Proceedings of the Ninteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

The Proceedings of the 19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (ISBN: 978-0-646-59695-2)

10 Fluid Mechanics of Cricket Ball Swing
Rabindra Mehta

11 Nanoscale Instrumentation for Measuring Turbulence
Alexander Smits, M. Hultmark

12 Flow and Turbulent Processes in the Coastal Ocean
Gregory Ivey

13 Turbulent Cavitating Vortical Structures and their Impact on the Performance of Turbomachines
D. Tan, R.L. Miorini, Joseph Katz

14 Nature Inspired Solutions of Energy Efficiency - the Past, the Current and the Future
Yuying Yan

15 Advances in Probability Density Function Methods for Turbulent Reactive Flows
Stephen Pope, R. Tirunagari

16 Can Combustion Models be Developed from DNS Data?
Heinz Pitsch, P. Trisjono

17 Plasma Diagnostics of a DC Glow Discharge using Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Rounak Manoharan, Philip Varghese, Sean O'Byrne

18 Wave Refraction on Southern Ocean Eddies
Henrique Rapizo, Alexander Babanin, Odin Gramstad, Malek Ghantous

19 Unsteady Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Baffled Triangular Enclosure
Suvash Saha, YuanTong Gu

20 Effect of Wing flexibility on Dragonfly Hover Flight
Vishal Naidu, John Young, Joseph Lai

21 Thermodynamic analysis of the energy separation in a counter-flow vortex tube
Yunpeng Xue, Maziar Arjomandi

22 The Formation of Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities on Swirling Axisymmetric Vortex Rings
Christopher Gargan-Shingles, Murray Rudman, Kris Ryan

23 On the Influence of a Wire placed Upstream of a Rotating Cylinder: Three-dimensional Effects
Anirudh Rao, Alexander Radi, Justin Leontini, Mark Thompson, John Sheridan, Kerry Hourigan

24 Amplifier Design for New CNT Radiation Gauges in Expansion Tunnels
Hadas Porat, Barry Allsop, Richard Morgan, S. Srinath, K.P.J. Reddy, TIm McIntyre

25 Experimental Analysis of a Linear Expansion-Deflection Nozzle at Highly Overexpanded Conditions
Kyll Schomberg, John Olsen, Andrew Neely, Graham Doig

26 Evaluating the Shadow Position Mixing Model for Transported PDF Modelling of Non-Premixed Flames
Joshua Tang, Austin Kong, Evatt Hawkes, Stephen Pope, Jacqueline Chen

27 Biofuel Production from Algae Utilizing Wastewater
Saleh Mobin, Firoz Alam

28 Secondary Atomization Characteristics of Biofuels with Different Physical Properties
Phuong Pham, Agisilaos Kourmatzis, Assaad Masri

29 Aerodynamic Efficiency and Thermal Comfort of Road Racing Bicycle Helmets
Israt Mustary, Harun Chowdhury, Bavin Loganathan, M Alharthi, Firoz Alam

30 A Direct Numerical Simulation Investigation of Ignition at Diesel Relevant Conditions
Alexander Krisman, Evatt Hawkes, Mohsen Talei, Ankit Bhagatwala , Jacqueline Chen

31 Flow-Induced Noise from a Sharp-Edged Flat Plate Using a Quasi-Periodic CFD-BEM Technique
Mahmoud Karimi, Paul Croaker, Nicole Kessissoglou, Con Doolan, Steffen Marburg

32 Progress in Numerical Modelling of Packed Bed Biomass Combustion
Md.Rezwanul Karim, Jamal Naser

33 Effect of Recycled Ratio on Heat Transfer Performance of Coal Combustion in a 0.5 MWth Combustion Test Facility
Arafat Ahmed Bhuiyan, Jamal Naser

34 Separation of Yawed Turbulent Flows over a Forward-Facing Ramp
Delia Fang Xie, Hugh Blackburn, John Sheridan

35 An Experimental Model of Wave-Induced Motions of an Ice Floe
Michael Meylan, Alessandro Troffoli, Luke Bennetts, Claudio Cavaliere, Alberto Alberello, Alexander Babanin

36 The Effects of Tubercles on Swept Wing Performance at Low Angles of Attack
Michael Donald Bolzon, Richard Kelso, Maziar Arjomandi

37 Aerodynamic Behaviour of Small Savonius Turbine with 3 Different Configurations
Bavin Loganathan, Israt Mustary, Harun Chowdhury, Firoz Alam

38 Fouling of Waste Heat Recovery: Numerical and Experimental Results
Emilie Sauret, Iman Abdi, Kamel Hooman

39 Optimising Camera Arrangement for Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry
Soon-Kong Lee, Matteo Giacobello, Peter Manovski, Chetan Kumar

40 Modelling Melting Ice using the Smooth Dissipative Particle Dynamics Method
Danielle Tan

41 Subgrid CFD Film-Drainage Modelling: Application to Buoyancy-Driven Droplet–Wall Collisions in Emulsions
Lachlan Mason, Geoffrey Stevens, Dalton Harvie

42 Flow Interactions between Two Inline Cyclists
Nathan Barry, David Burton, John Sheridan, Nicholas Brown

43 Numerical Investigation into Wave Transformation around King Island
Jake Shayer, Yuting Jin, Shuhong Chai, Jessica Walker

44 Topology of Flow around a Conventional Submarine Hull
Soon-Kong Lee

45 Simulation of Respiratory Flows
Ryan Mead-Hunter, Andrew King, Alexander Larcombe, Benjamin Mullins

46 Numerical Analysis of Building Shadow Effect on Buoyant Flows in Urban Street Canyons
Zijing Tan, Jingliang Dong, Yimin Xiao, Jiyuan Tu

47 Study of a Savonius Type Wind Turbines for its Aerodynamic Characteristics
Bavin Loganathan, Israt Mustary, Harun Chowdhury, Firoz Alam

48 Modelling Water Wave and Tethered Structure Interactions using 3D Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
David Gunn, Murray Rudman, Raymond Cohen

49 The Effects of Surface Wettability on Droplet Fingering
Cameron Stanley, Robert Jackson, Nitin Karwa, Gary Rosengarten

50 An Effective Laboratory Method for Thermal Fluid Mechanics Course
Firoz Alam, Harun Chowdhury, Bavin Loganathan, Saleh Mobin, A. Kootsookos, J. Tu, N. Islam

51 Laboratory Scaling of the Free-Decay of an Oscillating Vertical-Axis Underwater Cylinder
Liviu Puticiu, Richard Manasseh

52 Coherent Structures in a Three-dimensional Chaotic Potential Flow
Lachlan Smith, Murray Rudman, Daniel Lester, Guy Metcalfe

53 Validation of a Microbubble Seeding Generator for Particle Image Velocimetry Applications
Gustavo A. Zarruk, Alan D. Henderson, Katrina de Graaf, Paul A. Brandner, Bryce W. Pearce

54 A Hybrid RANS-Implicit LES Method for External Aerodynamics
Asiful Islam, Ben Thornber

55 Modelling of Two-Phase Bubbly Flow over a Flat Plate
Sara Vahaji, Li Chen, Sherman C.P. Cheung, Jiyuan Tu

56 Numerical Study of Turbulent Convective Cooling of Vertical Heat-Generating Rods Using Supercritical Water
Mohsen Modirshanechi, Mostafa Odabaee, Iris Bua, Kamel Hooman

