Proceedings of the Seventeenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents

Proceedings of the 17th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference 5-9th December 2010 Edited by Prof. G.D. Mallinson and Dr J.E. Cater Published by the Faculty of Engineering in association with the Centre for Continuing Education The University of Auckland

ISBN: 978-0-86869-129-9

The G.K. Batchelor Lecture
Geothermal fluid dynamics, MJ O'Sullivan

Plenary Papers
Hydrodynamics of aquatic ecosystems: Current state, challenges, and prospects, V Nikora
Oro-Pharangeal-Laryngeal flow physics, A Pollard

Active Flow Control

Accuracy of instantaneous flow rate estimation using pressure measurements, A Kashima, P Lee, R Nokes
Control of convective rolls by spatially distributed wall heating
MZ Hossain, JM Floryan
Flow control in micro-channels using groove orientation, A Mohammadi, JM Floryan
Frequency selection in time-dependent open flows
J Leontini, M Thompson
Low velocity-ratio pitched and skewed jet in a turbulent boundary layer, J Jewkes, Y Chung
Minijet-controlled turbulent round jet, C Du, Y Zhou, J Mi
Numerical simulation of fluidic modulation of nozzle thrust, A Ali, A Neely, J Young, B Blake, J Lim
Quasi-2D simulation of liquid metal flow past a cylinder in a duct exposed to a magnetic field,
W Hussam, MC Thompson, G Sheard
The influence of forcing frequency and amplitude to effectiveness of synthetic jets on laminar separation control
, G Hong
Turbulent drag reduction using an array of piezo-ceramic actuators, Y Zhou, W Zhang, H Bei


Aeroacoustic measurements of a deep cavity in a low speed flow, M Jones, J Watmuff, S Henbest
Aerodynamic sound from two parallel circular cylinders with angle of attack in uniform flow, M Miyata, Y Hayashi
Cancellation effects introduced by the ‘Enthalpy Flux-momentum Flux’ coupling term in the acoustic spectrum of heated flows at supersonic speeds
M Afsar
Prediction of noise induced by low Mach number flows using a hybrid CFD/BEM approach, P Croaker, N Kessissoglou, G Rosengarten, R Widjaja, D Norrison
Rectangular and modified two-dimensional cavities in an open-jet anechoic wind tunnel at low Mach number, K Schumacher, C Doolan, R Kelso
Sound generation by acceleration of density inhomogeneities and steady heat communication
N Karimi, M Brear
The flow and noise generated by a sharp trailing edge, J Moreau, C Doolan, M Tetlow, M Roberts, LA Brooks


Analysis of ornithopter-wing aerodynamics, A Valiyff, J Harvey, M Jones, J Palmer, S Henbest
A three-dimensional transient growth and DNS analysis of ‘high tail’ and ‘flat tail’ aircraft wakes
C Ellis, K Ryan, G Sheard
A new velocity scale for turbulent boundary layers with adverse pressure gradient, SI Shah
An investigation of three-dimensional effects on the performance of tubercles at low Reynolds numbers, K Hansen, R Kelso, B Dally
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the 1303 unmanned combat air vehicle, J Brett, L Tang, N Hutchins, A Valiyff, A Ooi
Detached-eddy simulation of the dynamics loads of C-130H with Open Cargo Bay, S Schmidt
Estimation of dynamic stability derivatives of a generic aircraft, S Schmidt & D Newman
Local corotation of line segments and vortex identification, V Kolar, P Moses, J Sistek
Validation of mean lift estimates for normal hovering flight, JR Harvey, JL Palmer

CFD I – Aero-hydrodynamics
Development of a CFD model for an oscillating hydrofoil, S Hutchinson, P Brandner, J Binns, A Henderson, G Walker
Fluid-structure interaction of gas turbine blades
P Dhopade, AJ Neely, J Young
Numerical and experimental investigation of helicopter fuselage aerodynamics, R Lehmann, R Reddy, S Armfield
Numerical simulation of a supersonic convergent divergent nozzle with divergent angle variations for underexpanded condition, S Ekanayake, JA Gear, Y Ding
Numerical study of three-dimensional wind f low over grain storage bunkers
W He, L Cheng, M Zhao, J Darby, G Hopkins
The effect of wing corrugations on the aerodynamic performance of low-Reynolds number flapping flight, S Premachandran, M Giacobello
Three-dimensional numerical simulation of hydrodynamics forces on an oblique cylinder in oscillating flow, M Zhao, L Cheng

