-Disc Boundary-Layer Flows
S. O. Stephen

518 Hydrodynamic Measurements on the Joubert Hull in the AMC Cavitation Tunnel with CFD Determined Blockage Corrections
D. B. Clarke, D. Butler, C. L. Ellis, P. A. Brandner

519 Isolated Rotor Engagement and Disengagement Simulations in Ship Airwake
M. Groom, B. Thornber, G.A. Vio and R. Widjaja

520 Streak Linear Stability and its Sensitivity to Free-stream Vortical Forcing
D.A. Pook and J.H. Watmuff

521 The transition to fully 3D chaos in Wavy Taylor Vortex flow
M. Rudman, M.F.M. Speetjens and B. Ravu

522 Characterisation of the Turbulence-Separation-Bubble Interaction on Turbine Blades
P. Bechlars, R. Pichler, R.D. Sandberg

523 Complementary CFD Study of Generic Submarine Model Tests in a Cavitation Tunnel
Chris L. Ellis, David B. Clarke, Daniel Butler, Paul Brandner

524 Simulation and Experimental Validation of an Axial-Flow Hydrocyclone
O. A Oakman and J. L. Liow

525 Free Convection Flow of Non-Newtonian Power-law Liquid Film with Nanoparticles along an Inclined Plate
B. Vasu, Rama S R Gorla, P V S N Murthy and V. R. Prasad

526 Time Resolved 3D3C Measurements of Shallow-water Island Wakes
P. M. Branson, M. Ghisalberti and G. N. Ivey

528 The Structure of Turbulence Across the Sediment-Water-Interface
J. Voermans, M. Ghisalberti and G.N. Ivey

529 Modelling the Lift Crisis of a Cambered Plate at 0 Angle of Attack
S. Nava, P. Bot, J. Cater and S.E. Norris

530 Numerical Assessment of Wake Dynamics and Vortex Shedding behind an Array of Equilateral Triangular Cylinders
S.T.W. Kuruneru, E. Sauret, S.C. Saha and Y.T. Gu

531 Modulational Instability of Wave-Trains in a Rotating Ocean
S.P. Nikitenkova, N.N. Singh and Y.A. Stepanyants

532 Performance of a Solar Chimney with a Dual-Cavity System
H. Jones, P. Elgindy, C. Lei and K. Chauhan

534 Pulsatile Flow Through a Compliant Channel: A Comparison of Laminar and Fully Developed Turbulent Flow Effects
K. Tsigklifis and A. D. Lucey

536 Boundedness of the velocity derivative flatness factor in a turbulent plane jet
S. L. Tang, R. A. Antonia, L. Djenidi, L. Danaila and Y. Zhou

537 Experimental Study of Erosion-Sedimentation Characteristics in Curved Fluid Passages
C. F. Duarte, N Nadim and T. T. Chandratilleke

538 Preliminary Development of High Enthalpy Conditions for the X3 Expansion Tube
A. Andrianatos, D. Gildfind and R. Morgan

539 Low Speed Aerodynamics and Static Stability of Hypersonic Vehicles
T. Bykerk, D. Verstraete, G.A. Vio and J. Jeyaratnam

540 Verification of RANS Turbulence Model in Eilmer using the Method of Manufactured Solutions
J. Wang, R. J. Gollan and A. Veeraragavan

541 Energy Dissipation rate parameter in a rough wall turbulent boundary layer
L. Djenidi, Md. Kamruzzaman and R.A. Antonia

542 Bubble formation with a high repetition rate pulsed Tm laser
M. Mohammadzadeh, W. Chan, S. R. Gonzalez-Avila, K. Liu, Z. Yan, Q. J. Wang and C.D. Ohl

543 Design method and performance comparison of plenum and volute delivery systems for radial inflow turbines
J.A. Keep and I.J. Jahn

544 Observations of Turbulence in a Strong Tidal Flow
I. A. Milne, R. N. Sharma and R. G. J. Flay

545 Preliminary investigation to the feasibility of chemical heat storage for saving the exhaust gas energy in a spark ignition engine
L. Cao, G. Hong, J. Wang