57 CFD Modelling of Primary Atomisation of Diesel Spray
Mohammadmahdi Ghiji, Laurie Goldsworthy, Vikram Garaniya, Paul A Brandner, Peter Hield

58 Aerodynamic Drag of Contemporary Soccer Balls
Firoz Alam, Harun Chowdhury, Bavin Loganathan, Israt Mustary, Simon Watkins

59 Comparison between In-Flame and Exhaust Soot Particles in a Single-Cylinder, Light-Duty Diesel Engine
Renlin Zhang, Yilong Zhang, Shawn Kook

60 Computational Optimisation and Analysis of A Truncated Hypersonic Nozzle for X3 Expansion Tunnel
Han Wei, Wilson Y. K. Chan, Peter Jacobs, Richard Morgan

61 Drop Formation at a T-Junction with Dilute Xanthan Gum Solutions as the Dispersed Phase
Jong-Leng Liow, Zhipeng Gu

62 Noise from Sub-Boundary Layer Steps
Con Doolan, Danielle Moreau, Paul Brandner, Bryce Pearce, Katrina de Graaf

64 A Compound Cantilevered Plate Model of the Palate-Uvula System during Snoring
Julien Cisonni, Novak S J Elliott, Anthony D Lucey, Matthias Heil

65 Turbulent Energy Scale Budget Equation Applied to a Free, Round, Turbulent Jet and the Effect of a Passive Ring
Hamed Sadeghi, Andrew Pollard, Philippe Lavoie

66 Heat Transmission in a Geothermal Wellbore: Modelling and Application
Isa Kolo, Rita Sousa, TieJun Zhang

69 Computational Fluid Dynamics Study on Wind, Solar Effect and Pollutant Dispersion in Masdar City
Najmul Hasan Abid, Isa Kolo, Isam Janajreh

70 Tracking Blood Drops Ejected from the Nasal Cavity during Violent Assault
Patrick Geoghegan, Callum Spence, Natalia Kabaliuk, Jonathan Aplin, Julie Wilhelm, Michael Taylor, Mark Jermy

71 Experimental Study on Inlet Air Cooling by Water Spray for Natural Draft Dry Cooling Towers Enhancement
Abdullah Alkhedhair, Zhiqiang Guan, Hal Gurgenci, Ingo Jahn, Suoying He

72 Effect of Sinusoidal Leading Edge Pattern on Flat Plate Boundary Layer Flow
Seyed Mohammad Hasheminejad, Hatsari Mitsudharmadi, Sonny Handojo Winoto

74 Unsteady Lift Generation on a Low-Aspect-Ratio, Rotating Flat Plate
Ben Needleman, James Harvey, Malcolm Jones, Julio Soria, J.L Palmer

77 Low Cost Hot-element Anemometry Verses the TFI Cobra
Daniel Prohasky, Simon Watkins

78 Linear Stability Analysis of Horizontal Convection Forced Radially in a Rotating Cylindrical Enclosure
Wisam Hussam, Tze Tsai, Gregory Sheard

80 Hypersonic Leading Edge Separation
Amna Khraibut, N. R. Deepak, S. L. Gai, A.J Neely

81 Formation of Back-Spattered Bloodstain Patterns: Air Flow Visualisation and Form of the Damage in a Brain Tissue Simulant
Milad Soltanipour Lazarjan, Patrick Geoghegan, Michael Taylor, Mark Jermy

82 Hydrodynamic Stability Analysis on Inviscid Cross Sheared Stratified Flows
Yuan Xiao, Wenxian Lin, Steven Armfield, Michael Kirkpatrick, Yinghe He

83 Three-dimensional Momentum and Heat Transport in a Turbulent Cylinder Wake

84 Coherent Structures in Cross Sheared Flows in Weakly Stratified Environments
Yuan Xiao, Wenxian Lin, Jessie McCormack, Steven Armfield, Michael Kirkpatrick, Yinghe He

86 Growth and Departure Dynamics of Isolated Vapour Bubbles: An Improved CFD Model for Bubble Evolution in Pool Boiling
Nima Nadim, Tilak T Chandratilleke

87 Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy of Hypersonic Flows
Brad Wheatley, T. J McIntyre, D. R Buttsworth

88 An Investigation of Particulate Flow Behaviour and Sedimentation in Curved Channel Using Euler-Euler Approach
Tilak T Chandratilleke , Nima Nadim

90 Modified Equation of State Laws for Heat Transfer and Natural Convection in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Patrick Peacock, David Holmes

91 Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Injector Tip Drying
Nitin Karwa, Peter Stephan, Wolfram Wiese, David Lejsek

92 Fluid Thermal Structural Interactions on a Fin in Hypersonic Flow
Arnab Dasgupta, Andrew Neely

93 Statistics and Scaling of Axisymmetric Turbulent Boundary Layers under the Transition from Zero to Adverse Pressure Gradients
Callum Atkinson, Vassili Kitsios, Julio Soria

94 The Attached Eddy Hypothesis and von Kármán’s Constant
James D. Woodcock, Ivan Marusic

95 Comparative Analysis of Pulsatile and Steady Flow on Arterial Mass Transport
Sargon Gabriel, Yan Ding, Yuqing Feng, John Gear

96 Direct Numerical Simulation of a Turbulent Lifted Flame: Stabilisation Mechanism
Shahram Karami, Evatt Hawkes, Mohsen Talei, H Yu

97 Vortex-induced Vibration of Four Cylinders in an In-line Square Configuration in Steady Flow
Kalyani Kaja, Dr. Ming Zhao, Prof. Yang Xiang

98 Particle Collection using Vibrating Bubbles
Hoang Van Phan, Muhsincan Sesen, Tuncay Alan, Adrian Neild

99 Deposition-driven Growth in Atherosclerosis Modelling
Sargon Gabriel, Yan Ding, Yuqing Feng, John Gear

100 Lift Curve Breakdown for Airfoil undergoing Dynamic Stall
Amanullah Choudhry, Maziar Arjomandi, Richard Kelso

101 A Mixture Fraction-Based Model for Evaporation, Pyrolysis and Char Conversion of Dilute Fuel
Mohammad Nazmul Khan, Longfei Zhao, Matthew Cleary, Robert Bilger, Oliver Stein, Andreas Kronenburg

102 Pod Analyses of Piv and Hot Wire Velocity Data in a Cylinder Wake
Shunlin Tang, Lyazid Djenidi, Robert Antonia, Yu Zhou

104 Techniques Towards Understanding Shear Dependent Thrombus Formation
Isaac Pinar, Jane Arthur, Robert Andrews, Elizabeth Gardiner, Kris Ryan, Josie Carberrry

105 A Modeling and Simulation Framework for Aircraft Transonic Flutter
Kwok-Leung LAI, Kai-Yew LUM

106 Turbulent Kinetic Energy and Temperature Variance Budgets in the Far Wake Generated by a Circular Cylinder
Nathan Lefeuvre, Lyazid Djenidi, Robert Antonia, Tongming Zhou

107 The Effect of the Forcing Temperature Profile on Horizontal Convection Flows
Tze Kih Tsai, Wisam Hussam, Gregory Sheard

108 Global and Convective Stability of Horizontal Convection
Tze Kih Tsai, Wisam Hussam, Gregory Sheard

109 Evaluation of a Groove Bioreactor for Stem Cell Expansion: Effects of Inhibitory Signalling
Joseph Berry, P Godara, Petar Liovic, David Haylock