CFD II – Methodologies

Analysis of the anisotropy of finite difference schemes, M Young, A Ooi
Hybrid volume-of-fluid and discrete particle solver for oil-mist filter simulations
A King, B Mullins, G Ladenburger
Intersection marker (ISM) method for tracking a deformable 2D surface in 3D Eulerian space, M Ho, G Yeoh, V Timchenko, J Reizes
Simulation of fluid flows at high Reynolds Numbers using integrated radial basis functions, D Ho-Minh, K Le-Cao, N Mai-Duy, T Tran-Cong
Simulations of supersonic flows using new kinetic scheme based on the free-molecular-type equation, T Kataoka

CFD III – Heat Transfer

Effect of under-floor blockages and perforated tile openings on the performance of raised-floor data centres, B Fakhim, N Srinarayana, M Behnia, S Armfield
Natural convection flows in reservoir sidearms using Large Eddy Simulation and an immersed boundary method, K Dittko, M Kirkpatrick, S Armfield
Numerical simulation of a natural ventilation flow with a line heat source using various advection schemes, T Hattori, S Armfield, M Kirkpatrick
Two- and three-dimensional simulation of combined natural convection cooling of a drink can, S Jiracheewanun, S Armfield, M Behnia

CFD IV – Structure and Stability

Direct Numerical Simulation of 3D steady streaming induced by Honji instability, H An, L Cheng, M Zhao
Early transition of separated and reattaching flows, M Thompson
On the stability of time-periodic pipe flow, J Nebauer, H Blackburn
Stability of steady flow through a corrugated pipe, S Loh, H Blackburn
Transient growth analysis for axisymmetric pulsatile pipe flows in a rigid straight pipe
D Smith, H Blackburn

CFD V – Free Surface & Geological Flows

CFD analysis of a high speed paddlewheel, W Bowen, K Alexander
Enhanced natural gas recovery by carbon dioxide injection for storage purposes, B Feather, R Archer
Numerical study of density ratio effects and compressibility of gas phase in sloshing, A Rafiee, K Thiagarajan, JJ Monaghan

CFD VI - Gas Dynamics and Turbomachinery

Experimental and computational analysis of a transonic compressor rotor, A Boretti
Hypersonic drop-tests: CFD comparison to experimental results, R Choudhury, G Doig, A Neely, T Barber
Relationship between the pressure at the casing wall and at the blade tip for a vibrating turbine blade, ON Alshroof, GL Forbes, RB Randall
Survey of the central plug shape of the aerospike nozzle in design and off-design situations, A Shahrokhi, S Noor

CFD VII – Medical
A numerical study of the physiological pulsatile flow through an eccentric arterial stenosis, T Hasan, S Saha, T Alam, N Hasan, MAH Mamun, AKM Sadrul Islam
Computational fluid dynamic study of upper airway flow to predict the success of oral appliances in treating sleep apnoea, M Zhao, T Barber, P Cistuli, G Rosengarten
Meshing challenges in complicated FSI flows: Aortic dissection and coiled aneurysms
K Moyle, Y Ventikos
Numerical comparison of air flow patterns in the nasal airways of adults and neonates, N Stringer, J Cater, J Eaton-Evans, C White

Comparison of spark and glow plug jet ignition pre-chambers, A Boretti
On sound production from the interaction of two planar flames, M Talei, MJ Brear, ER Hawkes
Statistical modelling to determine resonant frequency information present in combustion chamber pressure signals, T Bodisco, R Brown
Variation of lift-off heights with fuel mixtures for flames in vitiated co-flows, W O’Loughlin, R Edakatt, A Masri

