Proceedings of the Eighteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents

Proceedings of the 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference 3rd - 7th December 2012 Edited by P.A. Brandner and B.W. Pearce Published by the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society.
ISBN: 978-0-646-58373-0 

Front Matter
Proceedings of the Eighteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, P.A. Brandner and B.W. Pearce

The G.K. Batchelor Lecture
The logarithmic region of wall turbulence: Universality, structure and interactions, I Marusic

Plenary Papers
Computing optimal flow disturbances, H Blackburn
Cavitation inception and bubble dynamics in vortical flows, S Ceccio
Petascale numerical simulations of turbulent combustion, E Hawkes
Large eddy simulation: A useful tool for engineering fluid dynamics
, C Fureby
Ice sheet modelling and applications to Greenland, Antarctica and the Martian polar ice caps, R Greve
The sound of cavitation in trees, P Marmottant
A dynamical recipe for the world's largest ocean current, S Rintoul
The behaviour of vortex structures near solid obstacles, GJ van Heijst

Aerofoil tones produced by a streamlined plate with cavity, K Schumacher, C Doolan and R Kelso
A numerical solution of Lighthill's acoustic analogy for acoustically excited laminar, premixed flames, M Talei, MJ Brear and ER Hawkes
Suppression of the trailing-edge noise using a plasma actuator, A Inasawa, C Ninomiya, and M Asai
Comparison of aeroacoustic predictions of turbulent trailing edge noise using three different flow solutions, CA Albarracin, P Marshallsay, LA Brooks, A Cederholm, L Chen, CJ Doolan
Measurement of the self-noise of microphone wind shields, L Wang, AC Zander and VV Lenchine
A numerical investigation of supersonic cavity flow at Mach 2, V Sridhar, SL Gai and H Kleine
Modeling acoustic excitation for the simulation of combustion instability experiments, S Beinke, B Dally and M Oschwald
A unified approach to predict near and far-field acoustic pressures from Lighthill's analogy, P Croaker, N Kessissoglou and S Marburg
Aeroacoustic resonance in a rectangular cavity: Part 1 effect of Mach number and Reynolds Number, MB Jones, SM Henbest, JH Watmuff and A Blandford
Aeroacoustic resonance in a rectangular cavity: Part 2 Effect of yaw and of leading and trailing edge angles, SM Henbest, MB Jones, A Blandford and JH Watmuff

Wind tunnel investigation of the interaction between two sailing yachts, PJ Richards, D Le Pelley, D Jowett, J Little and O Detlefsen
Experimental evaluation of the effect of flow deflectors on helicopter rotor wake vortices, K Bourne, P Manovski, KR Reddy and A Ooi
The effect of leading edge modifications on NACA 0021 airfoil characteristics, N Rostamzadeh, RM Kelso, BB Dally and KL Hansen
An experimental and computational study of flow over a NACA 0021 airfoil with leading edge modifications, N Rostamzadeh, RM Kelso, BB Dally andn ZF Tian
Assessment of turbulence models for a wing-in-junction flow, JL Coombs, CJ Doolan, DJ Moreau, AC Zander and LA Brooks
Effect of chordwise flexure profile on aerodynamic performance of a flexible flapping airfoil, S Premachandran and M Giacobello
Investigation of sailing yacht aerodynamics using real time pressure and sail shape measurements at full scale, F Bergsma, D Motta, DJ Le Pelley, PJ Richards and RGJ Flay
Design and optimisation of multi-element wing sails for multihull yachts, AW Blakeley, RGJ Flay and PJ Richards
Flow visualisation of three-dimensional effects in a cavity flow, K Schumacher, R Kelso and C Doolan
Visualization of streamwise and crossflow instabilities on inclined circular cylinders, JP Gostelow, A Rona and M De Saint Jean
Investigation on separated flow over a hemisphere-cylinder, JI Li, J Soria, S Le Clainche and V Theofilis
Hydrodynamic instability of the shocked water/air interface, Y Liu
Flow periodicity analysis of low Reynolds number flapping airfoils, RI Zaman, JCS Lai, J Young and MA Ashraf
Thrust measurement of deployable propeller for powered paraglider in Mars atmosphere, K Hiraki, S Tashima and M Namikawa
Experimental investigation of a hemisphere in a flat plate boundary layer, M Fedrizzi, M Giacobello, J Soria, C Atkinson and M Jones