546 Vortex-Induced Vibration of a Transversely Rotating Sphere
A. Sareen, J. Zhao, D. Lo Jacono, J.Sheridan, K. Hourigan, M. C. Thompson

547 The effect of inclination angle on the flow characteristics of tandem bluff plates
J.S. Yu, M. Arjomandi, F. Ghanadi and R. Kelso

548 Creeping Convection in a Horizontally Heated Ellipsoid
G. D. McBain

549 Instabilities in the Wake of a Circular Cylinder with Near-wake Wire Disturbances
Hongyi Jiang, Liang Cheng and Hongwei An

550 Linear Stability of Quasi-two-dimensional Liquid Metal Duct Flow Subjected to a Transverse Magnetic Field and Vertical Temperature Stratification
T. Vo, A. Potherat and G.J. Sheard

551 Blade Element Momentum Theory Extended to Model Low Reynolds Number Propeller Performance
R. MacNeill and D. Verstraete

552 Feasibility and Uncertainties Associated with Two-Angle Imaging of Sprays: A Focus on 3D Velocity Measurements
P.X. Pham, A. Kourmatzis and A.R. Masri

553 The Effects of Blockage on the Performance of Small Propellers
D. Verstraete and R. MacNeill

554 Control of the turbulent boundary layer by the application of a cavity array
A. Silvestri, F. Ghanadi, M. Arjomandi, B.S. Cazzolato and A.C. Zander

555 A Combined Compact Difference Scheme for Solving the Three-Dimensional Advection-Diffusion Equations
M.M. Rahman, K.A.M. Moinuddin and G.R. Thorpe

556 Influence of Carbon Chain Length on Biodiesel Combustion in an Optically Accessible Diesel Engine
R. Zhang, P.X. Pham, S. Kook and A.R. Masri

557 A dominant near-inertial internal wave field on the Tasmanian Continental Shelf
T.L. Schlosser, N.L. Jones, C.E. Bluteau, A.J. Lucas and G. Ivey

558 Effect of Wall Confinement on a Wind Turbine Wake
N. Sedaghatizadeh, M. Arjomandi, R. Kelso, B. Cazzolato, M. H. Ghayesh

559 Acoustic unsteadiness of sprays from pressurised metered-dose inhalers
N. Mason-Smith, D.J. Duke, J.S. Harkess, D. Edgington-Mitchell and D.R. Honnery

560 Approximate Analytic Solution of the One Phase Superheated Stefan Problem
R.B. Shorten

561 The Flow Around Stationary and Elastically-Mounted Circular Cylinders in Tandem and Staggered Arrangements
M. D. Griffith, D. Lo Jacono, J. Sheridan and J. Leontini

562 Why tornado-like vortices are persistent?
A. Y. Klimenko

563 Preliminary Investigation of Sound Generation in Scramjets
N. Gibbons, V. Wheatley and C. Doolan

564 Statistics of passive scalar released from a point source in a turbulent boundary layer
K.M. Talluru, J. Philip and K.A. Chauhan

565 A Miniature High Strain Rate Device
F. Akbaridoust, J. Philip and I. Marusic

566 Online Multiphase Flow Measurement using Earth’s Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
K.T. O’Neill, P.L. Stanwix, M.L. Johns and E.O. Fridjonsson

567 Dense Shelf Water Cascades along the North-West Australian Continental Shelf
T. Mahjabin, M.H. Bahmanpour, C. Pattiaratchi, Y. Hetzel, E.M.S Wijeratne and C. Steinberg

568 Nonlinear Exact Coherent Structures in pipe flow and their instabilities
O. Ozcakir

569 Application of Artificial Fluid Properties for Stable and Accurate Large-eddy Simulations of Compressible Turbulent Reactive Flows
H.D. Ranadive, H. Wang and E.R. Hawkes

570 Experimental and numerical study of nasal spray characteristics and its application in a realistic human nasal cavity
Xuwen Tong, Jingliang Dong, Kiao Inthavong and Jiyuan Tu