Computational/Experimental Turbulence
A Direct Numerical Simulation investigation of rheology parameter in non-Newtonian suspension flow in open channels, R Guang, M Rudman, A Chryss, P Slatter, S Bhattacharya
An investigation into the effects of highly directional surface roughness on turbulent boundary layers
B Nugroho, V Kulandaivelu, Z Harun, N Hutchins, J Monty
Conditional large-scale structure of a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer, N Hutchins, J Monty, B Ganapathisubramani, H Ng, I Marusic
Decay of a passive scalar in stretched grid turbulence, S-K Lee, L Djenidi, R Antonia
Effect of angle on particle deposition in an impingement jet, J Neale, J Hoffman-Vocke, M Walmsley
Effect of initial conditions on flow past grids of finite extension, F Pierella, L Saetran
Low Reynolds number bed shear stress measurements behind a backward-facing step using PIV, M Trevethan, S Coleman, J Cater
New drag balance facility for skin-friction studies in turbulent boundary layer at high Reynolds numbers, TM Krishna, CM de Silva, I Marusic
Optimising a numerical model for flow pattern studies of stormwater retention ponds, S Khan, B Melville, A Shamseldin, C Fischer
Prediction of free-stream turbulence variation around the leading edge of an axial compressor blade, S Perkins, A Henderson, G Walker, J Sargison
The influence of pipe length in Direct Numerical Simulation, CC Chin, I Marusic, A Ooi, H Blackburn
Wake measurements of a pitching plate using multi-component, multi-dimensional PIV techniques, A-J Buchner, N Buchmann, J Soria

Environmental Flows

A numerical study of the energy budget in internal bores, Z Borden, E Meiburg
Bottom boundary layer dynamics in an internal wave generation zone, CE Bluteau, NL Jones, GN Ivey, CB Pattiaratchi
Modelling of tracer fluxes in complex canopies by means of conformal mapping and multifractal formalism, A Skvortsov, A Walker
Rheological controls on the dynamics of channelled lava flows, J Robertson, R Kerr

Experimental Techniques I
Accuracy of tomo-PIV data for a turbulent round jet, M Khashehchi, C Atkinson, G Elsinga, A Ooi, I Marusic, J Soria
Application of ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP) in the minerals industry
K Mohanarangam, W Yang, K Simic
Design of lightweight pistons for the X2 and X3 expansion tube free-piston drivers, D Gildfind, R Morgan, M McGilvray, P Jacobs, T Eichmann, P Teakle
Development of a small icing wind tunnel for simulating the initial stages of solid phase ice accretion, D Buttsworth, K Saleh, T Yusaf
Implementation of hot-wire anemometry at DSTO for high-subsonic and transonic Mach number applications, J Watmuff, M Jones, A Valiyff
Investigating the hydrodynamic performance of a gross pollutant trap, J Madhani, R Brown
Mapping temperature distributions in hot gas plumes, A Neely, PLTOFF Ryan Sandril
Skin-friction measurement in zero and adverse pressure gradient boundary layer using oil film interferometry method, R Madad, Z Harun, K Chauhan, J Monty, I Marusic
Stagnation temperature measurements in the USQ hypersonic wind tunnel, A Widodo, D Buttsworth
The capture/retention investigation of a gross pollutant trap, J Madhani, R Brown

Gas Dynamics
Aerothermodynamics of hypersonic shock wave boundary layer interactions, DN Ramanath, S Gai, A Neely
A general boundary solution method for 1D gad dynamic models, G Gibbes, G Hong
Falling film transition and heat transfer on horizontal circular cylinders, F Jafar, G Thorpe, O Turan
Fuel injection via rectangular cross-section jets for mixing enhancement in scramjets, V Wheatley, P Jacobs
Improving the accuracy of a 1D gas dynamics model, G Gibbes, G Hong

General Fluid Mechanics
Assessment of stress-sensitive porous media properties from fluid flow rate transients, R Archer
Dense gravity currents in a rotating, adverse, converging channel, AJS Cuthbertson, P Davies, J Laanearu, AK Wåhlin
Horizontal convection in an enclosure with fixed and moving walls, K Wong, M King, G Sheard
Pre-unstable set of multiple transient three-dimensional perturbation waves and the associated turbulent state in a shear flow, D Tordella, S Scarsoglio
Stability of Plane-Poiseuille flow interacting with a finite compliant panel
M Pitman, A Lucey