Biological/Medical Flows
Post-stenotic flow in an artery, TJ Barber, E Jarratt, K Kabir and A Simmons
Acoustic breakup of potential cerebral emboli, F Secretain, A Pollard and B Milne
Comparison of breathing models for determining flow and particle deposition in the lungs, AJC King, BJ Mulins and R Mead-Hunter
Numerical and in vitro experimental study of arterial deformation and buckling under hypertension and atherosclerotic conditions, P Assemat, G Hannema, J Carberry, D Michell, K Andrews, A Dart, J Chin-Dusting and K Hourigan
Shear rate behaviour within in vitro thrombotic geometries: height and curvature dependence, CJ Butler, I Pinar, K Ryan, J Carberry and GJ Sheard
A Population Balance Equation - Probability Density Function (PBE-PDF) model for the turbulent dispersion and deagglomeration of inhaled pharmaceutical powders, MJ Cleary and TR Phillips
Three-dimensional numerical simulations of blood flow in mouse aortic arch around atherosclerosis plaques, JP Hough, P Assemat, KK Siu, JA Armitage, KG Contreras, A Aprico, K Andrews, A Dart, J Chin-Dusting and K Hourigan
Computational simulation of the haemodialysis device air trap, G Keshavarzi, TJ Barber, G Yeoh and A Simmons
Explicit interface tracking of moving platelet blood cell in finite volume mesh, MK Ho, GH Yeoh, V Timchenko and JA Reizes
Comparison of four different fluid structure interaction models in a human coronary artery, A Javadzadegan, ASC Yong, M Chang, N Mansour, MKC Ng, M Behnia and L Kritharides
The effect of stiffening red blood cells on flow profiles in microchannels, KY Wong, O Akulshin, JA Armitage, A Fouras and GJ Sheard

Boundary Layers
Response of a vertical natural convection boundary layer to random and single-mode perturbations, Y Zhao, C Lei and JC Patterson
Characteristics of a flume designed for study of sheared convective boundary layers, MP Kirkpatrick, SH Starner, M Williamson and SW Armfield
Measuring turbulence characteristics of artificial biofilms using LDV and high speed photography, SK Ng and JM Walker
Physical simulation experiments of momentum transport associated with advecting vortical motions, JR Elsnab and JC Klewicki
Artificial thickening of boundary layers in a cavitation tunnel, PA Brandner, A Belle, BW Pearce and MJ Holmes

Comparison of the dynamics of particles in a flow field with the Reynolds and Favre filtered flow velocities, PC Stegeman, J Soria and A Ooi
Direct Numerical Simulation of periodic streaming around a circular cylinder at low KC number and low B number, H An, L Cheng and M Zhao

Large-eddy simulation on staggered grids using the stretched-vortex subgrid model, TW Mattner
Towards a statistically accurate wall-model for large-eddy simulation, O Cabrit, R Mathis, V Kulandaivelu and I Marusic
Analysis of the anisotropy of group velocity error due to the application of spatial finite difference schemes to the solution of the 2D linear Euler equations, PC Stegeman, ME Young, J Soria and A Ooi

Multiple stage atomization of fuels for use in combustion applications, A Kourmatzis and AR Masri
The transient behaviour of hot soot base in an optically-accessible automotive-size diesel engine, AM Rusly, MK Le and S Kook
Effect of fuel injection pressure on size and structure of in-cylinder soot particles sampled from an automotive-size optical diesel engine, R Zhang and S Kook
Transported probability density function modelling of an n-heptane jet at diesel engine conditions, Y Pei, ER Hawkes and S Kook
Modelling of diesel spray dynamics using LES, CH Bong, LC Goldsworthy and PA Brandner
CFD modelling of heavy fuel oil spray combustion, V Garaniya and L Goldsworthy