571 Effects of Forces Induced by Steady Streaming Flows on Rigid Oscillating Spheres
J. Jalal, J. S. Leontini, D. Fabre, and R. Manasseh

572 Torsional Galloping Marine Current Energy Extraction
B. Stappenbelt and A. D. Johnstone

573 Surface Convective Heating Rates for a Double Swept-Wedge Configuration at Mach 6
R. Choudhury, J. Fuata, N. Stern and D. Buttsworth

574 Hybrid Simulation of the Surface Mounted Square Cylinder
J. Weatheritt and R.D. Sandberg

575 Estimation of Fluctuating Pressure Fields via Time-Mean Flow and Pointwise Measurements
F. Gomez, A. S. Sharma, and H. M. Blackburn

577 Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Flow and Thermal Behaviour in Helical Pipes
O. Joneydi Shariatzadeh, N. Nadim and T. T. Chandratilleke

578 Investigation to Combustion and Emission Characteristics of the Dual Ethanol Injection Spark Ignition Engine
Nizar F.O. Al-Muhsen, J.J. Wang and Guang Hong

579 Entrapped Air in High-velocity Free-surface Flows on a Flat-sloped Spillway
S. Felder and A. Severi

580 Air-Water Flow in Hydraulic Jumps on Macro-Roughness
S. Felder and H. Chanson

581 Effect of Air Ingestion at the Start of Injection Process in a Diesel Injector
M. Ghiji, L. Goldsworthy, P.A. Brandner, V. Garaniya and P. Hield

582 Extension of the X3 expansion tube capabilities for Mach 12 scramjet testing: flow condition development and nozzle optimization
P. Toniato, D. E. Gildfind, P. A. Jacobs and R. G. Morgan

583 Wall modeling in complex geometry and application to large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow over an airfoil
Wei Gao, Wei Zhang and Ravi Samtaney

584 Drag Reduction via Large-scale Opposition Flow Control in a High-Reynolds-number Turbulent Boundary Layer
M. R. Abbassi, W. J. Baars, N. Hutchins and I. Marusic

585 Electrical Power Generation from VIV of a Circular Cylinder
A. K. Soti, M. C. Thompson, J. Sheridan and R. Bhardwaj

586 Flow structures generated by elongated plates settling in a water column
H. Sørensen, A.L. Jensen and J. Hærvig

587 A Numerical Model of Microfluidic Inertial Separation
Danielle S. Tan and Shireen Goh

588 Steady and unsteady loads acting on a hydrofoil immersed in a turbulent boundary layer
S. M. Smith, B. W. Pearce, P. A. Brandner, D. B. Clarke, D. J. Moreau and Y. Xue

589 Turbulence modifications in a turbulent boundary layer over spanwise-alternating roughness lanes
K. H. L. Bai, N. Hutchins and J.P. Monty

590 The Effect of Target Surface Oscillations on a Turbulent Impinging-Jet Flow
V. Chaugule, R. Narayanaswamy, A.D. Lucey, V. Narayanan and J. Jewkes

591 Numerical investigation of the flow structures in a quasi-axisymmetric scramjet engine
K. Tanimizu, T. Jones, H. Ogawa, and A. Pudse

592 Soot Oxidation during the Burn-out Phase of Diesel Combustion in a Small-Bore Optical Engine
L. Rao, R. Zhang, H.C. Su, and S. Kook

593 Trapping of Single Magnetic Beads in a Micro Flow
AH. Chen and Y. Zhu

594 On the use of the Population Balance Equation for the Turbulent Transport of Polydispersed Inertial Particles
F. Salehi, M.J. Cleary and A.R. Masri

595 Current Blockage in Steady Flow: Interaction of Uniform and Sheared Flow with a Porous Body having Uniform and Non-uniform Resistance
H. Santo, P. H. Taylor and S. Draper

596 Large Eddy Simulation of Flow through a Pipe with Twisted Tape Insert
Parag Chaware, C. M. Sewatkar

597 Experimental Investigation of the Motion and Shape of Flexible Objects near a Pump Inlet
A. L. Jensen, R. A. Ackl, S. Gerlach, H. Sørensen, L. Rosendahl and P. U. Thamsen

