Proceedings of the Second Australasian Conference on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Table of Contents


The motion of small particles in turbulent flow, GK Batchelor
Extensions of the Hele-Shaw analogy, JH Preston
Theory and experiment on the hydraulic jump, R Silvester
Certain hydraulic aspects of effluent discharge into tidal waters, JR Daymond
Energy dissipation through hydraulic jump, RM Advani
Some studies on branch channel flows, K Seetharamaiah & G Krishnappa
Wave propagation in estuarial networks, RP Shubinski & CF Scheffey
A two layer theory for unsteady flow, Roderick Agnew
On the study of a pneumatic breakwater in Japan, Michinori Kurihara
Turbulence and vorticity in loose boundary hydraulics, AJ Raudkivi
Some studies of interference of pressure waves and their compensation in pipelines, Esther Kaletzky
Pressure losses in visometric capillary tubes of varying diameter, RI Tanner & IW Linett
Evaluation of Manning’s n for steady non-uniform flows, KVN Sarma & SR Sasikanth
The non-dimensional representation of profiles of gradually varied flow, HR Valentine
The characteristics of the rising-ball flow meter, DH Norrie
Correlation of isothermal pressure drop in rectangular ducts, MA Tirunarayanan & A Ramachandran
Membrane analogy as applied to well hydraulics, JD Lawson & KR Hendrick
Hand method for turbulent pipe flow problems, KM Yao
The transport of gravel by rivers, SM Thompson
A model of atmospheric turbulence for studies of wind loads on buildings, BJ Vickery
A general method to calculate the settling length knowing the entrance and end profiles for steady, incompressible, viscous flow in pipes, NS Lakshama Rao
The use of three fixed wave probes to determine the reflected and incident components of a wave motion, A Brebner & IRP White
Properties of ocean waves generated on current, D Manabe
Studies on stilling basins, K Seetharamish & NS Shashidhara
The hydrodynamic design of fishing nets, PG Morgan
The choice and design of laboratory equipment in the teaching of fluid mechanics, JRD Francis
The salinity of surface waters in Victoria, Australia, RG Webster
Wave generated currents, MR Gourlay
Some problems associated with the measurement of turbulence, GS Harris
The effects of wind tunnel screens and honeycombs on the spanwise variation of skin friction in “two-dimensional” turbulent boundary layers, Rajni P Patel
The effect of entrance conditions and flow separation on diffuser performance, CT Huey
A free flight investigation of turbulence induced panel vibrations, DC Stevenson
A graphical method to locate the onset of cavitation, MV Ramamoorthy & K Seetharamaish
Flow below a submerged sluice gate as a wall jet problem, N Rajaratnam
Development of an experimental technique for measuring local heat transfer from a sphere, KR Lawther
Construction of an experimental meander, RA Callander
River diversion structures for hydro electric schemes observations on models and prototypes, RWJ Fookes
The use of emulsions and suspensions for decreasing energy losses in pressure gradients, MS Priest & WD Breakfield
Velocity measurement with the vibrations of an immersed sphere, Cornelius CS Shih
Power-life of a hydrothermal system, Russell James
Pumped storage, Robert A Sutherland
Design and performance of 2 ½ ft x 2 ½ ft Jadavpur University wind tunnel, BN Chanda, B Bose & C Das Ghosh
Fluid flow in packed beds, JA Hart, KR Lawther & E Szomanski
Thermal turbulence, JW Elder
Experiments on Taylor vortices between eccentrics rotating cylinders, JA Cole
Experiments on the suspension of spheres in inclined tubes. I - Suspension by water in turbulenct flow, GF Round & Jan Kruyer
The generation and propagation of an undular jump, HC Levey
Fresh water intrusion into a saline aquifer, NL Ackermann & NA Intong
The two dimensional starting plume, IR Wood
Convection driven by surface-tension gradients and buoyancy forces, DA Nield
Stokes flow in pipes and channels of carrying cross-sections, JC Burns
Potential flow about arbitrary thick blade of large camber in cascade, Masaaki Shirakura
A quasi-stable density-stratified flow in a saturated porous medium, E John List
Lateral efflux from flow along a wall into a suction-slot, Yun-Sheng Yu
Thermal boundary layers in laminar and turbulent flow, TC Chawla & G de Vahl Davis
The effect of leeway on the hydrodynamical forces that act on a boat, DG Hurley
Wind generation of water waves, PJ Bryant
On convection in a porous medium, A McNabb
An analytical treatment of the ring surface-viscometer, Ralph A Burton
Steady seepage flow above a sloping impermeable sublayer, RA Wooding
Discussion and Addenda