Primary investigation to combustion in a gasoilne engine with direct injection of ethanol fuel, Y Zhuang, G Hong and J Wang
Development of a research engine for investigating ethanol fuel direct injection plus gasoline fuel port injection (EDI+GPI), Y Zhuang, J Wang and G Hong
Influence of injection pressure on gasoline and ethanol spray penetration in a spark-ignition direct-injection fuelling system, Y Bao, S Padala, QN Chan, S Kook and ER Hawkes
Performance improvement of compression ignition engine by ethanol and diesel dual-fuelling, S Padala, C Woo, S Kook and ER Hawkes
Comparison of propane and ethanol as added fuels in a heavy duty common rail diesel engine, L Goldsworthy

Measurements and LES calculations of auto-ignition in a turbulent dilute methanol spray flame, VN Prasad and AR Masri
Effects of variation in heating rate, sample mass and nitrogen flow on chemical kinetics for pyrolysis, AS Abu-Bakar and KAM Moinuddin
Modeling of mixing with differential diffusion of scalars in homogeneous non-premixed turbulent combustion, L Dialameh, B Sundaram, MJ Cleary and AY Klimenko
Effects of mixing localisation in LES-MMC simulations of a lifted hydrogen flame, B Sundaram, MJ Cleary and AY Klimenko
A Direct Numerical Simulation study of a turbulent lifted flame in hot oxidiser, S Karami, ER Hawkes and M Talei
High-Speed LIF-OH imaging in flame propagation past solid obstacles, A AlHarbi, M Juddoo and AR Masri
A bluff body jet mixer simulation with a new developed OpenFOAM based sparse-Lagrangian Multiple Mapping Conditioning model, Y Ge, B Sundaram, MJ Cleary and AY Klimenko
Inferences about the mechanism of flame stabilization in the near-field of diesel jets, M Ameen, C Bajaj, M Yen and J Abraham
Interaction between an explosive shock wave and a flame, G Doig, Z Johnson and R Mann
A posteriori simulations of a turbulent premixed flame using a strained flamelet model in large-eddy simulations: static and dynamic turbulent flame speed model, O Chatakonda, E Knudsen, ER Hawkes, M Talei and H Pitsch

Environmental Flows
Numerical study of the unsteady behaviour in the near-field of pure thermal planar plumes with experimental validation, T Hattori, N Bartos, SE Norris, MP Kirkpatrick and SW Armfield
Model turbulent floods based upon the Smagorinski large eddy closure, M Cao and AJ Roberts
A numerical study of interaction of laminar air plumes, C Lei and K Shimaike
Secondary flow in stratified open channel flow on a bend, N Williamson, SE Norris, SW Armfield and MP Kirkpatrick
A model for the evolution of the thermal bar system, DE Farrow
Maximum height and return point velocities of desalination brine discharges, AT Crowe, MJ Davidson and RI Nokes
Instability in flows over permeable obstructions, M Ghisalberti
CFD simulation of low Reynolds-number turbulence models in coral thermal microenvironment, RH Ong, AJC King, BJ Mullins, MJ Caley and TF Cooper
A comparative view of groundwater flow simulation using two modelling software - MODFLOW and MIKE SHE, F Akram, MG Rasul, MMK Khan and MSII Amir
Automated Catchment Delineation using Arc Hydro tools in Geographic Information System: a case study, F Akram, MG Rasul, MMK Khan and MSII Amir

Experimental Techniques
Single image corrections to facilitate planar imaging of particle concentration in particle-laden fluids, MC Cheong, CH Birzer and T Lau
Dynamic calibration of pressure measurement systems: An improved method, A Fisher, S Watkins and J Watmuff
Turbulence measurements at high Reynolds numbers using a new inclined Nano-Scale Thermal Anemometry Probe, M Vallikivi, M Hultmark and AJ Smits
A direct measure of the frequency response of hot-wire anemometers, N Hutchins, JP Monty, R Baidya, M Hultmark and AJ Smits
Boundary layer trip size selection on streamlined bodies of revolution, LP Erm, MB Jones and SM Henbest
Vibration isolation in a free-piston driven expansion tube, DE Gildfind, RG Morgan and PA Jacobs
Fast-response pyrometer development for expansion tunnel testing with hot carbon models, EJ Fahy, F Zander, DR Buttsworth and RG Morgan
Hot-wire calibration at high subsonic & transonic Mach numbers, JH Watmuff, MB Jones, SM Henbest and A Blandford
Viscous drag force and heat transfer from an oscillating micro-wire, PL Woodfield and AD Seagar