599 Effect of Passive Flow Controlling Dimples on Drag Reduction and Improved Fuel Efficiency
Ronith Stanly, S. Bibin Sagaram, S.S. Suneesh and S.V. Santhosh Kumar

600 Direct Numerical Simulation of a Counter-Rotating Vortex Pair Embedded in Turbulence
W. Rojanaratanangkule and J. Tunkaew

601 Physical and Numerical Modeling of Wave Transformation through a Coastal Canopy
A.A. van Rooijen, R.J. Lowe, M. Ghisalberti, J. Hansen, R.T. McCall and A.R. van Dongeren

602 Free Shear Layer Development in an Ejector: a Jet in an Axisymmetric Ducted Coflow
T.R. Cochrane, D.R. Buttsworth, B. Thornber and M. Dennis

605 Turbulent characteristics produced by a blockage of pre-fractal emergent obstacles
J. E. Higham, W. Brevis and C. J. Keylock

607 Computation of power from an array of wave energy converters using a boundary element method
S De Chowdhury, Raven De La Cruz, Tung Vinh Huynh, Brian Winship and Richard Manasseh

609 Wake Symmetry Properties of Flexible Pitching Airfoils
E. Akoz, S. Zeyghami and K. W. Moored

610 Mixing in a Density-Driven Current Flowing over a Rough Bottom
C. Cenedese, R. Nokes and J. Hyatt

611 Numerical Study of the RT Mixing in the Deceleration Phase of an Implosion
Lili Wang, Min Yang and Shudao Zhang

613 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Impact of Gas Channel Configuration on the Performance of a Small Scale PEM Fuel Cell
Murphy K.K. Lai, Xiang Wu, Sherman C.P. Cheung, John Andrews

614 Study on Multiphase Buoyancy-Drag Model of Mixing Induced by Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Dusty Gases
M. Yang, L.L. Wang and S.D. Zhang

616 Transformation of Waves Over 3D Reef Slopes
X.Z. Ma, L.W. Wang and Y.X. Ma

617 Base Pressures and Energy Separation in Transonic Turbine Blading
J.P. Gostelow, A. Rona and A. Mahallati

618 Modelling the Effect of Artificial Mixing on Thermal Stability and Substance Transport in a Drinking-water Reservoir Using a 3D Hydrodynamic Model
Shengyang Chen, Chengwang Lei, Cayelan C. Carey, and John C. Little

619 Sediment re-suspension processes along the Australian north-west shelf revealed by ocean gliders
C. Pattiaratchi, G.L. de Oliveira

620 Residence time in aquatic canopies in wave-dominated flows
M. Abdolahpour, M. Ghisalberti, P. Lavery, K. McMahon and M. Hambleton

621 Wake Structure of Airfoil with Serrated Trailing Edge
M. Awasthi, C.J. Doolan and D.J. Moreau

622 Reciprocating pipe flows as a model of high-frequency ventilation
J.S. Leontini, M.K. Hasan, M.D. Griffith, R. Swain and R. Manasseh

623 Dynamics and Control of a Quadrotor Aircraft
S.A. Kava

624 Characteristics of energy dissipation in a turbulent cylinder wake
J.G. Chen, Y. Zhou, R.A. Antonia, T.M. Zhou

625 Time Resolved Measurements of Wake Characteristics from Vertical Surface-Piercing Circular Cylinders
S. J. Keough, I. L. Kermonde, A. Amiet, J. Philip, A. Ooi, J. P. Monty and B. Anderson

626 Impact of Two Vortex Rings with an Inclined Solid Surface
K. Bourne, S. Wahono, M. Giacobello and A. Ooi

627 Simultaneous 2-Colour LIF and PIV Measurements of the Boundary Layer in a Differentially Heated Cavity
J. Yen, C. Lei and J.C. Patterson