Improving the performance of natural draft cooling towers for application in geothermal power plants, K Hooman
Large-scale natural convection in the Wairakei-Tauhara geothermal field, E Clearwater, M O’Sullivan
Medium- and fluid-compressibility effects in flows through hot sedimentary aquifers, R Das, S Marshall
Reinjection of Wairakei Tauhara geothermal fluid, E Kaya, MJ O’Sullivan

Heat Transfer
A thermodynamic model for a high-pressure hydrogen gas filling system comprised of carbon-fibre reinforced composite pressure vessels, P Woodfield, M Monde
Effect of surface roughness on small-scale velocity and scalar characteristics in a turbulent channel flow
, R Antonia, P Orlandi, S Leonardi
Flow distribution in large area building integrated solar collectors, T Anderson, M Duke, J Carson, B Smith
Flow visualization to determine the flow structure in a vortex tube, Y Xue, M Arjomandi, R Kelso
Fluid flow and thermal characteristics in a microchannel with cross-flow synthetic jet, T Chandratilleke, R Narayanaswamy, D Jagannatha
Modelling of heat and mass transfer involving vapour condensation in the presence of non-condensable gases, M Saraireh, J Li, G Thorpe
Modeling of radiating flows in the atmospheres of the gas giants, R Morgan
Natural convection in a wedge-shaped domain induced by constant isothermal surface heating, C Lei, Y Mao, J Patterson
Natural ventilation induced by solar chimneys, B Huynh
The stability of conjugate natural convection boundary layers
N Williamson, S Armfield
The use of thermochromic liquid crystals to investigate heat transfer enhancement in a channel with a protrusion, G Doig, O Alshroof, A Neely, T Barber, V Timchenko


Advanced particle tracking for sediment movement on river beds: A laboratory study, K Heays, H Friedrich, B Melville
An experimental investigation of pressure loss in canvas fire hose,
A Douli, BP Huynh
Evolution of unconfined turbidity current deposits: An experimental study,
H Friedrich, T Sangster, L Strachan
Flow convergence at the tip and edges of a viscous dam break wave
T Baldock, R Grayson, B Torr
Initial investigations into the unsteady operation of hydroelectric systems during rapid starting of Francis turbines, D Giosio, A Henderson, JM Andrewartha, J Sargison, G Walker
Performance of a new stator-diffuser design for an axial-flow pump unit, A Czlonka, T Nelson, R Dibbs, BP Huynh


An experimental study of slamming impact using wedge drop test, T Truong, N Repalle, F Pistani, K Thiagarajan
An investigation of the viscous 2-D cavitating flow over a wall mounted fence with CFD, B Pearce, P Brandner, J Binns
Flow around an axially symmetrical slender body with perforated boundaries, A Skvortsov,  M Roberts, K Gaylor, C Norwood
Hydrodynamic analysis of America’s Cup yacht hulls using CFD, IM Viola, RGJ Flay, R Ponzini
LDV measurements of a turbulent channel flow with smooth and rough surfaces, Y Zhang, D Che
Numerical simulation of particle capture by circular cylinders, A Espinosa, G Ivey, M Ghisalberti, NL Jones
Simulations of axisymmetric inertial waves in a rotating container of fluid, H Blackburn, R Batchelor, R Mannasseh

Industrial Flows
Analysing an efficient liquid sloshing absorber for vibration control using SPH, E Semercigil, J Grant, M Prakash, O Turan
Cold Modelling of two phase separation in a rotary holding furnace, A Burrows, J Liow, K Brady
Energy dissipation characteristics of a granular flow damper
, E Semercigil, S Dragomir, M Sinnot, O Turan
Experiments and numerical predictions with a trapezoidal sloshing absorber for structural control, E Semercigil, S Kennan, M Prakash, O Turan
Modelling Penstock pressure pulsations in a hydro-electric power station, S Kube, A Hendernson, J Sargison
Numerical and experimental investigation of air flow in refrigerated display cabinets, J Lam, T Barber, V Timchenko, C Beves, R Islam
The effect of fin-and-tube heat exchanger resistance on inlet flow maldistribution related pressure drop penalties, J Neale, J Hoffman-Vocke, M Walmsley
The effect of incidence angle variation of a square cylinder on its dynamic response and wake states, J Zhao, A Nemes, D Lo Jacono, J Sheridan