On the design of a 285 m3/s wind tunnel at the University of Adelaide, PV Lanspeary and RM Kelso
Upgrade of the X3 Super-orbital Expansion Tube, AG Dann, RG Morgan, DE Gildfind, PA Jacobs, M McGilvray and F Zander

Flow Control
Interaction of synthetic jets with laminar and turbulent boundary layers, X Wen and H Tang
Active control of a round jet using two unsteady microjets, P Zhang, Y Zhou and Md M Alam
Visualisation of multiple vortex rings from a transitional axisymmetric synthetic jet, C Fischer and R Sharma
Meandering riblets targeting spanwise spatial oscillation of turbulent boundary layer, KX Oh, B Nugroho, N Hutchins and JP Monty

Fluid-Structure Interaction
The dynamics of a rising pivoted cylinder, B Stappenbelt, J Neville, B Murdoch and A Johnstone
Cylinder vibration resulting from switching of shear layer separated from an upstream cylinder, MdM Alam, Y Zhou, HL Cao and P Zhang
Numerical simulation of the vortex-induced vibration of an elastic cylinder, JF Derakhshandeh, M Arjomandi, B Cazzolato and B Dally
Computational stability analysis of a channel flow with a large deformation compliant insert, LSH Lai, AD Lucey and NSJ Elliott
Passive and active control of flow-induced vibration of bluff-body wakes, JS Leontini and MC Thompson
Stability of a spring-mounted cantilevered-free flexible plate in a uniform flow, RM Howell, AD Lucey and JS Kapor
CFD analysis of the flow between dual-layer orthogonal-offset plate arrays, RA Edgar, S Cochard and ZH Stachurksi
Fluid-structure interaction and vortex identification, J Sistek, V Kolar, F Cirak and P Moses
Effects of flow oblique angle on three-dimensional steady streaming at low Keulegan-Carpenter number, K Yang, L Cheng, H An, A Bassom and M Zhao
Experimental modelling of steady hydrofoil fluid-structure interaction, PA Brandner and BW Pearce

Gas Dynamics
Altitude compensation in expansion deflection nozzles, K Schomberg and J Olsen
Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes computation of transonic projectiles in ground effect, K Carriage, J Young, H Kleine and K Hiraki
Numerical simulation of supersonic impinging jet flows using Reynolds- averaged Navier- Stokes equation and Large Eddy Simulation, L Chan, C Chin, J Soria and A Ooi
Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes and wall-modelled large-eddy simulations of sonic hydrogen injection into hypersonic crossflow, RM Gehre, V Wheatley, RR Boyce, DM Peterson and S Brieschenk
Development of functional relationships for air-data estimation using numerical simulations, SA Razzaqi, C Bode, T Eggers and MK Smart
Numerical investigation of diaphragm mass and viscous effects in pulse starting of axisymmetric scramjet inlets, H Ogawa, S Molder and RR Boyce
The cylindrical Riemann problem in magnetohydrodynamics: A case study, W Mostert, V Wheatley, M Hingee and R Samtaney
High speed imaging of spherical shock standoff in hypervelocity flows, F Zander, PA Jacobs, UA Sheikh, and RG Morgan
Toward the full CFD simulation of expansion tubes, J Sancho, DE Gildfind, PA Jacobs and RG Morgan
Numerical simulation of Shock-Induced-Combustion in a three-dimensional scramjet model, F Xing, MM Zhao and S Zhang
Verification of a hypersonic flow solver, RJ Gollan and PA Jacobs
Applicability of viscous and inviscid flow solvers to the hypersonic rest inlet, A Agon, D Abeynayake, M Smart