111 Numerical Investigation on Flow Control Effects of Plasma Actuators for Subsonic Aerofoils in Turbine Applications
Graham Bell, Hideaki Ogawa, Simon Watkins

112 Flow-induced Structural Instabilities via Spring-Mounted Lifting Flexible Plates in a Uniform Flow for Energy Harvesting
Richard Howell, Anthony Lucey

113 Equivalent Direct Connect Free-Stream Shock Tunnel Conditions for Injection Locations in an Axisymmetric Scramjet
Kevin Basore, Vincent Wheatley, Russell R. Boyce, Ryan Starkey

114 Jet Flow Structure under the Perturbation of Two Unsteady Microjets
Pei Zhang, Yu Zhou

115 Simulation of a Transient Supersonic Jet
Warrick Miller, Con Doolan, Zebb Prime, Minkwan Kim

116 Transformation of Internal Waves at the Bottom Ledge
Egor Churaev, Sergey Semin, Yury Stepanyants

117 Motion Response of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation
Anmole Cheema, Mingjun Zhu, Shuhong Chai, Christopher K.H. Chin, Yuting Jin

118 Unsteady Turbulence in a Tidal Bore: Field Measurements in the Garonne River in October 2013
Hubert Chanson, David Reungoat, Claire Keevil

119 Two-Phase Flow on a Gabion Stepped Spillway: Cavity and Seepage Air-Water Motion
Gangfu Zhang, Hubert Chanson

120 Heat Transfer Augmentation using Rectangular Cross-Section Turbulence Generators in Confined Quasi-Two-Dimensional Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flows
Oliver G W Cassells, Wisam K Hussam, Gregory Sheard

124 Global Measurement of Temperature and Pressure on the Sidewall of an Altitude-Adaptive Expansion-Deflection Rocket Nozzle
Gaetano Currao, Andrew Neely, Kyll Schomberg, Elizabeth Ringrose-Voase

125 Accurate Induced Drag Prediction for Highly Non-Planar Lifting Systems
Julian Claudius Schirra, Jonathan Watmuff, Juergen Michael Bauschat

126 Development of a Numerical Model for Investigating the EDI+GPI Engine
Yuhan Huang, Guang Hong

128 Cavitation about a Sphere Impacting a Flat Surface
Katrina L. de Graaf, Paul A. Brandner, Jun Y. Lee, Bryce W. Pearce

129 The Effect of Boundary Layer Thickness on Cavity Flow over a Backward-Facing Step
Bryce Pearce, Paul Brandner, Samuel Foster, Gustavo Zarruk

131 Laboratory Experiments on Symmetric and Asymmetric Mode-2 Internal Solitary Waves in a Three-layer Fluid
Magda Carr, Peter Davies, Ruud Hoebers

132 Macroscopic and Microscopic Characteristics of Ethanol and Gasoline Sprays
Yuhan Huang, Sheng Huang, Ronghua Huang, Guang Hong

134 Simulation of Starting/Stopping Vortices for a lifting Aerofoil
Melissa Vincent, Hugh Maurice Blackburn

136 Validation of a Three-dimensional CFD Analysis of Foil Bearings with Supercritical CO2
Kan Qin, Ingo Jahn, Peter Jacobs

137 A Study of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters in Smooth and Turbulent Flows: How Might They Perform in Real-World Conditions?
Jesse McCarthy, Arvind Deivasigamani, Simon Watkins, Sabu John, Floreana Coman

138 MHD Falkner-Skan Boundary Layer Flow past a Moving Wedge with Suction (Injection)
Anniganahally Thammaiahsetty Eswara

139 Disturbance Initiated by Convergent Riblet in Flat Plate Boundary Layer
Thirukumaran Nadesan, Hatsari Mitsudharmadi, Thong See Lee, S.H Winoto

140 Experimental Investigation of the Application of a Self-excited Cylindrical Helmholtz Resonator for Turbulent Drag Reduction
Farzin Ghanadi, Maziar Arjomandi, Benjamin Cazzolato , Anthony Zander

141 Control of Horizontal Convection Forcing Boundary Layer Instability Using a Tuned ZNMF Oscillating Jet
Matthew Leigh, Tze Kih Tsai, Gregory Sheard

142 Implicit Enthalpy Method for Modelling Laser Induced Melting and Solidification of Silicon
Mohammad Shakil Ahmmed, Mohsen Talei, Evatt Robert Hawkes

143 DNS of Turbulent Round Jets Using Acoustically Lined Canonical Nozzles
Richard Sandberg

146 Direct Numerical Simulation of Airfoil Separation Control Using a Synthetic Jet
Wei Zhang, Ravi Samtaney

147 Numerical Simulation of Wind Loads on High-Rise Buildings
Aleksei Antipin, Vladimir Alekhin, Sergey Gorodilov, Sergei Khramtsov, Noskov Alexandr

149 Effect of Rotation on Coherent Structures in Wall-Bounded Turbulence
Watchapon Rojanaratanangkule, Vejapong Juttijudata

150 Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Near Nozzle Instabilities in Large-Eddy Simulations of Under-Expanded Circular Jets
Paul Stegeman, Julio Soria, Andrew Ooi

151 A Comparative Analysis on the Velocity Profile and Vortex Shedding of Heated Foamed Cylinders
Iman Ashtiani Abdi, Morteza Khashehchi, Mohsen Modirshanehchi, Kamel Hooman

153 High Pressure Visualisation of Liquid Oxygen and Cryogenic Hydrogen Combustion under an Imposed Acoustic Field
Samuel Webster, Jusin Hardi, Michael Oschwald

155 Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Autoignition in Non-uniformly Heated Mixtures
Vasily Novozhilov

156 Immersed Boundary Method and its Applications in a Variety of Complex Flow Problems
Fang-Bao Tian, John Young, Joseph Lai

157 An Experimental Model of Non-rafting Collisions between Ice Floes Caused by Monochromatic Water Waves
Luke Bennetts, Lucas Yiew, Mike Meylan, Ben French, Giles Thomas

160 High Resolution Hybrid LES/RANS Simulation of Flow over Two Surface Mounted Cubes in Tandem Using a Sixth Order Finite Difference Solver
Alex Curley, Mesbah Uddin, Brett Peters

162 Modelling of Oscillatory Flow around Four Cylinders in a Diamond Arrangement
Feifei Tong, Liang Cheng, Tongming Zhou

166 Analysis of the Temporal Discretisation of Finite Difference Schemes
Michael Young, Andrew Ooi

167 Investigating Mesh Quality on Overset Gridding of a Flapped Aerofoil
Michael Young, Mehdi Ghoreyshi, Andrew Lofthouse, Russell Cummings

168 Experimental Investigation of Wall-mounted Finite Airfoil Flow Noise
Danielle Moreau, Con Doolan, William Alexander, Timothy Meyers, William Devenport

169 Modelling an Acoustically Perturbed Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber with Cryogenic Propellant Injection
Scott Beinke, Daniel Banuti, Justin Hardi, Michael Oschwald, Bassam Dally

171 Spanwise Inclination and Meandering of Large-Scale Structures in a High-Reynolds-Number Turbulent Boundary Layer
W. J. Baars, K. M. Talluru, B. J. Bishop, N. Hutchins, I. Marusic