Jets, Wakes and Boundary Layers

Characteristics of synthetic jet flow felds from rectangular slots and circular orifices, C Fischer, R Sharma, G Mallinson
Constant adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers,
Z Harun, J Monty, I Marusic
Critical Froude number for transition from a steady to an unsteady fountain injected into a homogeneous fluid, N Srinarayana, S Armfield, M Behnia, W LinEffect of flow parameters on an obliquely impinging jet in a cross flow, R Jones, R Kelso, B Dally
Effects of free-stream vorticity on the Blasius boundary layer
S Pook, J Watmuff
Entrainment in turbulent fountain flow, N Williamson, S Armfield, W Lin
Evolution of zero pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers, V Kulandaivelu, I Marusic
Experimental study of passive scalar diffusion in a round counter jet by a combined PIV and PLIF measurements, H Tsunoda
Flow around a square cylinder with a detached downstream flat plate at a low Reynolds number
, M Sukri Mat Ali, CJ Doolan, V Wheatley
Flow control based on three dimensional wake instabilities for reduction of fluctuating aerodynamic forces of a blunt trailing edge profiled body, AN Lahouti, LS Doddipatla, H Hangan
High fidelity measurements of fully developed turbulent flow in pipes and channels, J Monty, H Ng, N Hutchins, M Chong, I Marusic
Investigations of Eckert-Weise energy separation in the wakes of turbine blades and circular cylinders, JP Gostelow, W Carscallen
Laminar-turbulent transition of the flat-plate boundary layer by a line of roughness elements (development of turbulent quantities within turbulence wedges),
M Ichimiya, Y Fujiwara
Numerical simulation of a bifurcating jet within a radially confined domain,
S Dawson, H Blackburn
Progress of laminar-turbulent transition in a two-dimensional mixing layer (quantitative representation of transition process)
M Ichimiya, S Kamada
Scaling of inner and outer regions for flat plate boundary layers, R Mathis, N Hutchins, I Marusic
Surface-flow topology of jets through a short cylindrical chamber,
S-K Lee, P Lanspeary

The influence of initial conditions on a turbulent plane jet – The role of nozzle exit area, R Deo, G Nathan, J Mi
The invariants of the no-slip tensor in wall-bounded flows
, MS Chong, I Marusic

A refined stretched-vortex model for large-eddy simulation of turbulent mixing layers, T Mattner
Decay of MHD turbulence at low magnetic Reynolds number, P Burattini, O Zikanov, B Knaepen
Impact of resolution on stochastic subgrid parameterisations for atmospheric flows, V Kitsios, JS Frederiksen, MJ Zidikheri
Large Eddy Simulation of partially-confined triangular jet with self-excited low-frequency oscillation, M Xu, J Mi
LES of a passive control for vortex shedding from bluff bodies: Comparisons with experiments and near wake topology
A Antiohos, E Semercigil, O Turan
Numerical study of heat transfer in a fully developed turbulent pipe flow, S Saha, CC Chin, H Blackburn, A Ooi
One-equation Sub-Grid Scale (SGS) modelling for Euler-Euler Large Eddy Simulation (EELES) of T phase solvent extraction pump mixer unit, M Tabib, P Schwarz

Medical Flows

Shear rate gradients within an in vitro thrombotic environment, C Butler, K Ryan, G Sheard
Steady inflow through a model aneurysm: Global and transient stability
G Sheard, H Blackburn


A micro Particle Image Velocimetry system for velocity field measurement in a microchip droplet-forming flow, C Chen, B Aldham, N Wu, I Sutalo, B Sexton, Y Zhu
A two-sided model for droplet spreading and evaporation on semi-confined geometries, LA Hurmez, R Archer
Computational study of flow in a micro-sized hydrocyclone
, G Zhu, J-L Liow, A Neely
Micro PIV analysis of secondary vortices with observations of primary vortices in single bubble cavitation microstreaming, J Collis, A Ooi, R Mannasseh
Slip MHD flow over permeable stretching surface with chemical reaction
M Hossein, S Abdullah, I Hashim, K Sopian