General Fluid Mechanics
Experimental study of the thermal separation in a vortex tube, Y Xue, M Arjomandi and R Kelso
Chaotic advection in three-dimensional volume preserving potential flow, LD Smith, DR Lester and G Metcalfe
Thermo-magnetic convection of paramagnetic fluids with non-instantaneous heating, SC Saha and YT Gu
The magnetohydrodynamic Richtmyer-Meshkov instability: The transverse field case, V Wheatley, R Samtaney and DI Pullin

Geophysical Flows
Searching for common theory of bathtub-like vortices, AY Klimenko
Numerical investigation of the stability of model polar vortices in a split-disk system, T Vo, L Montabone and GJ Sheard
Nusselt-number scaling and vortex structures in a cylindrical rotating horizontal convection model of atmospheric polar vortices, WK Hussam, MP King, L Montabone and GJ Sheard
Flow of the Amery Ice Shelf and its tributary glaciers, ML Pittard, JL Roberts, RC Warner, BK Galton-Fenzi, CS Watson and R Coleman

Heat Transfer
A comparison of meso-scaled heat flux and temperature in fully-developed turbulent pipe and channel flows, S Saha, JC Klewicki, ASH Ooi and HM Blackburn
Rayleigh-Benard roll formation in a thermal intrusion, SE Norris
Direct numerical simulation of natural convection in an vertical channel, CS Ng, D Chung and A Ooi
Natural convection in a periodically heated slot, MZ Hossain and JM Floryan
A numerical study of plume separation above a thin fin in a differentially heated cavity, Y Liu, C Lei and JC Patterson
Interaction of separating plumes from a horizontal fin with downstream thermal boundary layer in a differentially heated cavity, Y Liu, C Lei and JC Patterson
Effect of standoff distance on the partitioning of surface heat flux during subcooled jet impingement boiling, S Abishek, R Narayanaswamy and V Narayanan
Study of radiative heat transfer in Titan atmosphereric entry, H Porat, RG Morgan and TJ McIntyre
Radiation from simulated atmospheric entry into the gas giants, CM James and RG Morgan

Investigation of wave formation using 3D3C measurement technique, F Ting, WT Lai and MYC Khoo
Development of an OpenFOAM tool for bubble transport studies in a propeller flow, SJ Zhu, A Ooi and HM Blackburn
Numerical simulation of spheres in relative motion using dynamic meshing techniques, ZQ Leong, D Ranmuthugala, I Penesis and HD Nguyen
Comparison of fluid forces and wake modes between free vibration and tracking motion of a circular cylinder, J Zhao, A Nemes, D Lo Jacono and J Sheridan
On the break-up of a turbulent liquid wall sheet, TC Fu, PM Bardet, EE Hackett and A Kowalski
A high Froude number time-domain strip theory for ship motions in irregular waves, B French, G Thomas, M Davis and D Holloway
Use of computational fluid dynamics as a tool to assess the hydrodynamic performance of a submarine, PG Marshallsay and AM Eriksson
Deep water entry of high speed ferry bows, MR Davis, J Lavroff, GA Thomas and G Davidson
On the road to establishing ventilation probability for Moth sailing dinghies, TA Barden and JR Binns
Particle image velocimetry measurements on a generic conventional submarine hull form, C Kumar, P Manovski and M Giacobello
The effect vapour cavitation occurrence on the hydrodynamic performance of an intercepted base-ventilated hydrofoil, BW Pearce and PA Brandner
The prediction of wave patterns at large distances from a moving body in a confined channel, M Javanmardi, JR Binns, MR Renilson and G Thomas
Application of RANSE based simulations for resistance prediction of medium-speed catamarans at different scales, M Haase, F Iliopulos, G Davidson, S Friezer, G Thomas, J Binns, N Bose, J Lavroff and MR Davis
Experimental investigation on hydrodynamic loads on subsea structure, J Hill, S Laycock, S Chai, H Morand and R Frost