172 Global Surrogate Modelling of Gas Turbine Aerodynamic Performance
Zafer Leylek, Andrew Neely, Tapabrata Ray

175 Turbulent Wake of a Sinusoidal Cylinder with Large Spanwise Wavelength at Re = 3000
Y. F. Lin, H. L. Bai

176 Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Coefficient and Pressure Drop of Cellulose Corrugated Media
Suoying He, Zhiqiang Guan, Hal Gurgenci, Kamel Hooman, Abdullah M. Alkhedhair

177 Onset of Transition in Mixed Convection of a Lid-Driven Trapezoidal Enclosure Filled with Water-Al2O3 Nanofluid
Sumon Saha, Saddam Hossen, Mahmudul Hasan Hasib, Suvash Chandra Saha

178 Induced-charge Electrokinetic Flow in an Asymmetric Conducting Nanochannel for a Flexible Control of Ionic Transport
C.L Zhao, Chun Yang

180 Use of an air curtain to reduce heat loss from an inclined open-ended cavity
Adam McIntosh, Graham Hughes, John Pye

184 DNS of an Airfoil at Angle of Attack with Elastic Trailing-Edge Extensions
Stefan C. Schlanderer, Richard D. Sandberg

186 Active Drag Reduction of a Simplified Car Model Using a Combination of Steady Actuations
Bingfu Zhang, Yu Zhou, Sandy To

187 Visualisation of Combustion in a Turbulent Boundary Layer over a Melting Fuel
Elizabeth Jens, Victor Miller, Flora Mechentel, Brian Cantwell, Scott Hubbard

188 The Use of Porosity to Simulate the Presence of Aerofoils on a Gas Turbine Shaft under Natural Cooling
Evan Smith, Andrew Neely

189 Particle Sizing Using Dielectrophoresis-active Hydrophoresis
Sheng Yan, Jun Zhang, Y Yuan, Gursel Alici, Haiping Du, Yonggang Zhu, Weihua Li

191 Effect on Fluctuating Lift of the Phase Lag between Vortex Sheddings from Two Tandem Circular Cylinders
Md Mahbub Alam, Ma Zhe, Yu Zhou

192 Effects of Chemical Reactions on Turbulent Channel flow
Xiaoping Chen, Huashu Dou

193 Clean Flat Flame Combustor for Ultra Micro Gas Turbine
Zerrin Turkeli-Ramadan, Rajnish Sharma, Robert Raine

195 Shear Layer and Flow Transition on a Low Speed Full Wind Turbine Blade
Adnan Qamar, Wei Zhang, Wei Gao, Ravi Samtaney

196 Tracking the Vortex Core From a Surface-piercing Foil by Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Using Fluorescing Particles
Alexander Ashworth Briggs, Alan Fleming, Robero Ojeda, Jonathan Binns

197 Vortex Decay in Quasi-2D MHD Ducts: Application to Kármán Vortex Streets Behind Turbulence Promoters
Ahmad Hussein Abdul Hamid, Wisam Hussam, Gregory Sheard

198 Dynamics of a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Wake Behind a Cylinder in an MHD Duct Flow with a Strong Axial Magnetic Field
Ahmad Hussein Abdul Hamid, Wisam Hussam, Gregory Sheard

199 Numerical Simulation of the Impact of Ventral Sting on Supersonic Aerodynamics and Flow Field
LIU Xu , LIU Wei, WU Tianzuo

201 Two-point Correlations in Turbulent Boundary Layers and Channels up to δ+=2000
Juan A Sillero, Javier Jimenez

204 Investigation of the key parameter defining the flow through a porous hollow cylinder
Ben Levy, Heide Friedrich, John Cater, Richard Clarke, Jim Denier

205 CFD Simulation and FE Analysis of a High Pressure Ratio Radial Inflow Turbine
Mostafa Odabaee, Mohsen Modir Shanechi, Kamel Hooman

206 Uncertainty Quantification Applied to the Performance Analysis of a Conical Diffuser
Emilie Sauret, Rodney Persky, Jean-Camille Chassaing, Didier Lucor

208 The Effect of Vacuum on Shock Vector Control Performance
Courtney Bright, Sean Tuttle, Andrew Neely

209 Planar Laser Fluorescence Imaging of Bubble Detachment
Marcus Fedrizzi, Julio Soria

210 Porous Fuel Injection with Oxygen Enrichment in a Viable Scramjet Engine
Bianca Capra

213 Reynolds Number Effects on the Aerodynamic Performance of Wing Planform Shapes in Hover
Aamer Shahzad, Fang-Bao Tian, John Young, Joseph Lai

214 Intermittency in the Outer Region of Turbulent Boundary Layers
Kapil Chauhan, R Baidya, Jimmy Philip, Nicholas Hutchins, Ivan Marusic

215 Stability Characteristics of Low-Amplitude Jets in Cross-Flow
Jonathan Watmuff

216 An Investigation of Evaporation from Single Saline Water Droplets: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches
Mohamadhosein Sadafi, Ingo Jahn, Alexander Stilgoe, Kamel Hooman

218 Approximate Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Rob Shorten

220 In-Situ Detection of Nanoparticles in Turbulent Flames Using Laser Induced Emissions
Daniel Bartos, Mathew Dunn, Assaad Masri, Andrea D’Anna, Mariano Sirignano

221 Preliminary Numerical Simulation of Chemically Reacting Gas and Liquid Phases in Oxygen Steelmaking
K.H.A Kalyani, J Naser, G Brooks

222 Three-dimensional Linear Stability Analysis of the Flow Around a Sharp 180o Bend
A Sapardi, W Hussam, A Potherat, G.J Sheard

223 Quasi-Two-Dimensional MHD Duct Flow Around a 180-Degree Sharp Bend in a Strong Magnetic Field
A Sapardi, W Hussam, A Potherat, G.J Sheard

224 Modelling of Wall Shear-Stress Fluctuations for Large-Eddy Simulation
W Sidebottom, O Cabrit, I Marusic, C Meneveau, A Ooi, D Jones

226 A Numerical Study of Dispersion in Laminar Flow in Non-circular Ducts
M.M Rahman, K.A. Moinuddin, G.R. Thorpe

227 Design of a Test Rig to Improve Thermal Design Approach for Evaporators for Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plant
S Siwach, M Jermy

228 Hydro- and Electrochemical Aspects of Silica Colloid Deposition from a Turbulent Flow onto a Rough Wall
P Kokhanenko, K Brown, M Jermy

229 Rotating Horizontal Convection in a Rectangular Box
C Vreugdenhil, R.W Griffiths, B Gayen

231 Reynolds Number Influence on the Vortex-Induced Vibration Critical Point of a Pivoted Cylinder
B Stappenbelt, A Johnstone

233 Investigation into the Effect of Vortex-Induced Vibrations on the Power-Output of a Pitching Cylinder Wave Energy Converter
A.W Heath, B Stappenbelt

234 Influence of Blade Overlap and Blade Angle on the Aerodynamic Coefficients in Vertical Axis Swirling type Savonius Wind Turbine
A Al Faruk, A Sharifian

235 Characterisation of Interfacial Aeration in High-Velocity Free-Surface Air-Water Flows: What Does 50% Void Fraction Mean?
S Felder, H Chanson

237 Performance Considerations for Expansion Tube Operation with a Shock-Heated Secondary Driver
D.E Gildfind, Ch.M James, R.G Morgan

243 A Phase-Averaged Analysis of the Pedalling Cyclist Wake
T.N Crouch, D Burton, M.C Thompson, D.T Martin, N.A.T Brown, J Sheridan