Multiphase Flows

A method to characterise jets using correlations of large-scale features instantaneous planar images, C Birzer, P Kalt, G Nathan
Air-water and water projections in hydraulic jumps, Air-water and water projections in hydraulic jumps
, Y Chachereau, H Chanson
An assessment of average bubble number density model for bubbly flows, Sherman, CP Cheung, X Duan, GH Yeoh, J Tu, E Krepper, D Lucas
An experimental investigation of microbubble generation in a confined turbulent jet,
P Brandner, G Wright, B Pearce, L Goldsworthy, G Walker
Energy dissipation through sloshing in an egg-shaped shell
, E Semercigil, A Marsh, M Prakash, O Turan
Investigation of the interaction between diesel spray and porous medium, N Shahangian, J Ghojel
Numerical simulation of two-phase flow and solute transport during microbial enhanced oil recovery, J Li, J Liu, M Trefry, J Park, K Liu, B Haq, CD Johnston, B Clennell, H Volk
On modelling horizontal gas-liquid bubbly flow using population balance approach,
C Li, Sherman, CP Cheung, GH Yeoh, J Tu
Towards Large Eddy Simulation of bubble dispersion in high Reynolds number wake flows
S Zhu, A Ooi, H Blackburn, B Anderson
Towards modelling bloodstain formation, M Sellier, G Baechtel, M Taylor

Modelling tsunami generated by submarine landslides, R Nokes, S Langford, M Davidson
Unsteady turbulence in tidal bores: Ensemble-average or VITA?
H Chanson, N Docherty
Wave runup investigation on a square cylinder, N Repelle, K Thiagarajan, F Paterson

Tidal Energy
Numerical simulation of flow-driven flapping-wing turbines for wind and water power generation, J Young, M Ashraf, J Lai, M Platzer
The role of onset turbulence on tidal turbine blade loads, I Milne, R Sharma, R Flay, S Bickerton

Sports Aerodynamics
A comparative study of feather and synthetic badminton shuttlecock aerodynamics, F Alam, H Chowdhury, H Moria, C Theppadungporn, A Subic
A comparative study of golf ball aerodynamics, F Alam, H Chowdhury, H Moria, A Subic
Aerodynamics of high cadence cycling, R Baidya, J Monty, N Hutchins
Aerodynamics of used cricket balls, F Alam, H Chowdhury, H Moria, R La Brooy, A Subic
Experimental evaluation of ski suit performance, H Chowdhury, F Alam, D Mainwaring, D Forster, J Beneyto-Ferre, A Subic
Pressure measurements on full-scale and model-scale upwind sails, IM Viola, E Gauvain, RGJ Flay

Tomographic PIV

Pulsed, high-power LED volume illumination for Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry, N Buchmann, C Willert, J Soria
Reduced order estimation of nonstationary flows with electrical impedance tomography, J Kaipio, A Seppanen, A Lipponen

Wind Energy

A wind-tunnel investigation of the wake behind a wind-turbine in a turbulent boundary-layer flow, S Cochard, D Lander
Performance of a model wind turbine
, P-Å Krogstad, JA Karlsen, MS Adaramola
Turbulence effects on wind flow over complex terrain, M Sherry, J Sheridan, D Lo Jacono
Wind turbine wake modelling using Large Eddy Simulation
SE Norris, JE Cater, KA Stol, CP Unsworth
Wind tunnel testing of a wind turbine with telescopic blades, M Imraan, R Sharma, R Flay

Wind Engineering/Atmospheric Physics
An experimental study of wind force acting on commercial double-layered square metal meshes at different spacing, A Sharifian
Covariance integration approach to the determination of influence coefficients of internal pressure in a low rise building
, T Kanti Guha, RN Sharma, PJ Richards
Steady aerodynamics of rod and plate type debris, P Richards
Two-point correlations statistics in the atmospheric surface layers
K Chauhan, N Hutchins, J Monty, I Marusic