Industrial Flows
Thermodynamic investigation of raised-floor air-cooled data centres, B Fakhim, FR Baloch, N Srinarayana, M Behnia and SW Armfield
Numerical computation of pressure drop across an off supplementary firing burner in heat recovery steam generator, S Karimkashi, MJ Kermani, A Sharifian and J Hashempour
Image based flow visualisation of experimental flow fields inside a gross pollutant trap, JT Madhani, J Young and RJ Brown
Characterization of a water-mist spray: Numerical modelling and experimental validation, MHI Mahmud, KAM Moinuddin and GR Thorpe
The effect of inlet velocity and temperature on the strength of the swirling induced by a spilt channel: A CFD approach, RS Al-Atresh, SA Sharifian and A Al-Faruk
Experimental study of the causes of the fishhook effect in a mini-hydrocyclone, GF Zhu, JL Liow and AJ Neely
Multiphase fluid flow simulations and performance analysis of turbodrills, A Mokaramian, V Rasouli and G Cavanough
Humidity reduction for wet scrubbers in underground coal mines, R Situ, RJ Brown, H Wang, N Surawski and ZD Ristovski
Dilution of toxic gases and smoke emissions from resdidential chimneys using a low-cost cap, A Sharifian and J Hashempour
An experimental investigation and modelling of fluid flow in solar photocatalytic reactor for contaminated water treatment, SJ Khan, MG Rasul, RH Reed and G Liu

Jets and Wakes
Phase-averaged analysis of three-dimensional vorticity and temperature dissipation rate in the near field of a heated cylinder wake, T Zhou, H Cao, Y Zhou, Z Hao and L Cheng
Large eddy simulation of flow past a circular cylinder at Re 3900, W Sidebottom, A Ooi and D Jones
The proper orthogonal decomposition in the analysis of the wake behind a foamed and a finned circular cylinder, M Khashehchi, K Hooman, A Ooi and T Roesgen
The flow structures of a transversely rotating sphere at high rotation rates, J Dobson, A Ooi and EKW Poon
Flow-field around a metal foam cylinder, A Abdi, M Khashehchi and K Hooman
PIV study on the interaction of triple transitional round fountains in a homogeneous fluid, H Mahmud, B Hill, W Gao, W Lin, Y He and SW Armfield
3D numerical simulations of a transitional axisymmetric synthetic jet, C Fischer and R Sharma
Onset of asymmetry and three-dimensionality in transitional round fountains in a linearly stratified fluid, W Gao, W Lin, T Liu and SW Armfield
Flow around four circular cylinders in square configuration, XK Wang and SK Tan
Numerical simulation of the flow within and in the emerging field of a fluidic precessing jet nozzle, X Chen, ZF Tian and GJ Nathan
Normalising particle-distribution biases using jet injection, PAM Kalt and CH Birzer
Large eddy simulation of a steady circular jet issuing into quiescent fluid, JW Jewkes, AJ King and YM Chung
Influence of planar and corrugated sheet on turbulent wake behind flat plate with thick trailing edge, Y Jodai
The preferred and shear layer modes in a jet under passive control, H Sadeghi and A Pollard
Mixing mechanism of pulsed jets with applications to fuel delivery in combustion applications, J Anders, M Ameen, V Magi and J Abraham

A force balance model for the size prediction of droplets formed in T-junction with xanthan gum solutions, ZP Gu and JL Liow
Coarse grained molecular dynamics simulations of sub-micron liquid cylinders and jets, A Tiwari and J Abraham
Arbitrarily high order BGK-Shakhov method for the simulation of micro-channel flows, DM Bond, V Wheatley, MN Macrossan and M Goldsworthy
A coupled SPH-DEM model for fluid and solid mechanics of apple parenchyma cells during drying, HCP Karunasena, W Senadeera, YT Gu and RJ Brown

Multiphase Flows
Drop interactions in transient flows with applications to liquid sprays, V Magi and J Abraham
A numerical investigation of immiscible two-phase fluid flow behaviour in square and circular curved ducts, TT Chandratilleke and N Nadim
Shear driven films on cylinder bores, IH Jahn
Simulating Plateau-Rayleigh instability and liquid reentrainment in a flow field using a VOF method, BJ Mullins, R Mead-Hunter and AJC King
Comparison of the Rayleigh-Plesset and Gilmore equations and additional aspects for the modelling of seismic airgun bubble dynamics, KL de Graaf, I Penesis and PA Brandner
Modeling laser-generated cavitation bubbles, CM Christian, EG Paterson and AA Fontaine