244 Single Bubble Sonoluminescence and Bubble Surface Stability in Surfactant Solutions
T Leong, K Yasui, K Kato, M Ashokkumar, S Kentish

245 PIV of a Precessing Cylinder Flow
T Albrecht, P Meunier, R Manasseh, J.M Lopez, H.M Blackburn

247 Experimental Investigation of Momentum Transport Associated with the Interaction of Concentrated and Distributed Vorticity
H.U Ain, J.R Elsnab, J.C Klewicki

249 Assessment of Wind Characteristics and Electricity Generation Potential for Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
H.A Moria, S Salehin, M.N. Alghamdi, A.K.M. Sadrul Islam

255 Flow Structures on a Low-Aspect-Ratio Wing Undergoing a Pitch-Ramp–Hold Manoeuvre in a Uniform Cross-Flow
A Agon, M Giacobello, J.L Palmer

257 The Effect of Surface Tension in Polymer Flow during Reactive Rotational Molding
A Hamidi, S Khelladi, L illoul, A Tcharkhtchi

258 Effects of Aspect Ratio on the Wake Dynamics of the Ahmed Body
T McQueen, J Venning, J Sheridan

259 Prediction of Wave-in-Deck Loads on Offshore Structures Using CFD
N Abdussamie, R Ojeda, W Amin, G Thomas, Y Drobyshevski

260 Large Eddy Simulations of Flow Field and Heat Transfer Under Partially Confined Slot Jet Impingement on a Vibrating Constant Heat Flux Surface
T Natarajan, J.W Jewkes, R Narayanaswamy, Y.M Chung, A.D Lucey

261 Irregular Wave Generation and Assessment of Static Air Gap of Offshore Structures
N Abdussamie, W Amin, R Ojeda, G Thomas, Y Drobyshevski

262 Analysis of Turbulence Statistics and Thermofluidic Characteristics under Circular Jet Impingement
T Natarajan, J.W Jewkes, R Narayanaswamy, A.J King, Y.M Chung, A.D Lucey

265 Statistics of Wave Orbital Velocities in Random Directional Sea States
A Alberello, A Chabchoub, O Gramstad, A Babanin, A Toffoli

268 Nanostructure analysis of in-flame soot particles in an automotive-size diesel engine
Y Zhang, R Zhang, S Kook

271 Atomization Instabilities in Bubble Induced Break-up
A Kourmatzis, A Lowe, A.R Masri

272 Direct Numerical Simulation of Sound Generation by a Turbulent Premixed Flame
A Haghiri, M Talei, M.J Brear, E.R Hawkes

274 Recent Progress in Explicit Shear-Eliminating Vortex Identification
V Kolar, J Sistek

275 Cleaning of Viscous Droplets on an Inclined Planar Surface Using Film Flows
J.R. Landel, A.L. Thomas, H McEvoy, S.B. Dalziel

277 Spectral Content of Cloud Cavitation about a Sphere
K.L. de Graaf, P.A. Brandner, B.W. Pearce

278 Computational Investigation of Micro Helicopter Near-Wall Effect
D.C Robinson, H Chung, K Ryan

279 Microbubble Content in the Wake of a Cavitating Hydrofoil
K.L. de Graaf, G.A. Zarruk, P.A. Brandner, B.W. Pearce

280 Turbulent Airflow past a Rectangular Cylinder Building
T.E. Downie, B.P. Huynh

281 A Review of CFD Modelling of Flotation Cells
A.R Sarhan, J Naser, G Brooks

283 Monte Carlo Simulations of a Median-filter Technique to Discriminate between Particle and Fluid Velocity Fields
I.J Saridakis, T.C.W Lau, L Djenidi, G.J Nathan

284 Sublayer Plate Method for Local Wall Shear Stress Measurement
S Mochizuki, M Fukunaga, T Kameda, M Sakurai

285 Similarity in the Equilibrium Boundary Layer in Accelerating Free Stream Velocity
H Tokunaga, T Kameda, S Mochizuki

287 Numerical Investigation of The Behaviour of Wall Shear Stress in Three-Dimensional Pulsatile Stenotic Flows
S Li, C Chin, J Monty, P Barlis, I Marusic, A Ooi

288 Tailored Fuel Injection within a Mach 12 Shape Transitioning Scramjet
W.O Landsberg, J.E Barth, A Veeraragavan, V Wheatley, M.K Smart

289 Turbulent Dissolution of a Vertical Ice Wall Into Homogeneous and Stratified Salty Water
C.D McConnochie, R.C Kerr

291 Effect of Different Types of Wing-Wing Interactions in Flapping MAVs
W.B Tay

292 Effect of Interfacial Tension and Electric Field on Charge Separation Dynamics Inside Stable and Unstable Microdrops
R Pillai, J.D Berry, D.J.E Harvie, M.R Davidson

294 A New Model for Wake Effects Upon a Cantilevered Flexible Plate Undergoing Continuous Oscillation due to a High Reynolds-number Axial Flow
R.O.G Evetts, R.M Howell, A.D Lucey

297 Numerical Simulations of Premixed Combustion in Narrow Channels
X Kang, R.J Gollan, P.A Jacobs, A Veeraragavan

299 Irregular Shock Refraction in Magnetohydrodynamics
P Bilgi, V Wheatley, R Samtaney, J.E Barth

302 An Investigation on the Effects of Chamber Wall’s Elasticity on Blood Flow in a LVAD Pump
E.N.K Chan, P Huynh, T.T Nguyen

303 Impact of Gap/Load Spacing on the Aerodynamics Performance of Intermodal Freight Trains
C Li, M Kost, D Burton, J Sheridan, M.C Thompson

304 Near-wall Electrically Induced Vortices for Quasi-2D MHD Duct Side-wall Heat Transfer Enhancement
Y Li, A.H.A Hamid, A.M Sapardi, G.J Sheard

307 Three-Dimensional CFD Analysis of the Hemodynamic Effect of Different Stent-to-Artery Deployment Ratios
A Lotfi, T.J Barber

309 Coupled Oscillation Modes of Model Ocean Wave-Energy Converters
R Manasseh, B Pocock, D Briffa, B Joyce, C Rat

311 Scaling of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Dynamic Stall
A-J Buchner, A.J Smits, J Soria

314 Mixing Field Characteristics of Multi-lateral Jets Injected into a Round Pipe Flow
C.X Thong, P.A.M Kalt, B.B Dally, C.H Birzer

315 Conditional Moment Closure Modelling for Ignition in Thermally Stratified iso-octane/air Mixtures
F Salehi, M Talei, E.R. Hawkes, C.S Yoo, T Lucchini, G D'Errico, S Kook

316 A Microfluidic Device for Visualisation of Milk Fat Globule Alignment by the Acoustic Radiation Force – a High Particle Concentration case
L Johansson, T Leong, P Juliano, S McArthur, R Manasseh

317 Entrainment Across a Sharp Density Interface in a Sheared Cavity Flow
N Williamson, M.P Kirkpatrick, S.W Armfield, S.H Starner

318 An Experimental Study of Turbulent Boundary Layer over 2D Transverse Circular Bars
Md Kamruzzaman, K.M Talluru, L Djenidi, R.A. Antonia

319 Numerical Simulation of a Rough-Wall Pipe from the Transitionally Rough Regime to the Fully Rough Regime
L Chan, M Mac Donald, D Chung, N Hutchins, A Ooi