628 Overcoming Beam Attenuation Issues in OH-PLIF Diagnostics using an Aromatics-free, Low-Sooting Surrogate Fuel in an Optical Diesel Engine
H.C. Su, R. Zhang, L. Rao, S. Kook, E.R. Hawkes, and Q.N. Chan

629 Characterisation of Overturning Flow in a Precessing Cylinder
T. Albrecht, P. Meunier, R. Manasseh, J.M. Lopez and H.M. Blackburn

630 Linear instabilities in the wakes of cylinders with triangular cross-sections
Z. Y. Ng, T. Vo, W. K. Hussam and G. J. Sheard

631 Investigation of The Thermocapillary Flow in A Liquid Bridge subject to A Non-uniform Rotating Magnetic Field
L.P. Yao, Z. Zeng, L.Q. Zhang, Y.Y. Lu and C. Lei

632 Basic solutions of liquid metal mixed convection in a horizontal duct under strong magnetic field and horizontal temperature gradient
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633 Effects of a new-design diffuser and a tail piece on an axial-flow pumpís performance
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634 Direct Numerical Simulation of a Row of Impinging Jets
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635 Direct Numerical Simulation of Mixing Performance in Turbulent Channel Flow with an Elastic Cylinder
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636 A technique for rapid calibration of crossed-hot-wires
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637 Plasma flow simulation using the two-fluid model
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638 Numerical simulation of vortex-induced vibration of two long flexible circular cylinders in tandem
Hao Wu, Lin Lu, Ming Zhao and Song Yan

639 Modulation of Vortex Induced Crosswind Forces on a Square Cylinder During Accelerating Flow
M.S. Mason and T. Yang

640 Effects of stratification on the dissolution of a vertical ice-face
B. Gayen, M. Mondal and R. W. Griffiths

641 Dynamic Stall on Airfoils Exposed to Constant Pitch-Rate Motion
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642 Aero-acoustic simulations of an empty cavity
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643 A Turbulence-Resolving Model for the Southern Ocean Circulation with varying Wind Forcing
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645 Unresolved CFD-DEM of sandstone-laden air flow in a clear channel
S.T.W. Kuruneru, E. Sauret, S.C. Saha and Y.T. Gu

646 Influence of Coating Thickness on Thermographic Phosphorescence Diagnostics Developed for Optical Engine Applications
T.C. Chi, S. Kook, Q.N. Chan, and E.R. Hawkes

647 Aerodynamic Interference of Yachts Sailing Upwind on Opposing Tacks
S. E. Norris and C. Durand

648 Transient Effects in a Rotating Flapping Wing
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649 Flows in metal foams using Immersed Boundary Method
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650 Nonlinear Internal Tide Dynamics on the Australian Northwest Shelf
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652 Optimal parameters in the inverse distance weighting method for mesh deformation
Xuan Zhou

654 Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Rotating Horizontal Convection at Large Rayleigh Number
C. A. Vreugdenhil, B. Gayen, and R. W. Griffiths

656 Transitions in thermal circulations in the atmospheric boundary layer
John R. Taylor

658 Vortex Induced Vibration of Rotating Spheres
M. M. Rajamuni, M. C. Thompson and K.Hourigan

659 Evolution of a Modelled Hairpin Vortex in a Laminar-Boundary-Layer Flow
K. Matsuura

660 Turbulent boundary layer control using periodic blowing through one array of streamwise slits
Yinzhe Li, Yu Zhou and Yun Wang

661 Gust Response of a Supercritical Aerofoil in the Vicinity of Transonic Shock Buffet
N. F. Giannelis, J. A. Geoghegan and G. A. Vio

662 Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis of Sound Generation in a Turbulent Premixed Flame
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662a Development of a Cavitation Susceptibility Meter for Nuclei Size Distribution Measurements
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663 Numerical study of multiple injections under diesel engine conditions
M.A. Chishty, M. Bolla, E.R. Hawkes and S. Kook

665 Sensitivity Study of the Model Parameters of a Novel Multiple Mapping Conditioning Mixing Model in the Context of Sandia Flame E
A. Varna, M. J. Cleary and E. R. Hawkes