Non-Newtonian Flows
Numerical study of performance of a torque converter employing a power-law fluid, SA Talukder and BP Huynh
Turbulence modification in the pipe flow of a shear-thinning fluid, M Rudman and HM Blackburn

Stochastic subgrid model with scaling laws for oceanic simulations, V Kitsios, JS Frederiksen and MJ Zidikheri
Nonlinear intrinsic and forced modes of low frequency variability in simulated southern ocean - sea ice dynamics, TJ O'Kane, RJ Matear, MA Chamberlain, JS Risbey, BM Sloyan and I Horenko
Anomalous Ekman transport near Kerguelen Island, CJ Roach, HE Phillips, NL Bindoff and SR Rintoul
Controls of the basal mass balance of floating ice shelves, DE Gwyther, BK Galton-Fenzi and JL Roberts
Experimental and numerical modelling of landslide-generated tsunamis, CN Whittaker, RI Nokes and M Davidson
Direct numerical simulation of horizontal thermal convection driven by differential heating, B Gayen, RW Griffiths, GO Hughes and JA Saenz
A low-cost, single camera stereoscopic video imaging technique for 3-D reconstruction of water waves, BS Zielinski, CM de Silva and JP Monty

Pipe Flows
Distribution of pulverized coal flow in a power station pipe network, BR Paynter and BP Huynh
Grooved-induced drag reduction in annular flows, HV Moradi and JM Floryan
The influence of bacteria based biofouling on the wall friction and velocity distribution of hydropower pipes, SCT Perkins, AD Henderson, JM Walker and XL Li
On the stability and optimal growth of time-periodic pipe flow, JRA Nebauer and HM Blackburn

Renewable Energy/Geothermal
Quantification of contact resistance of metal foam heat exchangers for improved, air-cooled condensers in geothermal power application, A Chumpia and K Hooman
Numerical simulation of convective heat transfer for supercritical CO2 in vertical pipes using V2F turbulence model, P Forooghi, R Xu, PX Jiang and K Hooman
Numerical simulation of solar enhanced natural draft dry cooling towers, Z Zou, Z Guan and H Gurgenci
CFD simulations on small natural draft dry cooling towers, Y Lu, Z Guan and H Gurgenci
CFD modelling the velocity profile within a Single Horizontal Fracture in an Enhanced Geothermal System, X Zu, ZF Tian, R Mohais and C Xu

Renewable Energy/Wave-Tidal
Numerical and experimental simulation of a straight-bladed vertical axis tidal turbine, P Marsh, D Ranmuthugala, I Penesis and G Thomas
Experimental parametric investigation of an oscillating hydrofoil tidal stream energy converter, GH Huxham, S Cochard and J Patterson
Multiphase dynamics of oscillating-water-column ocean wave energy converters, S Illesinghe, MdK Hasan and R Manasseh
Blade loading for tidal turbines subjected to multi-frequency oscillatory motion, IA Milne, AH Day, RN Sharma and RGJ Flay
Flow about an oscillating plate, made of a flexible material, used to extract sea-wave energy, F Mahmood and BP Huynh
Experiment based 2D 2C velocity fields in oscillating water column ocean wave energy converter, A Fleming, G Macfarlane, I Penesis, N Bose and S Hunter

Renewable Energy/Wind
Blind test'' predictions of the performance and wake development for a model wind turbine, PA Krogstad and PE Eriksen
A Tomo-PIV study of stall-delay on the blade of a 5kW horizontal-axis wind turbine, HM Lee and Y Wu
Numerical investigation of performance of a new type of Savonius turbine, A Al-Faruk, SA Sharifian and S Al-Atresh
Comparison of wind turbine actuator methods using Large Eddy Simulation, JE Cater, SE Norris and RC Storey
Effects of spacing between wind turbines on blade dynamic stall, A Choudhry, J Mo, M Arjomandi and R Kelso
Estimation of dynamic stall on wind turbine blades using an analytical model, A Choudhry, M Arjomandi and R Kelso
Experimental study of the performance of bare and nozzle - diffuser shrouded micro wind turbine under axial and non-axial inflow condition, PB Kosasih, N Bryce, A Tondelli and A Beazley
Generation, evolution and breakdown of helical vortex wakes, A Nemes, M Sherry, D Lo Jacono, HM Blackburn and J Sheridan
A method for computational and experimental analysis of the moored wind turbine seakeeping, M Kraskowski, K Zawadzki and A Rylke
Numerical analysis of non-profiled plate for flapping wing turbines, CO Usoh, J Young, JCS Lai and MA Ashraf
Model test of a 5MW floating offshore wind turbine moored by spring-tension-leg, PT Dam and H Shin