321 Modelling CO2 Distribution in Patient Airways using Computational Fluid Dynamics
S Oldfield, C.J.T Spence, J Storey, M.C Jermy, J.E Cater

324 A Numerical and Experimental Study on the Unsteady Conjugate Natural Convection Boundary Layers in a Water Filled Rectangular Cavity with a Conducting Partition Wall at Varied Locations
M Khatamifar, R D'Urso, W Lin, D Holmes, S W. Armfield, M P. Kirkpatrick

325 Design of Test Flows to Investigate Binary Scaling in High Enthalpy CO2-N2 Mixtures
G de Crombrugghe, D Gildfind, F Zander, T McIntyre, R Morgan

326 Effective Diffusion Coefficient and Average Drift Velocity for a Bioinspired Drift Ratchet
J Herringer, G Dorrington, G Rosengarten

327 Statistics of Coherent Groups in Three-Dimensional Fully-Nonlinear Potential Waves
E.V. Sanina, S.A. Suslov, D Chalikov, A.V. Babanin

329 Development of a light-sheet device for on-line measurements of large droplets entrained from mist filters
Stefan Wurster, Benjamin James Mullins, Jörg Meyer, Gerhard Kasper

331 Some Unresolved Physical Problems in Turbomachinery Flows
J.P Gostelow, J.H Horlock, G.J Walker

332 Direct Numerical Simulation of the Incompressible Temporally Developing Turbulent Boundary Layer
M Kozul, D Chung

333 Sheared Turbulent Convection of a Buoyant Fluid from a Horizontal Porous Plate
M.P Kirkpatrick, N Williamson, S.H Starner, S.W Armfield

334 Studies on the Configurations of Nanosecond DBD Pulse Plasma Actuators
Y.D Cui, Z.J Zhao, Y Bouremel, J Li, J.G Zheng, F.G Hu, B.C Khoo

335 Global Stability of Three-dimensional Disturbances in Blasius Boundary-layer Flow over a Compliant Panel
K Tsigklifis, A.D. Lucey

336 Numerical Modeling of Hybrid Vertical Earth Pipe Cooling System
S. F. Ahmed, M. M. K. Khan, M. T. O. Amanullah, M. G. Rasul, N. M. S. Hassan

339 Computational Investigation of Ventilated Cavity Flow Over a 2-D Fence
L Barbaca, B.W Pearce, P.A Brandner

340 Drag Reduction of a Turbulent Boundary Layer Using Plasma Actuators
Y.P Li, C.W Wong, Y.Z Li, B.F Zhang, Y Zhou

341 Experimental Investigation of Flapping Wing Aerodynamics
M Scavarelli, N Wells, T Wiggins, N Williams, L Foster, F Hampton, R Caruso

342 Computational Analysis of Backwards Facing Vortex Generators for Boundary Layer Mixing Applications
K.J Forster, S Diasinos, T.J Barber, G Doig

343 Numerical Modelling of Turbulent Flow Around an Inclined Ellipsoid
A Phua, T.J Barber, T Rogers, G.C Doig

345 Energy Capture Optimisation of 1-Degree-of-Freedom Pivoted Rigid Cylinders Undergoing Flow-Induced Vibration in Cross-Flows
A.D Johnstone, B Stappenbelt

346 Experimental and Computational Investigation of Wake-Induced Vibration
J.F Derakhshandeh, M Arjomandi, B Cazzolato, B Dally

347 Internal Solitary Waves in Two-Layer Fluids at Near-Critical Situation
O Kurkina, N Singh, Y Stepanyants

348 Flow Categorization in Supersonic Flows with Large Roughness Heights
H. van Pelt, B. W. van Oudheusden, F. F. J. Schrijer, L. J. Souverein, K. Seeliger

349 Spray Characteristics and Droplet Size Distributions From Low Pressure Spray Atomisation
K Inthavong, W Yang, M.C Fung, X.W Tong, J.Y Tu

350 Effects of Injection Timing and Spark Timing on Flame Propagation in an Optically Accessible Spark-Ignition Direct-Injection (SIDI) Engine
L.G Clark, S Kook, Q.N Chan, E.R Hawkes

351 Steam Reforming of Methane in Metal-foam Filled Reactor
Y.P Du, C.Y Zhao, Y Zhu

353 Characteristics of Flow over a Double Backward-Facing Step
S Wang, D Burton, J Sheridan, M.C Thompson

359 Turbulence Measurements in a Shallow Tidal Estuary: Analysis Based On Triple Decomposition
K.A Suara, R.J Brown, H Chanson

361 A Thermo-Fluid Study of a Diesel Engine Wet Scrubber
N Hoque, R Situ, W Hagan, J Almedia, W Lin, Richard Brown

362 A Comparison of Plume Rise Predictions in a Modelled and Observed Nocturnal Boundary Layer
J.R Taylor

364 Wake Dynamics of Circular Finite Wall-mounted Cylinders in Different Boundary Layers
R Porteous, D.J Moreau, C.J Doolan, Z Prime

365 Dissipation in Oscillating Water Columns
M.K Hasan, R Manasseh

366 Turbulent Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Partially Blocked Pipe
J Singh, M Rudman, H.M Blackburn, A Chryss, L Pullum

367 A Microfluidic Cross-Slot Device for Measurement of Erythrocyte Deformability
Yann Henon, Gregory Sheard, Andreas Fouras

369 A Numerical Investigation of Dominant Factors Affecting the Bubble Dynamics Between Air-water and CO2-cryolite Systems
Zhibin Zhao, Kaiyu Zhang, Yuqing Feng, Peter Witt, Phil Schwarz, Zhaowen Wang, Mark Cooksey

370 A Novel Flow Control Valve for Pulsating Flows
Vishal Chaugule, Ramesh Narayanaswamy, Vinod Narayanan, James Jewkes, Anthony Lucey

371 Computational Analysis of Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Vibrating Heated Plate
Anupam Pilli, Sridhar Abishek, Ramesh Narayanaswamy, James Jewkes, Anthony Lucey, Vinod Narayanan

374 Experimental Measurements of Rotating and Stationary Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Noise
Branko Zajamsek, Con Doolan, Zebb Prime

376 A Novel Algorithm to Estimate Soot Sheet Dimensions in Delft-Adelaide Flame
Qing Nian (Shaun) Chan, Paul Medwell, Graham Nathan, Sanghoon (Shawn) Kook

377 Centrifugal Instability over a Rotating Cone
Zahir Hussain, Stephen Garrett, Sharon Stephen

378 Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis on Wake Structure of a Yawed Square Cylinder
Xiaofan Lou, Tongming Zhou, Akira Rinoshika, Liang Cheng

380 A New Method for Prescribing Non-Uniform Wall Temperatures on Wind Tunnel Models
Andrew Neely, Arnab Dasgupta, Rishabh Choudhury

381 Thermo-fluid-structural analysis of the Oxford High Density Tunnel
Andrew Neely, Matthew McGilvray, Thomas Calder-Smith, Peter Ireland

382 Asymmetric Flow about a Chevron-Shaped Cavity
Karn Schumacher, Richard Kelso, Con Doolan, C.X Thong

383 Modification of a Graphite Electrode Surface with Nanomaterial for use in Microbial Fuel Cells
Delfinn Tan

387 Development of a Drag Reduction System for Multi-Element Race Car Wings
Scott Wordley, Damien McArthur, Luke Phersson, Daniel Tudball Smith, David Burton