667 Effect of Central Body Size on the Leading Edge Vortex of a Rotating Insect Wing
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668 Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent line plume in a confined region
N. George, A. Ooi, K. Moinuddin, G. Thorpe, I. Marusic and D. Chung

669 A comparison of diffuse back-illumination (DBI) and Mie-scattering technique for measuring the liquid length of severely flashing spray
A. Hamzah, F. Poursadegh, J. Lacey, P. Petersen, M. J. Brear and R. Gordon

672 Transient Laminar Conjugate Natural Convection in a Cavity with a Finite Thickness and Conductivity Partition
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673 Experimental Measurements of a Self-Similar Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
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674 Simulation of Bubble Bursting Leading to Droplet Formation
R. Mead-Hunter, M.M. Gumulya, A.J.C. King and B.J. Mullins

675 Large Eddy Simulation of Wave-driven Hydrodynamics through Emergent Aquatic Vegetation
V. Etminan, R.J. Lowe and M. Ghisalberti

676 Effects on Natural-Convection Heat Transfer of a Partial Partition in a Cubic Enclosure
Dhia Al-Deen H. A. Al-Krmah, B.P. Huynh and Nabil Jamil

678 A direct numerical simulation study of turbulence intensity effects on NOx formation in freely propagating premixed flames
Shervin Karimkashi, Michele Bolla, Haiou Wang and Evatt R. Hawkes

681 Coherent structures in a self-similar adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer
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682 Culvert Hydrodynamics to enhance Upstream Fish Passage: Fish Response to Turbulence
H. Wang, and H. Chanson, P. Kern and C. Franklin

684 Experimental Study of Wave Resonance in a Narrow Gap with Various Edge Shapes
L. Tan, L. Lu, G.Q. Tang and L. Cheng

685 High Resolution Simulation of Dissolution Process under Sloping Ice-shelves in Saline Water
Mainak Mondal, Bishakhdatta Gayen, Ross W. Griffiths and Ross C. Kerr

686 Local field effects on magnetic suppression of the converging Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
V. Wheatley, W. Mostert, D. M. Bond and R. Samtaney

687 A Study on the Flow Field and Internal Circulation of a Single Moving Droplet
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688 Effect of Medical Imaging Modalities on the simulated blood flow through a 3D reconstructed stented coronary artery segment
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690 Numerical Study of Liquid Transport in Realistic Filter Media
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692 Hydrodynamics around two identical circular cylinders in tandem arrangements at different flow attacking angles
J. Thapa, M. Zhao and K. Kwok

694 Duty cycle effect on jet control based on a single unsteady minijet
H.L. Cao, A.K. Perumal, L. Bai, D.W. Fan, Y. Zhou

695 Comparison between k- ? RANS Model and SST k-? SAS Model in Data Centre Simulations
F.J. Aljohani, A.J.C. King and R. Narayanaswamy

697 Numerical Investigations of the Wall Shear Stress Behaviour in Curved Coronary Artery
S. Li, C. Chin, J. Monty, P. Barlis and A. Ooi

698 Preliminary Investigation of Propane Spray Structure in an Optically Accessible Direct-Injection, Spark-Ignition Engine
H.B. Aditiya, J.S. Lacey, F. Poursadegh, M.J. Brear, R.L. Gordon, C. Lakey, S. Ryan and B. Butcher

699 Fluid-structure Interactions of Unconstrained Spheres Rolling Down an Incline
F. Y. Houdroge, T. Leweke, M. C. Thompson and K. Hourigan

700 Time resolved PIV measurements of the flow field associated with the interaction of concentrated and distributed vorticity
H.U. Ain, J.R. Elsnab and J.C. Klewicki

701 Transient Analysis of Global Dominant Modes in Quasi-Static Magnetohydrodynamic Flows
O.G.W. Cassells, T. Vo and G.J. Sheard

702 Direct Numerical Simulation of Flame-Wall Interaction for a Forced Laminar Flame
R. Palulli, B. Jiang, J.E. Rivera, M. Talei and R.L. Gordon