Rotating Machines
Numerical simulation of flow inside a vaned diffuser of a modified centrifugal compressor, LH Jawad, S Abdullah, R Zulkifli and WMF Wan Mahmood
The effect of stator reduced frequency on boundary layer development at the leading edge of a compressor stator, SCT Perkins and D Henderson
Study of discrete-hole film cooling scheme for curved wall, MM Zhao, YP Ge and C Zhang

Sports Aerodynamics
Elite cycling aerodynamics: Wind tunnel experiments and CFD, MD Griffith, T Crouch, MC Thompson, D Burton and J Sheridan
Dip and drift in spin bowling, A Keith, P Britton and J-L Liow
Aerodynamics of oval shaped sports balls, F Alam, V Djamovski, S Smith, H Chowdhury, S Watkins and A Subic
A comparative study of baseball and soft ball aerodynamics, F Alam, V Djamovski, S Smith, H Chowdhury, LV Smith, S Watkins and A Subic
An experimental study of knitted fabrics used in elite Sports, H Moria, H Chowdhury, F Alam, C Pevitt, F Aldawi, A Jadhav, M Warnakula and R Padhye

Spectral method for determining mean dissipation rates of turbulent kinetic energy and passive scalar variance, SK Lee, L Djenidi and RA Antonia
The large-scale wall-to-wall interaction in fully developed turbulent channel flow, YS Kwon, K Chauhan, CM de Silva, JP Monty and N Hutchins
Dynamic time-scale for Lagrangian-averaged subgrid-scale models based on Rice's formula, C VerHulst and C Meneveau
The impacts of scale resolutions on the turbulent flow over a rough backward-facing step, Y Wu, H Ren and H Tang
A note on local isotropy criteria in shear flows with coherent motion, F Thiesset, L Danaila and RA Antonia
A comparative study of the spatial averaging in V and X-probes for the measurements of streamwise and spanwise velocities in wall turbulence, J Philip, R Baidya, N Hutchins, JP Monty and I Marusic
Volumetric measurements by tomographic PIV of an open channel flow behind a turbulent grid, T Earl, R Ben Salah, L Thomas, B Tremblais, S Cochard and L David

Turbulent Boundary Layers
Wall shear-stress statistics for the turbulent boundary layer by use of a predictive wall-model with LES, M Inoue, R Mathis, I Marusic, DI Pullin
Measurements of streamwise and spanwise fluctuating velocity components in a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer, R Baidya, J Philip, N Hutchins, JP Monty and I Marusic
Effects of diverging and converging roughness on turbulent boundary layers, B Nugroho, N Hutchins and JP Monty
Tow-tank investigation of the developing zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer, JH Lee, YS Kwon, JP Monty and N Hutchins
Three dimensional conditional structure of velocity fluctuations in a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer, Krishna TM, C Morrill-Winter, R Ebner, N Hutchins, J Klewicki and I Marusic
Implementation of large scale PIV measurements for wall bounded turbulence at high Reynolds numbers, CM de Silva, KA Chauhan, CH Atkinson, NA Buchmann, N Hutchins, J Soria and I Marusic

Vehicle Aerodynamics
The influence of compressibility effects in correlation issues for aerodynamic development of racing cars, J Keogh, G Doig and S Diasinos
Unsteady computational simulation of the flow structure of an isolated wheel in contact with the ground, PRK Dassanayake, D Ramachandran, L Salati, TJ Barber and GC Doig
A computational simulation of aerodynamic drag reductions for heavy commercial vehicles, C Pevitt, H Chowdury, M Moriaand and F Alam
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