389 Direct Numerical Simulation of Particle Behaviour in a Gas-Solid Three Dimensional Plane Jet
Nabeel Ahmed Qazi, Joshua Tang, Evatt R. Hawkes, Guan Yeoh, Ray Grout, Hariswaran Sitaraman, Mohsen Talei, Robert Taylor, Michele Bolla, Haiou Wang

390 Heat Transfer Prediction of a Turbine Stage using Fluid-Thermal-Structural Interaction Simulation
Iroizan Ubulom, Andrew Neely, Krishna Shankar

391 The Effect of Length to Height Ratio on the Wake Structure and Surface Pressure of a High-Speed Train
James Bell, David Burton, Mark Thompson, Astrid Herbst, John Sheridan

393 Three-Dimensional Simulation of Flow past Two Circular Cylinders of Different Diameters
Jitendra Thapa, Ming Zhao, Shailesh Vaidya

395 Performance of a Stepped Airfoil at Low Reynolds Numbers
Matthew Cox, Vahik Avakian, Phuoc Huynh

399 Developing Three-Dimensional CFD City Model Based on Public Accessible Information for Street-Level Wind Risk Assessment
Haiyan Miao, Jialie Shen

400 Chaotic Mixing in a Twisted Pipe: Optimisation of Heat, Mass Transfer and RTD
Benny T Kuan, Daniel Lester, W Yang, Guy Metcalfe

401 Aerodynamic Characteristics of Australian Rules Footballs
Jason Cavuoto, Lachlan Earl, Thomas Fahy, Richard Kelso

402 PIV Measurements of the Spanwise Flow Characteristics in a Naturally Transitioning Natural Convection Boundary Layer
Yongling Zhao, Chengwang Lei, John Patterson

406 Thrust Augmentation by After-Burning in a Scramjet Nozzle
Michael Candon, Hideaki Ogawa, Graham Dorrington

407 Entrainment and Spreading of Turbulent Shear Flows
Jimmy Philip, Kapil Chauhan, Ivan Marusic

408 Impacts on Hemodynamics of Different Bifurcation Coronary Stent Configurations
Eric Poon, Peter Barlis, Umair Hayat, Stephen Moore, Andrew Ooi

409 Estimation and Control of Vortex Shedding at Low Reynolds Numbers
Simon Illingworth

410 An Experimental Investigation of the Flow in the Near Wake of a Sharp-edged Strut
Cristobal Albarracin, Con Doolan

411 Time-resolved PIV Measurement of a Developing Zero Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
JungHoon Lee, YongSeok Kwon, Jason Monty, Nicholas Hutchins

412 Comparisons of Turbulence Stresses from Experiments against the Attached Eddy Hypothesis in Boundary Layers
Rio Baidya, Jimmy Philip, Jason Monty, Nicholas Hutchins, Ivan Marusic

413 Regions of Uniform Streamwise Momentum in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Charitha de Silva, Ivan Marusic, Nicholas Hutchins

421 Simulation and Experimental Testing of Leonardo da Vinci’s Helical Rotor
Graham Dorrington, Hideaki Ogawa , Jesse McCarthy , Robert Carrese

422 Development of a 2-phase Flow Nozzle for Fine Droplet Generation
Thomas Van Puyenbroeck, Stefan Brieschenk, Ingo Jahn

423 Laminar Separation Bubble Effect on the Lift Curve Slope of an Airfoil
Kristy Hansen, Richard Kelso, Aman Choudhury, Maziar Arjomandi

425 Numerical Study of Heat Pipes Effects to a 3-Dimensional Room with Driven Ventilation
Zulkarnaini Abdullah, Ba Phuoc Huynh, Awang Idris

427 Penetration Height and Onset of Asymmetric Behaviour of Transitional Plane Fountains in Linearly Stratified Fluids
Mohammad Ilias Inam, Wenxian Lin, Steven Armfield, Yinghe He

430 Instabilities of the Sidewall Boundary Layer in a Rapidly Rotating Split Cylinder
Juan Lopez, P Gutierrez

431 LES Modelling of Mesocombustion Chambers with Arrhenius Complex Chemistry
Pierre Bénard, Vincent Moureau, Ghislain Lartigue, Yves D'Angelo

432 Investigation of the Flame Structure of Spray-A Using the Transported Probability Density Function
Muhammad Aqib Chishty, Yuanjiang Pei, Evatt R. Hawkes, Michele Bolla, Sanghoon Kook

434 Comparison between OH* Chemiluminescence and OH Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence Images in a Light-Duty Optical Diesel Engine
Minh Le, Shawn Kook, Qing Chan, Evatt Hawkes

435 Flow Modelling in Medium-Scale Stirred-Tank Bioreactors featuring Large Free Surface Deformations
Petar Liovic, I.D Sutalo

436 Statistical Development of Wind Turbine Wakes for the Fully Developed Wind Turbine Array Boundary Layer Characterized via Wall-Normal-Spanwise Planes
Nicholas Hamilton, R.B Cal

437 Wall-Parallel PIV Measurements in Turbulent Boundary Layers with Highly Directional Surface Roughness
Kevin, Bagus Nugroho, Jason Monty, Nicholas Hutchins

438 Characterization of Turbulence and Deterministic Stresses through Phase-Dependent Measurements in the Near Wake of a Wind Turbine in an Infinite Turbine Array
Nicholas Hamilton, Murat Tutkun, R.B Cal

440 Engine Combustion and Emissions of Coconut Oil-Based Biodiesel and Diesel Blends
Changhwan Woo, Shawn Kook, Evatt R Hawkes, Peter L. Rogers, Christopher Marquis

441 Direct Numerical Simulation of Pulsatile Flow in Pipes
Xiao Chen, L Chan, N Hutchins, E.K.W Poon, A Ooi

444 Direct Numeric Simulation of Sheared Convective Boundary Layer Mixing and Entrainment
Nicholas Stewart, David Holmes, Wenxian Lin

445 Ocean Wave Energy Converter Performance at a Specific Geographical Location
Suhith Illesinghe, Richard Manasseh, Roger Dargville, Andrew Ooi

447 CFD Simulation and Analysis of a Two-sided Windcatcher’s Inlet\Outlet Geometric Shape Effect in Ventilation Flow Through a Three Dimensional Room
Amirreza Niktash, Phuoc Huynh

449 Thermal Instability of a Horizontal Fluid Layer Subject to Absorption of Incoming Radiation and Surface Heat Exchange
Tae Hattori, John Patterson, Chengwang Lei

450 Inertial Effects on the Capture of Particles in Aquatic Systems
Alexis Espinosa-Gayosso, Marco Ghisalberti, Gregory Ivey, Nicole Jones

451 Initial Experiments Investigating Gas Giant Entry Radiation in an Expansion Tube
Christopher James, David Gildfind, Richard Morgan, Tim McIntyre

453 A Hybrid CFD-BEM Technique Based on the Burton-Miller Formulation Applied to Aeroacoustic Scattering
Paul Croaker, Mahmoud Karimi, Nicole Kessissoglou

458 The Existence of Multiple Solutions for Rotating Cylinder Flows
Mark Thompson, A Rao, J.S Leontini, K Hourigan

459 Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Cylinder Rolling Down an Incline under Gravity
Farah Houdroge, K Hourigan, T Leweke, M.C Thompson