703 Verification of the Least-Squares Procedure within an Unstructured-Grid Flow Solver
K.A. Damm, R.J. Gollan and P.A. Jacobs

704 PIV Analysis of Coupled Supersonic Twin-Jets
G. Bell, J. Soria, D. Honnery and D. Edgington-Mitchell

705 Extending the Oscillatory Index to Discern Oscillatory Flow Modes
S.A. Gabriel, Y. Ding and Y. Feng

706 On the effect of outflow boundary truncation for numerical simulation of narrow-channel flames
X. Kang, R. J. Gollan, P. A. Jacobs, A. Veeraragavan

707 Development of a Mesoscale Thermophotovoltaic Power Generating System Using Porous Media Combustion
X. Kang, A. Veeraragavan

708 CO Emission of Premixed and Diluted Flames in a Stagnation Burner
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710 Numerical Investigation of Diesel Exhaust Particle Transport and Deposition in up to 17 Generations of the Lung Airway
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711 Turbulent boundary layers developing over rough surfaces: from the laboratory to full-scale systems
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712 The effects of laser-sheet misalignment on Stereo-PIV measurements in wall-bounded turbulence
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713 Measurement of Two-Dimensional Energy Spectra in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
D. Chandran, R. Baidya, J.P. Monty and I. Marusic

714 Flutter of a nonlinear-spring-mounted flexible plate for applications in energy harvesting
R. M. Howell and A. D. Lucey

716 Two dimension numerical study of resonant free surface motion in the gap between two fixed vessels
Hongchao Wang, Scott Draper, Wenhua Zhao, Hugh Wolgamot and Liang Cheng

717 Influence of Pressure on Microbubble Production Rate in a Confined Turbulent Jet
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718 Numerical study of haemodynamic changes in an idealised coronary artery with a partially embedded stent implanted
B. Jiang, E.K.W. Poon, P. Barlis, S.J. Illingworth and A.S.H. Ooi

719 Turbulent Boundary Layer Control based on DBD Plasma-Actuator-Generated Vortices
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720 Numerical investigation of green water for a two dimensional fixed rectangular structure
Xiantao Zhang, Scott Draper, Hugh Wolgamot, Wenhua Zhao and Liang Cheng

721 Large Eddy Simulation of the Low Frequency Flow Oscillation over NACA0012 Aerofoil
E.M. ElJack, I.M. AlQadi, J.H. AlMutairi and J. Soria

722 Leading edge interfacial phenomena of sheet and cloud cavitation
D. R. Giosio, P. S. Russell, B. W. Pearce and P. A. Brandner

723 Pair-Particle Separation Statistics of Drifters in Tidal Shallow Water
K.A. Suara, R.J. Brown, H. Chanson and M. Borgas

726 Physiologically pulsatile stenosis flows
T. Barber, D. Fulker

727 Potential Energy in Vertical Natural Convection
C. S. Ng, A. Ooi and D. Chung

728 Numerical Study of the Wet-season Hydrodynamics of a Macrotidally forced Bay with Complex Topography: Collier Bay, Kimberley, Western Australia
W. Zhou, A. Espinosa-Gayosso, N.L. Jones, and M. R. Hipsey

730 Quantification of particle clusters in particle-laden round jets
N.A. Qazi, M. Bolla, H. Wang and E.R. Hawkes

731 Experimental Study of Particle Motions in a Rough Plate Boundary Layer
K. Song, L.G. Jiao and S.J. Xu

732 Modelling of fluid structure interactions in submerged flexible membranes for the Bombora wave energy converter
A. J. C. King, C. Algie, S. Ryan, R. Ong

733 Turbulence and Multiphase Modelling of Oil -in-Water Dispersions in Stirred Cells
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734 The Impact of Distal Pressure Sensor Placement and Side Branches on Virtual Fractional Flow Reserve
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735 Maximum Entropy Closure of Galerkin POD models
N. HÈrouard, R. K. Niven and B. R. Noack