460 An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Nitric Oxide (NO) on Knock Onset in a Spark-Ignition Engine
Zhongyuan Chen, Tien Foong, Hao Yuan, Yi Yang, Michael Brear

461 Linear Stability of Natural Convection Induced by Absorption of Radiation in a Parallelepiped Cavity
Abolghasem Naghib, T Hattori, J.C Patterson, C Lei

462 Nusselt Number Scaling in an Inclined Differentially Heated Square Cavity
Steve Armfield, Nicholas Williamson, Wenxian Lin, Michael Kirkpatrick

463 How Does Transverse Mixing Control Residence Time Evolution?
Daniel Lester

464 Topological Mixing in Three-Dimensional Porous Media
Daniel Lester, M Dentz, T LeBorgne

466 Multiphase Porous Media Model for Heat and Mass Transfer during Drying of Agricultural Products
Chandan Kumar, Mohammad U.H. Joardder, Troy Farrell, Graeme Millar, Azharul Karim

468 Fitting Micro-sized Droplet into Thinner Line
Yee Cheong Lam , C.Y Lim

469 Second Law Analysis of Small Data Centre Airspace
Babak Fakhim, Faraz Rind Baloch, Masud Behnia, Steven Armfield

472 Holographic Microscopy of Micron-Sized Droplets at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
Gholamreza Keshavarzi, A Wang, T.J Barber, G.H Yeoh, V.N Manoharan

474 Instabilities around a Rotating Ellipsoid in a Stratified Rotating Flow
Patrice Meunier, B Miquel, S Le Dizes

475 Zoology of Unstable Modes in a Stratified Cylinder Wake
Mickael Bosco, Patrice Meunier

478 Are All-speed Density Based Solvers Required for RANS of Compressible Boundary Layers?
Ben Thornber

479 Three-Dimensional Transition in the Wake of an Ellipse
Justin Leontini, David Lo Jacono, Mark Thompson

480 Frequency Selection and Phase Locking during Aeroelastic Galloping
Justin Leontini, Jisheng Zhao, Kasun Jayatunga, David Lo Jacono, Kenny Tan, John Sheridan

482 Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow in a Pipe at Extreme Reynolds Numbers
N Saito, Dale Pullin, H.M Blackburn

483 On-Chip Biochemistry: Droplet Generation and Control
Adrian Neild, D.J Collins, M Sesen, T Alan

485 Direct Numerical Simulations of the Dispersion of Molecules in Isotropic Turbulence
Dhawal Buaria, Pui-Kuen Yeung, Brian Sawford

486 Instability in a Precessing Cylinder Flow
Hugh Blackburn, T Albrecht, R Manasseh, J.M Lopez, P Meunier

487 Experimental and Numerical Studies of a Laboratory Fire Whirl
K Hartl, Hugh Blackburn, A.J Smits

488 Influence of a Seed Magnetic Field on the Imploding Cylindrical Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Magnetohydrodynamics
Wouter Mostert, Vincent Wheatley, Ravi Samtaney, Dale Pullin

489 Microbubble Generation in a Confined Radial Jet
Paul Brandner, Katrina de Graaf, Bryce Pearce, J.S Burgess

490 Two and Three Dimensional Stability Analysis of an Optimum Glauert Rotor at Low Reynolds Number
David Smith, H.M Blackburn, J Sheridan

492 Transient Growth in an Airfoil Separation Bubble
Sean Loh, H.M Blackburn, S.J Sherwin

499 On Modelling Velocity/Pressure-Gradient Correlations in Higher-Order RANS Statistical Closures
Svetlana Poroseva, S.M Murman

501 Numerical Modelling of the ‘Bombora’ Wave Energy Conversion Device
Andrew King

502 Stochastic Mode Representation of a Zero-Net-Mass-Flux Jet Forced Adverse Pressure Gradient Flow
Vassili Kitsios, N.A Buchmann, C Atkinson, J Soria

503 Experimental and Computational Analysis of a Typical Arterio-Venous Fistula
N Lwin, M Wahab, J Carroll, Tracie Barber

504 Effect of Non-Axisymmetry in Arterial Stenoses
Tracie Barber

508 PLIF Temperature Imaging of a Mach 9 Blunt Body
David Estruch-Samper, L Vanstone, B Ganapathisubramani, R Hillier

510 Transient Flow Structures around a Cubic Building
Stuart Norris, Peter Richards

514 Field Trials of Subsurface Chaotic Advection: Stirred Reactive Reservoirs
Michelle S. Cho, Michael G. Trefry, Neil R. Thomson, Daniel R. Lester, Guy P. Metcalfe, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

516 Reconstruction of Turbulent Pipe Flow using Resolvent Modes: Application to Low-order Models and Flow Control
Francisco Gomez , Hugh M. Blackburn, Murray Rudman, Ati S. Sharma, Beverley J. McKeon

517 Optical Emission Tomography of Non-axisymmetric, Laminar, Premixed Flames
Samuel Wiseman, A Haghiri, M.J Brear, R.L Gordon, I Marusic

518 A Comparison of the Direct Injection of Propane and Iso-octane under Homogeneous-charge, Spark-ignition Engine Conditions
F Poursadegh, D Goldeband, J.S Lacey, P Petersen, Michael John Brear, R.L Gordon, C Lakey, B Butcher, P.A Atibeh, S Ryan

520 Momentum and Vorticity Balances in a Jet that Issues from a Sharp-edged Rectangular Orifice
Alexandros Vouros, Andrew Pollard, Thrassos Panidis, Rainer Schwab

522 Heat Transfer and Pumping Power Using Nanofluid in a Corrugated Tube
Shafi Noor, M.M Ehsan, Sayedus Salehin, A.K.M. Sadrul Islam

523 Turbine Blockage in Non-Uniform Flow
Scott Draper, Takafumi Nishino, Thomas Adcock

524 Parameter Measurements of Bubble Plume Structure
Hassan Abdulmouti

525 Vortex Tracking Algorithm for Hypersonic Flow in Scramjets
Juan R. Llobet, James Barth, Ingo Jahn

526 Heat Transfer Augmentation in Turbulent Flow through a Circular Tube with Delta Winglet Vortex Generators
M.A.M.S Shoshe, R Ahmed, M. A. Rashid Sarkar

527 Experimental Investigation of Entrainment Processes of a Turbulent Jet
Dhiren Mistry, James Dawson

529 Stormwater Pond Design for Rockhampton (Queensland) Golf Course Premises
Fatema Akram, M.G Rasul, M.M.K Khan, M.S.I.I Amir

530 Watershed Delineation and Cross-section Extraction from DEM for Flood Modelling
Md Amir, M Masud Khan, Mohammad Rasul, Raj Sharma, Fatema Akram

531 Scaling Analysis of Unsteady Natural Convection Boundary Layers on an Evenly Heated Plate with a Time-dependent Temperature
Wenxian Lin, S.W Armfield, T Liu, W Gao

532 Velocity-Composition Probability Density Function Modelling for Non-Premixed Turbulent Flame DNS
D.K Dalakoti, Alex Krisman, E.R Hawkes, J.C.K Tang, S.B Pope

533 Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer over a Permeable Shrinking Sheet with Non-Uniform Heat Source
Mohammad Mansur Rahman, I Pop

534 The Heavens, the Earth, and the Factory Floor: On the Nature and Uses of Chaos
Guy Metcalfe