736 Influence of Contact Angle Dynamics on Interaction between Mist Droplets and Isolated Cylindrical Fibres
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737 Turbulent Pulsatile Pipe Flow with Multiple Modes of Oscillation
W. X. Chen, C. Chin, N. Hutchins, E. K. W. Poon and A. Ooi

738 Fuel Injection and Mixing in a Mach 8 Hydrocarbon-Fuelled Scramjet
Z. J. Denman, V. Wheatley, M. K. Smart and A. Veeraragavan

739 Impulsively Excited Disturbances in Non-Uniform Boundary Layers
C. Davies, C. Thomas and A. Ramage

741 Nearshore density-driven exchange flow between open water and vegetation: A Laboratory study
Y.T. Lin

742 Flow and heat-transfer under circular jet-impingement on a vibrating impingement surface
T Natarajan, J Jewkes, A D Lucey, R Narayanaswamy and Y M Chung

744 Propagation of Internal Tides on the Northwest Australian Shelf Studied with Time-Augmented Empirical Orthogonal Functions
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745 Developing turbulent boundary layers with spanwise periodic trips
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747 Measurement of air flow through a green-wall module
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748 On the Effect of Workload Ordering for Reacting Flow Simulations using GPU's
K. A. Damm, R. J. Gollan and A. Veeraragavan

749 The Effect of Air Content and Compressibility on Wave-in-Deck Impact Pressures
N. Abdussamie, Y. Drobyshevski, R. Ojeda, G. Thomas and W. Amin

751 The Influence of Endwall Contouring and Fillet Shapes on the Performance of Transonic Turbine Stage's NGV
K. Ananthakrishnan and M. Govardhan

752 Development of a Patient-Specific FSI Model of an Arteriovenous Fistula
E. Colley, J. Carroll, S. Thomas, A. Simmons and T. Barber

753 Experimental Study of Extreme Responses of A Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter
J. Orszaghova, A. Rafiee, H. Wolgamot, S. Draper and P. H. Taylor

754 Scattering Matrices, Water Wave Scattering, and Wave Energy Converters
M. H. Meylan, H. A. Wolgamot

755 A Simple Approach for Shallow-Water Solitary Wave Interactions
P. H. Taylor

756 Three-dimensional Vorticity Field behind two Side-by-Side Circular Cylinders in an Oblique Flow
T. Zhou, S.F. Mohd. Razali, H. Wang and Y. Zhou

757 Two-dimensional numerical simulations of flow around a circular cylinder in oscillatory flows at low KC and Reynolds numbers
Hamidreza Eizadi, Hongwei An, Tongming Zhou, Feifei Tong

758 Microbubble generation for PIV Seeding
J. A. Venning, S. De Vincentis, B. W. Pearce and P. A. Brandner

759 Numerical Modelling and Thermal Analysis of Mist Jet Impingement in Laminar Regime
N. Nadim, T.T. Chandratilleke

760 Internal Flow: Pipe Losses Steady State and Transient Analysis
N. Findanis

761 Integration of Wind Tunnel Pressure Measurements with the Structural Model for a New Zealand Stadium Roof
A. McBride, R.G.J. Flay, T. Stuart, J.B. Davidson, D.J. Le Pelley, B.J. Davidson, Y.F. Li

762 Approximate Solutions to the Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations for Incompressible Channel Flow
A. Leonard

763 Nonlinear behaviour of interacting oscillating water columns
R. Manasseh, M. K. Hasan and S. De Chowdhury

764 Flow between a plane wall and an oscillating circular cylinder in still water at low KC and Reynolds number
J.G. Tom and S. Draper

765 A Novel Burner for Investigating End-Gas Effects of Transient Flame-Wall Interaction
J. E. Rivera, R. L. Gordon, M. Talei and M. J. Brear

766 A Modified Model for Dust Devil Heights and Wind speeds
N.A. Hawkes and R.G.J. Flay

767 An External Line Plume next to a Dissolving Ice Face
C. D. McConnochie and R. C. Kerr

768 Experimental study of local scour around piles in tidal current
W. Yao, H. An, S. Draper, L. Cheng, M. Zhao, J. Samineeni Jesudoss and G. Tang